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    May 31, 2024 MindShifters Radio with host dr michael and jeanie ryce

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    1st Hour
    Timothy J. Hayes, Psy.D., is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Crystal Lake, Illinois. With over thirty years of successful experience doing therapy with individuals and families, Dr. Hayes integrates mind/body energy techniques into a client-friendly model. This model is based on the observation that people possess within themselves all the resources necessary to deal effectively with a wide variety of problems and challenges they may be facing. visit https://ch4cs.com
    2nd Hour        
    The Forgiveness Doctor, dr. michael and jeanie ryce are the founder and director of HeartLand, a self-healing center in the Ozark mountains. Michael is a world renowned lecturer and teacher on health and healing, with doctorates in Naturopathic Medicine and in Holistic Philosophy. The focus of his studies has combined bodymind principles, physics and ancient Aramaic studies into a unique body of pioneering work in the fields of self-healing, healing through relationships, anger and grief resolution, world peace and the inner process of Forgiveness. For more information visit www.whyagain.org

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    Mystics, Mages, and Magical Places #52 - Graveyard Work w/ JayDee

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    In many spiritual traditions practitioners call upon the spirits of the dead for help. These spirits, either contacted directly or through the use of graveyard dirt, are believed to possess unique abilities that can aid in various magical tasks. This "graveyard work" involves offerings and rituals, similar to working with crossroads spirits. Rootworkers and conjure doctors believe that the deceased can offer powerful assistance in areas like love, protection, finances, or even controlling enemies. They may perform graveyard work for clients seeking career success, love, legal matters, or spiritual blessings sometimes creating talismans or remedies for their clients using dirt collected from a graveyard leaving offerings of coins or alcohol on graves. Offerings to ancestral spirits, however, might be more personal, including things like tobacco, candy, or food. Ancestor veneration can also be practiced at home on a dedicated altar using previously collected graveyard dirt. The specific dirt chosen may depend on the spirit's connection to the rootworker or client, their past skills, or the way they passed away.
    Join us as we welcome the outstanding JayDee of AIRR and Hoodoo House in Detroit, Michigan back to the studio as we share a lively discussion on Graveyard Work!

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    Astrological Musings — Neptune in the USA Chart (June 9, 2024)

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    Astrological Musings — Neptune in the USA Chart, the transit of Neptune and the shaping Politics and Party Evolution in the USA
    In my fifth show of 2024, I want to return to another theme I have addressed over the past many years, which is the importance of Neptune in the USA chart, and how significant alignments of Neptune to the USA chart can distinguish and connect the shifts of politics and political parties in US History.
    If you wish to suggest a subject or topic for a future show, please email me as I would be happy to hear from you. My email is: billattride@gmail.com.
    The phone number to call if you wish to ask a question during the live show is: (516) 531-9638.
    Please join me on Sunday June 9th @ 2 pm EDT as we look at the current astrological indications and what they mean for you.
    If you miss the show, it will be available as a Podcast shortly after on BlogTalk or my Apple Podcasts.

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    #Rastafari #Upper #Room #Thursday #Psalm82 #RSS #32 #Behar 2024-05-23 #LOJ

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    UPPER Room Of Zion | #DSR Discipleship Radio | #RasTafari #LionOfJudah @LOJSociety UR #upperroom Of #Zion 2024 #Psalm 82
    In Christian tradition, based on Acts 1:13,  The"Upper Room" was said to be the site of the Last Supper (i.e. the Cenacle), but it was not. The "upper room" found in Mark 14:15 and Luke 22:12 is the site of the Last Supper. However, the UPPER Room of Zion (Acts 1:13), located on Mount Zion, in the City of David, was the usual place where the Apostles of ADONAI stayed in Jerusalem and, according to the Rastafari Encyclopedia, based upon Acts 2:42, as it is written, "And they continued stedfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers." It was thus the "First Church of the Nazarene (Our Black Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ)," and said by many to be "the first Christian church".
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    Psychic Talk Live! ?? ?? ??? Live Chat, Your Calls, FREE Mini-Readings!

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    Don't just listen ??, ?? WATCH the Show LIVE and Join us in the Chat at: ?? https://youtube.com/live/xeOKEnBfBLc
    Show Time: 6:30 pm Los Angeles / 7:30 pm Denver / 8:30 pm Amarillo / 9:30 pm New York
    Guest Co-Host: Michelle Metheny!
    Host Dr. Dax Carlisle holds Open Lines and takes Your Calls! FREE Mini-Readings! Live Chat on our YouTube Live video-stream! Talkin’ Tarot, Numerology, psychic sciences, law of attraction, energy healing, and more...
    Hang out with us every day in the Cafe! ?? ?? ?? ??? Join other enthusiasts, Psychic Cafe members, Tarot Guild members, and students of the psychic sciences, as well as Psychic Talk Hosts, professional Psychic Advisors, Tarot Readers, Numerologists, Mediums, and more! ...Let's Chat! 
    ...And feel free to ask all your questions about Tarot, Numerology, Psychic Development, membership in The Guild, becoming a Psychic Advisor, professional Reader Certification, growing your psychic or spiritual business, and more!
    ?? Grab us a Cup of Coffee! ?? ?? https://psychic.cafe/coffee

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    You can join me on Facebook Live today, 6/9/24, at 6:pm EST, to review an episode entitled WAR and JUSTICE within IFA/ORISA LIFE on TRUE TALKS WITH OFAE OFAE that was previously aired on Blog/Talk radio.
    We will discuss some of the precepts on Was and Justice within Ifa and Orisa Life.
    War, defined in parts, generally involves extremes over unresolved conflicts, such as aggression, destruction, and immorality. However, in Ifa/Fa/Afa, War is mentioned many times in Odus's literature to teach us lessons in life.
    What are some of the things that can cause Wars in the lives of Ifa and Orisa adherents, devotees, and practitioners?
    What mechanism(s) do we have in Ifa/Orisa life in place to resolve conflicts that can lead to war?
    How is JUSTICE handled in Ifa/Orisa life?
    What are some spiritual lessons regarding WAR and its results, such as disobedience, proof, betrayal, etc.?

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    Shamanic Journeys & Magick

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    Ronnie & I have both had some incredible experiences that we share from our Shamanic journeys with and without plant medicine.
    Marla Martenson is a professional matchmaker, transformational life coach, award winning author, Reiki Master & intuitive reader. She has appeared on countless TV & radio shows including Coast to Coast AM with Geroge Noory and Beyond Belief on Gaia TV.
    Order Marla's spiritual memoir, The Magic Seeker
    Ronnie Ann Ryan is a Podcast host, Reiki Master, best selling author and intuitive reader. She has been featured on many radio and TV shows such as NBC News, Fox News, and NPR Radio.

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    #682 Author and Spiritual Counselor N T Hettigei

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    Please join Dave the Mystic on June 4, 2024  with guest NT Hettigei on a show recorded June 3, 2024.  NT Hettigei is a spiritual teacher, writer, and self-publisher who has been sharing his experience of true happiness with others for the last three decades.
    His life journey started in a rural village in Sri Lanka. In his early thirties, he migrated to New Zealand for ten years. He then moved to the USA and lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for fifteen years, exploring the novelty of clear-cut seasonal weather changes and the ups and downs that come with them. Then he moved to Phoenix, Arizona, and has lived there since then, continuing his self-exploration and sharing true happiness with others.
    He has successfully navigated through personal and professional challenges in many parts of the world. He attributes this success to the inner peace that comes with firsthand experience of true happiness. He is a retired certified public and chartered accountant (CPA/ACA) and an IT audit (CISA) and IT security professional (CISSP). He gave up his earlier career to fulfill the aspiration of sharing his true happiness experience with others.
    He promotes nonviolence and harmony by eliminating discrimination in the world. He sincerely wishes that his writing would help others find inner peace and true happiness and resolve the challenges in their lives.
    He founded ancientpath.org in 1992 to promote global peace.
    We will be discussing his book  Beyond Our Self-Image: The True Story of a Fictional Character which was released on April 26th.
    website: www.ancientpath.org
    Thanks for listening!
    Dave the Mystic

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    Biscuit and Tea Mystic

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    call 323 792-2917
    provide date time and place
    join peter and angela and j
    call forprivate apt 561 333-5367

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    The Neil and Kristin Baker Psychic Hour

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    To connect with the hosts or for readings, please call the listener line, 914.338.0164.For inquiries regarding personal readings, please call 562.596.7818.World-renowned psychic Neil Baker and his psychic protege and wife, Kristin Baker, are featured on this hour long show which deals with the vast, expansive world of psychic phenomenon.This show delves into the extraordinary mysteries that reside beyond the physical realm of common experience. Neil and Kristin are your guides and teachers as they establish a stage that is both personal and universal, while callers have the opportunity to connect with Neil and Kristin for on-air readings.ABOUT THE HOSTS: Neil Baker has been a psychic for over 45 years,having discovered his gifts at the age of 4 years old. Kristin Baker encountered Neil on a radio show in 2011 and began working with him in order to further develop her psychic abilities..As Kristin’s third eye started to open, she began to awaken to the deep and mystical bond between herself and Neil.Neil then revealed to Kristin written material composed over a period beginning 41 years prior to their meeting that contained Kristin’s name, the sacred numerological codes shared between Kristin and Neil, references to their past life journeys, as well as uncanny events that later unfolded and continue to be revealed in their lives as a couple.Thereby, Neil’s and Kristin’s bond was established on both a personal and professional level. Neil has conducted nearly 100,000 personal readings, and Neil and Kristin together have conducted over 10,000 personal readings. They are currently writing their first book together, a groundbreaking work on the deep cosmic codes of birthdates, the more hidden codes of past lives, and the phenomenon of twin souls. In their continued service to the public, they expect to share profound insights into to the astral realm and beyond

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