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Sonya LaRae is your Host - Relationship/Lifestyle Counselor, Fashion Psychologist, Educator, and motivational speaker. Whispers In A Bottle "Grown Talk Cocktail Friday's!" is dedicated to encouraging, motivating, and empowering our listeners. With times being so very different, we need "A Clear Voice Amongst The Noise," and Sonya LaRae is ready to have those real conversations to help you broaden your thought perceptions to bring forth positivity.

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Clarity is needed in all aspects of life, but having clarity on your journey to happiness is important. In this epsiode Sonya LaRae is going to give you several master keys to help you build on that clarity and move the meter closer to your goal of happiness. Have you Subscribed to the Hottest Newsletter The Whispers Exchange? You'll get more than beautiful pictorials, you'll get great content, features, and of course the cocktail/mocktail of the episode: https://prodigious-motivator-501.ck.page/66eb7b1d30 Do you have a Book Club/Social Group that you'd like to be part of our Private Zoom Room? Simply click the link and submit your registration NOW! https://form.jotform.com/2225774477 YOU CAN BUY ME A COFFEE!! https://buymeacoffee.com/sonyalarae 1:1 SESSIONS ARE AVAILABLE BOOK NOW! https://calendly.com/sonyalarae/30 THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSOR(S) LaPaz Image Consultants "Where Everything Is Fabulous!" https://www.lapazimageconsultant.com https://www.instagram.com/lapazimageing
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