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The Five Smoth Stones NTWK is a ministry of the Kingdom of God (Yah). As the creator of the network, one of my life's callings and overall objectives for this work is to accurately express the Most High's love and provisions for all people. I believe, as the scripture states, this includes the Jewish people, who I believe are African Americans and others scattered from ancient Israel. This means the network addresses up-close and personal beliefs that steal, kill, and destroy today from these decendants of the scriptures. All nations are welcomed and loved equally. We at this network believe that when the Most High speaks, all can benefit from his wisdom and guidance. All cohosts and guests have been hand-picked to follow this same conviction. Join us, all people. Awake Zion! From Bro. Seth Turner, aka Bro. Seth **I don’t own the rights to any music. **

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[Currently, we are taking our seasonal break.] However, when shows resume, we simply add topics to our weekly shows within 7 days of their programming due to the changing climate and events in our society. We try to stay up-to-date on the facts as they unfold before we seek the Father for clarity and possibly directions for the people. As a result, you should always return to this website within 24 hours of the show's airtime to see what the Father has finally given us for the people from a Hebrew Israelite perspective in Christ. Thanks. Awake Zion! [Note: Stay tuned for our programming start-up date!] The date of this show serves only as a marker and doesn't reflect our undetermined end of the break. Meanwhile, enjoy over 600 shows we believe are inspired by the Most High.
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The respected Israelite Elder & Teacher shares how "America isn't Babylon." He also has teachings on endtime prophecies in current events, N.W.O., the four horsemen of the book of revelation and many more. Join this episode of the... more

Many men leaving prison are now born again Israelites. In cases of innocent men locked up, what wicked men meant for evil, the Most High still got his glory in those converted as their loved ones interceded for them. Then, there are those... more

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Could today's global events surrounding Passover 2020 ignite the return of Isrealites worldwide. While many feel it isn't time for the major exodus, others feel this could start the biblical in-gathering and exodus for Israelites from... more

The New World Order, which has been put into place right under our noses, is now being introduced to the masses with the coronavirus being used as a catalyst. This has been the master plan for quite some time, and I'm certain that... more

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