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    Joe Regenbogen, Author, Educator, Essayist, on The Sunbury Press Books Show

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    Joe Regenbogen's long career as a schoolteacher led to writing later in life, and has encompassed a series of thoughtful, researched and diverse works. Appearing on The Sunbury Press Books Show, Regenbogen discusses his experiences in the classroom, which led to his first two books: Questioning History and Relearning History were targeted at those bored with traditional methods of teaching.
    His following works were equally fulfilling: The Boys of Brookdale tells the stories of veterans of World War II, while Making a Difference details the work of Irl Solomon, who dedicated his career to teaching in the schools of East St. Louis. From here, Regenbogen stepped into fiction with his first novel, Longs Peak, and his latest, Dying of the Light, available on Sunbury's Ars Metaphysica imprint.
    When Ethan's wife of 40 years passes away, he realizes the guiding light of his life is now extinguished. Haunted as well by a decision made decades before, Ethan takes a road trip to rediscover himself, and find a way to make things right, after so many years.
    A native of New Orleans, Joe Regenbogen taught in the city's schools before moving to St. Louis, where he now resides. In addition to writing, he has hosted talks and penned op-ed pieces for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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    Voice of Indie Episode 184

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    Welcome to Voice of Indie, a production of Fresh Ink Group. Your hosts are Beem Weeks and Stephen Geez. This week we welcome the return of author Robert McKenzie.

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    Stephen Panus

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    Stephen Panus has been a publicist, sports marketing executive, artist, attorney, and motivational speaker. He has a history of working with champions—from Super Bowl winners to Indy 500 legends.
    Yet, the only title that’s ever mattered to him is father. When his eldest son, Jake, was tragically killed at the tender age of 16 in the summer of 2020, Stephen's life imploded. Seeking to both survive and move forward through his grief, he wrote Walk On to confront his daily agony. Through his writing, Stephen experienced a renewed faith in living and regained purpose. In Walk On, he shares his journey and guides readers through universal struggles. Stephen and his wife, Kellie, live in Connecticut with their son, Liam, and foster daughter, and two dogs.

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    The Plight of Amos -- Write Stuff -- 2/13/2024

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    John Wick meets the Heavenly Hosts in a story about an angel taking revenge against the Horde that killed his human.
    Amos has spent the last three years disguised as a human and serving the people of Summer Hills after a fallen angel killed the one person, Chris Masters, he was assigned to protect.
    Since his failure, Summer Hills has been overrun by crime, drugs, and violence, and he is destined to remain there and fulfill his new God-given assignment until the Lord summons him back to Heaven.
    Amos spends his days giving away food from his neighborhood grocery store to people in need, however at night he’s consumed by guilt. He can no longer tolerate the evil in Summer Hills, and once again takes up his angelic form to clean up the city.
    On his first night out, he unknowingly puts himself on the path to finding Chris’s killer. Will Amos be able to find and stop the fallen angel before the monster can destroy many more? And will God allow Amos to return to Heaven, or will he be cast out forever for his failure?
    Join me as I chat with my returning guest and co-host Matthew Newsome about his newest release on Tuesday, February 13th at 7 pm Eastern time. Listen by dialing 646-668-8485. Follow PJC Media on podcast platforms everywhere. Subscribe to our YouTube channel @pjcmedia. Or, click on the link here: http://tobtr.com/12314131.

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    Leadership and Literature: A Conversation with Brigadier General A.J. Taylor

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    In this captivating episode, Dr. Christopher Hall, alongside Neil Haley, welcomes the distinguished Brigadier General A.J. Taylor, a multifaceted leader known for his extensive military career and prowess as a bestselling author. General Taylor, a West Point graduate and a retired Brigadier General with notable service in Afghanistan, shares insights from his latest thriller, "The Phalanx Code," and discusses the interplay of his military experience in shaping the narrative and characters of his novels.
    General Taylor elaborates on "The Phalanx Code," highlighting the epic struggle between individual liberties and the overreaching grasp of big tech companies, drawing parallels to real-world concerns over privacy and freedom. He delves into the protagonist, Garrett Sinclair's, internal battle between mission and morality, reflecting on his own experiences and the broader implications for leadership in times of political and social turmoil.
    The episode further explores General Taylor's perspective on leadership under fire, recounting a harrowing encounter with a sniper in Helmand province, underscoring the importance of humor, resilience, and the leader's role in sharing risks with their team.
    Dr. Hall wraps up the episode by acknowledging General Taylor's significant contributions, not only to the military and literature but also as a role model for patriotism and leadership. The general's books, including "The Phalanx Code," are available on Amazon and bookstores nationwide, offering readers a blend of thrilling narratives enriched by real-world leadership lessons.
    Join Dr. Christopher Hall and Neil Haley as they provide an insightful glimpse into the life and works of Brigadier General A.J. Taylor, celebrating his dedication to service, literature, and leadership.

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    Award Winning Children's Author Sheryl Bass -Host Marsha Casper Cook

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    Please join Marsha Casper Cook on Thursday Feb 8 at 4:30 EST 3:30 CST 2:30 MT 1:30 PST when Marsha welcomes Shery Bass.
    About Sheryl
    Sheryl Bass holds a master’s degree in Social Work and has studied child development. She uses these insights to inform her picture book writing. Sheryl also holds a master’s degree in Journalism and is currently working in public relations. Her goal in creating Be-Kind Publishing is to produce lighthearted rhyming stories with gentle themes of teamwork and friendship. Sheryl resides just outside of Chicago, IL with her husband and two terriers.
    For info about A+ on Amazon and more https://www.redribbitreads.com/
    About Marsha
    From romance and inspiration to adventure and fiction, Marsha has more than 20 years of experience in the writing industry. Marsha writes love stories about family relationships and multi-generational characters that remind her readers how much family matters. She uses her love of family to bring her characters to life. She also writes steamy romances with strong characters and has a lot of fun bringing them to life. At the beginning of her writing career, she wrote children’s stories that both kids, parents, and grandparents enjoyed immensely and still do.
    for more info http://www.marshacaspercook.com
    for more about Michigan Avenue Media http://www.michiganavenuemedia.com

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    Victor Trillo, Jr. and Tyler Stonebraker discuss ADVICE TO 9TH GRADERS

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes Victor Trillo, Jr. and Tyler Stonebraker to Conversations LIVE to discuss the new book ADVICE TO 9TH GRADERS---and what they hope the book does to inspire and motivate others. 

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    The New Panic Room Episode 335

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    Join James and Xtina on the Panic Room Radio Show as they talk with horror authors Amanda Blake & Evan J Peterson. Featuring samanthas_shelf, a segment for your enjoyment with book reviews by the lovely Samantha Hawkins. Don't miss the fun and shenanigans! 

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    Waking up for schoolwork is cool

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    Talking about her son's journey with sickle cell anemia in an animated children's book. 

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    Breakout author Vikki Speller shares her children's book and writing journey

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    https://www.vikkispeller.com My Story I am a dedicated intuitive life coach and guide who empowers women to align their lives and connect deeply within. I have a passion for helping women like you to uncover their life purpose, cultivate self-love, develop intuition, align their energy and foster healthy habits and rituals while providing a safe and supportive space for growth and success. I believe that every woman has a unique and intuitive purpose that the world needs to see. My life purpose is to help guide women inwardly to develop their inner wisdom and reach their goals through aligned actions. I am here to be your greatest supporter on this journey. My story is one of self-discovery and inner growth. Growing up, I always felt that there was more to life than what most people saw. A deep knowing that the essence of who we are was more than our physical bodies. Through my own experiences of significant life transitions, moments of both pain and turmoil, as well as great abundance, joy, and happiness, I learned to navigate the ups and downs of life and developed a strong sense of intuition along the way. I’ve had many habit overhauls and mindset shifts over the years, and to this day I still remain curious about myself, learning and growing through each experience that is gifted to me. Throughout life, I have been a trusted confidante for many people, and feel truly honoured to be that for others. Great joy comes from helping women and inspiring them to be the best version of themselves. With my guidance, you can expect a transformative journey filled with clarity, confidence, and success. Are you ready to take the first steps towards your inner knowing and purpose in life? Join me and let’s begin the next chapter of your story!

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    A Book is Born™ with Guest Edward Rahill, Author of One Mile At A Time

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    Tune in to Season 10, Epi. 1 of A Book is Born™ on February 17, 2024 with Beverly Black, CEO/TRIBE Family Channel™ and Gumbo for the Soul Publications for the amazing interview with Guest Author, Edward Rahill, to discuss his book,"One Mile At A Time".
    Feb. 17, 2024, 12pm/PST, 1pm/GMT, 2pm/CST, 3pm/EST
    Call: 515-605-9741 or listen online:
    The backstory:
    Back in the day, around June 4, 1984 to be specific, six people driving at around 100 mph were arrested on the New York State Thruway in what state troopers describe as an organized Coast to Coast race. The six were back on the road after paying fines but police elsewhere had been warned about the Boston to San Diego race.
    At least 30 other drivers were believed to be involved in the Michael A. Preston Memorial Four Ball Rally. Edward Rahill was one of them, and has written a book about it!
    This episode is a Michele Barard,LLC production.
    A Book is Born™ and TRIBE Family Channel™ are Gumbo for the Soul International family brands, created, owned and operated by Beverly Black. All Rights Reserved.