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    Author2Author with Elaine Roth

    in Writing

    Bill welcomes debut novelist Elaine Roth to the show. Elaine is a New Jersey based author who writes about young widowhood, grief, and dating as a solo parent. Her work has appeared on HuffPost, Refinery29, Modern Loss, and Scary Mommy. Her story was also featured on People.com and in the New York Times. She has two kids and an adorably neurotic rescue dog who keep her busy when she's not writing or teaching Pilates. The Midnight Garden is her debut novel.

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    in Poetry

    Show time: 5:00pm West coast - 8:00pm East coast
    The call in number is 646-595-3965
    Info: You do not have to be logged in to listen to the show, but you do to join in the Poet's chat-room.  It's a good way to network with other writers and they have such fun!  You can read one to two pieces, just keep it around the 5-minute mark!  Remember we have a Mature rating, meaning anything goes with the exception of explicit sexual content.
    Love from the SpeakEasy Family...
    Nyla Alisia, Christopher M Ryan, Debbie Philly, Michael Quigg, Jason Tucker,

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    Fillmyeyes and Company with Poetry...

    in Poetry

    The Idea behind Fillmyeyes with Poetry is to allow our listeners a chance to call in and chat with us a while or read a write or two or even just tell us a joke... light hearted, fun opportunity to enjoy one another...It's about strengthening our poetic community...Making Friends one poem at a time... Late Night... Another late night and my thoughts wander... drawing from my memories, strong emotions, needing to be expressed. My pen almost burning in my hand as I hold it firmly, trying to begin. My thoughts jumbled together, the only common thread is the emotion. Suddenly, my pen glides on paper, sentences appear, first one then another. Verse after verse, each yearning to be heard and understood. Seeking refuge in the quiet of the late night. These confessions calm my soul. Jean The Curtain Opens ... The Stage is lit...C'mon ... Step Up... Grab Up The Mic and Say Something!!

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    Bringing Art And Writing Together- Host Marsha Casper Cook

    in Writing

    Please join Marsha Casper Cook and her guests Russ Spitkovsky and Jack Remick on November 29th at Noon EST 11 CST 10MT 9 PST for an off-the-cuff discussion about  Artists and Authors creating their ideas on canvas or through the written word in their own voice. 
    Please join in or listen later on demand.

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    Quintessential Listening: Poetry Online Radio Presents Marie Metaphor Specht

    in Poetry

    Marie Metaphor Specht is a multidisciplinary artist, poet, and educator living with her partner and son on the unceded territories of the L?k?????n- and SENCOTEN-speaking peoples. She has collaborated with filmmakers, lighting engineers, dancers, and musicians to create immersive and interactive works. A long-time member of the Canadian spoken word scene, Marie is currently serving a two-year term as the 6th Poet Laureate of Victoria, British Columbia. Her work has been featured at festivals, arts events and poetry slams across the country. She believes in the transformative power of this art form and has had the privilege of coaching and creating space for youth poets for two decades. Marie’s poetry has been published in Oratorealis, Untethered Magazine, Chestnut Review, The Hellebore, and Room Magazine, among others. Her debut poetry collection, Soft Shelters (see below), is published with Write Bloody North.
    Social Media 

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    "American Roulette" Authors Sherry Knowlton & Pat LaMarche on the SPB Show

    in Books

    The topic of gun violence in the United States is a highly-charged and emotional issue. As part of an effort to discuss the issue, an eclectic group of award-winning authors come together to craft American Roulette, a novel that brings eight people to a mall food court, on a day they think will be like any other. The collaborative efforts of these writers takes a different tack to examine the tension, dread and action of a novel with the real-life question for all readers: could this happen to me or someone I love?
    Two Sunbury Press authors involved in the project join Sunbury Press founder and publisher Lawrence Knorr on this podcast to talk about the subject of gun violence, what brought them all together, and what they hope to accomplish with a book that garnered rave reviews from the outset. Sherry Knowlton is no stranger to the BookSpeak Network, as host of the Milford House mystery podcast, and the author of several mystery works, including the Alexa Williams series. Pat LaMarche is an author, political activist, historian and homeless shelter director. They are joined by Matthew Best, Robert Bradshaw, Andy Carey, James Dodds, Cheryl Dunn Bychek, Phyllis Orenyo, J.M. West and Cheryl Woodruff Brooks.
    All proceeds from this book will go to gun violence prevention, by way of the non-profit Charles Bruce Foundation. 
    Find out more about the book and its authors here.

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    Close Up Radio Spotlights Author Eve Carson

    in Books

    Indianapolis, IN – Eve Carson is the author of the book Simple, Safe & Secret: The 1981 Murder of Joan L. Webster. Eve seeks to keep alive the memory of her sister-in-law, Joan Webster, a Harvard Student, who perished in November of 1981, under very suspicious circumstances. Despite being a cold case and meeting resistance at every turn, Eve continues to seek justice for Joan.
    “I began researching this case back in 2006, because the former prosecutor announced that he was writing a book about this case.” mentions Eve. “Having understood the case from the beginning, I understood that what he wrote was similar to the story that was promoted through the media. However, it did not match up with documents that I recovered.”
    “The case is forty-two years old, and no one has been tried or charged with the crime,” explains Eve. “The state of Massachusetts alleged that Leonard Paradiso picked up Joan at Logan Airport, took her to a boat, murdered her, and then dumped her in Boston Harbor. Her body was missing until 1990, when her remains were discovered in a wooded area in Hamilton, Massachusetts – and NOT in Boston Harbor.”
    Eve’s passion for this case manifested itself into a book that she authored – Simple, Safe & Secret: The 1981 Murder of Joan L. Webster. This book offers a more detailed account of the events, evidence, and people surrounding Joan Webster. She has dedicated the book in memory of Joan.
    For more information, please visit https://www.justiceforjoanwebster.com/
    To purchase Eve’s book, please visit Genius Books

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    A Team of Voices shares Open Poetry with AP Taylor, Jhatter and Deborahlee 11/25

    in Poetry

    Welcome to A Team of Voices radio...
    Sponsored by the AP Taylor Poetry Foundation...
    Our group is filled with Love and Respect... We're all so happy to see you here... We are poets from all over the globe  with listeners from over 60 countries...
    The hosting team offer a variety of  programs for your entertainment...
    There is something different going on  nearly every night of the week... 
    You never know what we have up our sleeve... like jokes poetry games... slams... talk shows... magic tricks... contests and  special events  with poetic topics from a - z...
    and YOU  are invited to join us for all the fun. - just click on to listen to the live show  or to hear any prerecorded episode  and you can also call up to participate... at 1 646 668 2837
    You can find our hosts and hostesses  writing over at All Poetry.com and hanging out  in the A Team of Voices radio group chat room  Our hosts and hostesses push love and respect! - Stop in and check us out...

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    Literary Spy Games

    in Books

    Amy Beth welcomes Murray Sinclair, author of F. Scott Fitzgerald: American Spy.  The two authors share s compelling conversation about mixing real life legends with fictional characters, the creative process and the book biz. 
    And our usual free form hoopla: Hot topics, fab music, and beating the Holiday Blues
    Please don't forget we are here for each other. Live, on podcast and social media
    Tweet/X 24/7 @abwrites #BigStory #Forgotten45s Guest suggestions? Creativity Questions? AmyBethArkawy.com
    ***Please support the artists you hear on this show. All books &music are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble,

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    The Art of Unity in Networking

    in Art

    Join the build, recruiting new members sendmp3aun@gmail.com about membership perks!
    copy of todays show http://tobtr.com/s/12287301

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    Discovering "Me" Through Poetry...

    in Poetry

    Come join us as we delve into magical, mythical and mystical realms embracing our inner magic and letting our poetic muse shine through

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