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    Engaging Spaces: Atmosphere TV Revolutionizes Public Viewing!

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    John Smolen, Senior Vice President of Global Distribution Sales at Atmosphere TV, joins us today to discuss the streaming platform’s benefits for franchises and businesses, like restaurants, bars, grills, taverns, and gyms.Atmosphere TV is known for replacing daytime TV in public spaces with engaging short-form content across 40+ channels and is recognized for its rapid growth and impact on customer engagement and incresed unit-level sales. 
    Smolen, with a background transitioning from psychology to sales, outlines Atmosphere’s ad-supported revenue model that provides free, family-friendly programming, along with marketing tools enabling franchisors and franchisees, to manage content across various locations. The service’s ability to target specific audiences based on venue type enhances its value as an advertising platform, offering flexibility and affordability with no minimum investment constraints.
    The episode also touches upon the broader digital landscape, noting the scrutiny of foreign-owned social media platforms like TikTok by bi-partisan entities, underlining the importance of oversight in the digital content sphere.

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    The Energy of Sales for Healers with Ann Hession

    in Marketing

    Are you a dedicated healer facing challenges in the realm of sales? Do the mere thoughts of sales conversations make you feel woozy or even a bit queasy? If you've found yourself struggling to attract paying clients, and those moments of discussing your services leave you tongue-tied, worry not.
    I'm thrilled to introduce Ann Hession, who has over 30 years of experience in transformational energy healing. Ann is a seasoned healer and a sales expert. Having engaged in one-on-one conversations with over 10,000 healers, she understands the unique challenges you might face in the sales world.
    Tune in to this extraordinary podcast episode to join Ann and I as we delve into:
    Why relying solely on inner healing might lead healers to struggle with abundance blocks. Debunking the myth that sales conversations are inherently negative. Unveiling the essential and surprisingly easy-to-learn sales skills tailored for healers. Identifying common pitfalls healers encounter when prompted with the "Tell Me More" request. The first crucial thing to say when someone expresses interest in what you do It's time for healers to step into the spotlight. The moment is now. Equipping yourself with the knowledge to heal from within and mastering straightforward yet impactful sales skills will propel you to evolve to the next level of Light and Mastery. 
    Join Ann during her upcoming Close Sales with an Open Heart Masterclass by visiting http://www.karenkan.com/salesforhealers!

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    Radio Show #533: The Effect of Self-Image on Performance

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    Special Guest: Suzana Mihajlovic: Author of Your2Minds
    Suzana Mihajlovic is the founder of Your2Minds Pty Ltd. She is a multiple best selling author and elite level performance and success coach. Her expertise has been featured in many prestigious podcasts and business magazines and most recently in Times Square, New York.
    Suzana Mihajlovic has had a wide calibre of experience and expertise all of which distinguish her from the ordinary. She has been referred to by her clients as the “missing link between success and failure”.
    Professional Development can be an expensive investment for many organisations. Even though millions are spent every year on training and development, leaders often feel frustrated because even with the best training, often the return on the investment for professional development is not as great as anticipated. This is because staff will learn new skills in the training and professional development but their behaviour does not change leaving a large gap between knowing what they should be doing and actually doing it.
    The concept of self-image on performance has been studied for decades. It Is one of the most valuable mindset upgrades that any leader can implement. Basically, self-image is about creating the image of success – or an image that aligns with workplace performance – within each individual and as a team. By upgrading each individual’s self-image and then the overall team’s self-image to match corporate goals, staff are more likely to meet KPIs, to enjoy their work, and to make a positive contribution to the overall culture of the organisation.
    Join us as we discuss the effect of self-image on performance.
    Listen Live (Archive Available)
    Host: Jo Dodds

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    Getting Really Good at WFH and Hybrid Work | Guest: Michele Rowan

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    Remote and hybrid work are not new to contact centers, but getting really good at it on scale and for the long haul, is quite new.  How are organizations retaining best talent once hired, and how are they bringing people into culture folds quickly, while building excitement about these employment opportunities?  How do leaders emit the energy and ethos of the organization while clearly laying out expectations and holding people accountable?  How are contact center organizations adding more flexibility to the mix?   Join this session for details from Michele Rowan, President of WFH Alliance.  She's the leading subject matter expert on remote and hybrid work for contact centers and support functions.
    Air Date: Wed., March 27, 2024 - 10:00 AM/PT Host: Bruce Belfiore | CEO & Senior Research Analyst | BenchmarkPortal Guest Speaker: Michele Rowan | Work From Home Alliance Season: 15 | Episode Number: 3
    Guest: Michele Rowan
    Michele Rowan, President of Work From Home Alliance, has spent the last 13 years exclusively helping companies design and continuously improve their remote working programs. Through gap analysis of workflows, business process, guidelines/policies and organization structures, she helps companies achieve best in class work from home and hybrid operating status. She facilitates conferences and workshops on remote/hybrid, bringing together leaders to share their insights and experiences. Prior to establishing her own consulting business in 2011, Michele spent 12 years with Hilton Hotels as Global VP of Reservations and Performance Management.

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    Premium Service Brands Meets with Franchise Interviews

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    We have a great show. We are meeting with the CEO of Premium Service Brands, Paul Flick. Paul built Premium Service Brands on a belief that ordinary isn’t ordained. Paul founded 360° Painting in 2006. The brand quickly grew into one of the top painting franchises in the nation. Today, Premium Brands is a portfolio of franchise concepts that include  360° Painting ProLift Garage Doors Maid Right Kitchen Wise & Closet Wise Window Gang Rubbish Works Junk Removal The Grout Medic House Doctors RooterMan
    In Part Two, we play a clip from our popular Great Quotes in Franchising podcast. 

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    Startup Fundraising Office Hours Q&A with Attorney Joe Daniels for Founders

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    Bring your #LEGAL questions about #incorporation, #startup #equity, finding angel investors, pitching venture capitalists, growth and traction strategies, and whatever #challenges your #startup is facing.
    This month StartupCouncil.org CEO and #angelinvestor Scott Fox will be hosting Attorney Joe Daniels, Partner & Co-Chair of the Nelson Mullins Law Firm's Emerging Companies, VC, M&A, Private Equity Practice. He's a VC expert and happy to help entrepreneurs like YOU.
    WHEN: The 4th Tuesday of every month at NOON Pacific Time (300pm ET/~800pm UTC):
    REGISTER FOR TICKETS HERE: https://startup-office-hours.eventbrite.com
    AT SHOW TIME YOU CAN WATCH & CHAT LIVE AT ANY OF THESE CHANNELS: https://www.linkedin.com/company/startupcouncil https://www.youtube.com/scottfox (Live Chat!) https://www.facebook.com/clickmillionaire Podcast: http://scottfoxradio.com

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    Afternoon Chat with Scott McKain

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    Let's talk!
    Scott’s matchless experiences have continued throughout his life. They range from playing the villain in a Werner Herzog film that Roger Ebert called one of the 50 “great movies” in cinema history to being booked to speak by Arnold Schwarzenegger for an event on the White House lawn with the President in the audience; from being the author of business books named among the “year’s ten best” to membership of multiple Boards of Directors.
    The tapestry of Scott McKain’s distinctive experiences have blended to create the inimitable content that makes him one of the world’s most in-demand business experts and speakers.

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    Two Organizations Show the Payoff from Sticking with Remote Work Policies

    in Business

    The Workplace Minute powered by H3 HR Advisors
    Sponsored by Paychex - one of the leading providers of HR, payroll, retirement, and software solutions for businesses of all sizes - learn more at www.paychex.com/awia.
    Hosts: Steve Boese
    Welcome to the Workplace Minute powered by H3 HR Advisors. A short, quick version of the popular HR Happy Hour Podcast, where Steve Boese takes on topics on Human Resources, HR technology, work, and the workplace. And more.
    In this episode Steve discusses the ongoing success of remote and flexible work policies at two companies - Yelp and Gympass, which have shown that done effectively, remote work can benefit employees and their organizations.
    To listen to the Workplace Minute powered by H3 HR Advisors - add the Workplace Minute by H3 HR Advisors skill to your Amazon Echo device's Flash Briefing or Daily News Update.
    Learn more at www.h3hr.com and www.hrhappyhour.net

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    Rock Stars: Quit or Commit? with Jack Monson

    in Marketing

    Your Job: Quit or Commit?
    Some work challenges are opportunities. Some are red flags.
    How can you tell the difference?
    Today’s Rock Star panel: Derrick Ableman of Northeast Color, Ali Kraus of Benetrends, author & keynote speaker Scott Greenberg, and Solar Media’s Liz Solar join host Jack Monson to discuss the state of careers in Franchising and beyond.
    Thanks for your ongoing support Northeast Color, AnswerConnect, Citrin Cooperman, and Hughes.
    And thank YOU for listening and staying connected on the Social Geek Radio Network.

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    Heartfelt Connections Transforming Pain into Purpose

    in Business

    Fostering resilient families is not about avoiding challenged, but about equipping each member with the tools and support to overcome them, emerging stronger together. Join us on Women Lead Radio as Cheryl Guidry, your host of Health is Wealth, has a conversation with Lekya Slaughter, Founder of Speaking to the Heart of the Hurting (www.speakingtotheheartofthehurting.com) as they explore the transformative impact of community-driven support for well-being and interpersonal skills! Hear about the positive impact of mentoring youth and their families from crises situations to a place of heart-centered living where they all can thrive.
    Sponsor Appreciation!
    Thank you to our partner and show sponsor, Microsoft (www.microsoft.com)!
    Interested in Learning More About Connected Women of Influence?
    Click Here (https://connectedwomenofinfluence.com/attend-an-event-as-our-guest/) to Be Invited as Our Special VIP & Guest to a Future Event!
    Interested in Becoming a Member of Our Professional Community!?
    Click Here (https://connectedwomenofinfluence.com/membership-application/) to Apply for Membership!

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    Caucus mediations in divorce and family law matters

    in Legal

    Mediation is a popular alternative dispute resolution method in divorce or family law matters. Many opt to participate in mediation seeking a settlement outside of court. Many picture being alone in a room with the mediator and the other party. In that room, they envision a scenario where both parties and the mediators talk, devise solutions, and resolve the case. Sometimes, having both parties in the same room is not a good idea. Arguing and bickering might occur if the parties are in the same room. The arguing and bickering might inflame the situation so that a settlement does not occur. Learn how the caucus approach to mediation may be beneficial. This podcast is based on an article on our Family Law Headquarters blog titled: What is the caucus approach to mediation? Contact our Tulsa, Oklahoma divorce lawyers to learn more at 855-805-0595.

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