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    Maybe what others think, isn't nearly as important as being honest with ourselves.  If examining motives and intentions is 'a path to happiness', results hereabouts suggest it has become a bit overgrown with accumulated debris, that it requires concentrated effort to find it. Why? Why would anyone subject themselves to an existence of self-examination when cheating is so easy? Surely, we have all heard the logic; old men advise to stay healthy, avoid doctors and hospitals. It's a version of 'ignorance is bliss'.  Cloak this with language describing masonic function especially the part about 'higher moral standards, and we need to go no further to sort out the confusion and compromise that was spurred by 'local tradition'.  What is the truth? Is ignorance bliss? Before opening that door, reason tells us living to pursue a life of virtue is impossible without using navigational tools.  We were handing 9 of them after we got round to settling on that number, but we conveniently handed them back for safe keeping. Can you think why anyone would give up populist thinking to strike out on his own?  Surely the cynic within him would panic at the thought.  Ignorance comes out of chaos, easily.  Knowledge requires disciplined thinking and patience. Accordingly we live in a state of ignorance/darkness willingly but now are telling ourselves we have chosen to struggle to understand. Truth isn't pretty. Honesty isn't easy. What if we did subscribe to that effort, would motivate us? Let me present an answer and try to convince you it is obvious.  The motivation is the setting. It is rare to accomplish this feat alone alone. It is plausible when working alone in the company of like minded.  Universities were built on the idea. So, it seems was masonry.

  • Crysral Starnes Story

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    Crystal Starnes Story 

  • Who or what does your "Joy" depend on? Ep 2173

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    Welcome to The Challenges of Faith Radio Program. Today's topic Are you Joyful? Ep 2173
    COFRP ranked # 4 out of  top 100 Christian podcast to listen to in 2023:
    I ask that you listen, ponder, apply, and pray.....Also ask God for guidance, on how your gift(s) should be used in the public square for Him, and others..that are hurting, helpless, homeless, and feeling  hopeless.
    As you prepare for your sojourn thru 2024, Remember, Life is like a coin, You can spend it any way you want to. But, you can only spend it once. So, spend it wisely!
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    COFRP:  https://music.amazon.com/podcasts/4569c4e1-076a-4791-b3ba-746ec57ccff7

  • Five Fold Ministries with Apostle Margie Mercer FFMW 12/10/2023

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    Five Fold Ministries with Apostle Margie Mercer  FFMW 12/10/2023

  • Positivity

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    Prevailing in positivity for people like you and me

  • The World According to Drew

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    Tune in for thought-provoking, informative, enlightening, entertaining news and commentary brought to you by Andrew Whigham, III.   

  • January Jones - Dealing with Holiday Depression with Bobbe White

    in Women

    Dealing with Depression & Dementia
    with Humor & Hope
    Try Laughter!
    Bobbe White
    Be sure to read, We Are the Parents Now

  • 00:05

    Capital Arguments Again for the 10th of December 2023

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    In this episode we look at the column of October 2015 How to approach and expansion project  Part 4A--Assets

  • Pastor teaching Gods Word:

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    A study in the Holy Bible:

  • Study Al Islam

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    Join us every Sunday for another edition of Study Al Islam on am360.org, hosted by Imam Karriem Hameed from 10:00am -10:30am EST, then discussion until 11am EST. There will be various presenters from around the nation. Fitrah Muhammad of The Nation's Mosque, Washington, D. C. is the Executive Producer. For more information, please go to studyal-islam.com. Our moJst important wealth is our health in all respects including spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. We’re spiritual beings.
    Listen on-line at AM360.org and 24 hour live streaming (701) 719-4197! Live audience call-in to the studio at (515) 605-9891 or (425) 292-4253. Email us at info@cwsc.us, tweet @CWShuraa, like us on Facebook, Community Wide Shura’a Conference. Visit AM360 parent corporation Community Wide Shura’a Conference at cwsc.us, or leave a listener comment at (910) 317-0297. You're listening to AM360, the #1 Islamic Radio Station in the Nation, where your intellect is respected and your voice protected