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    The El Conservador Show with George Rodriguez

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    Brent Smith, Attorney for Kinney County, TX, explains a new Border Patrol policy where illegal aliens accused of  (caught) criminal mischief or other crimes are NOT turned over for prosecution by the local jurisdiction. This new policy denies justice to citizens along the border and disrupts the Texas justice system. This is another liberal Biden effort to protect illegal aliens at the expense of citizens. 

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    High Plains Pundit Podcast with guests Cole Stanley and Tom Scherlen

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    High Plains Pundit Podcast with guests Cole Stanley and Tom Scherlen

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    321: ROYCE WHITE, Take Back America, Patriots Stand Up, Speak Up, Show Up, Faith

    in Politics Conservative

    12:06p - Jeremy Torisk: Generate More Business Revenue Without Spending More Money - Find $50K in 45 minutes...Guaranteed!
    12:17p - Greg Dutton: Precinct Committeeman & Grassroots Engagement To Save Arizona
    12:27p - Maureen Murphy:  How to Take Back America by Showing Up with Boots On The Ground & Recruiting Your Network
    12:38p - Joe Mobley:  Host of The Joe Mobley Show – The #1 Uncloseted Conservative Radio Show - Let's All Be Loud & Proud
    12:48p - Deborah Peters: The Migration of Awakened Patriots Out of Blue States & Their Animals Too!
    *Michele’s Patriotic Soapbox: Facts, Truth, Take Action Items & Resources*
    1p - Special Guest ROYCE WHITE: Candidate For Congress in Minnesota & Ilhan Omar's Worst Nightmare
    1:30p - Special Guest OHIO BRETT BOHL: The Christian - Grant giving group to FUND Good People, Projects & Good Things! The opposite of BLM, NGO’s & the money laundering bills of Congress
    2p - Special Guest GREG LOPEZ: Candidate For Governor of Colorado - The Hope & Change To Save The Deep Blue Tyrannical State
    It's Time We The People Stand Up, Speak Up & Show Up. To Join All of Us
    VISIT: & TEXT "ACTION" to 91776 & Let's Take Back America Together!
    TAKE ACTION MENU: For our Partners' Info, LISTEN LIVE LINKS, Episodes, Subscribe, Like-Follow-Join Our Community, Newsletter & #SaveMyFreedom Movement, Take Action Resources, Immune Boosting Supplements, Patriotic Businesses, Groups, Marketplace With Products, Services & Patriotic Gear To Buy + Much More!

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    Armed Forces Most Asked Questions

    in Military

    Richard Estep continues The Handy Answer Book series by answering the most interesting and asked questions about the Armed Forces. He covers history, equipment, personalities, and stories on each branch of service, including Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, Space Force, and general information on special operations, ranks, etc. With over 500 questions answered, Estep discusses some of the book's most interesting questions and answers with host Jim Fausone. You won't read all 150,000 words in one sitting, but you will constantly go back to The Handy Armed Forces Answer Book for quick references and short answers.

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    Wounded But Not Broken - Show 31

    in Military

    Patrick talks to Cobra Attack Helicopter pilot Colonel Stan Coerr from the U.S. Marine Corps reserve. Stan is a colonel in the Marine Corps Reserve. Born in Winston-Salem, he received a BA from Duke University, an MA from the Harvard Kennedy School, and an MA with highest distinction from the Naval War College, where he was awarded the Colbert Memorial Prize and the Forrestal Award. A SuperCobra attack helicopter pilot, Coerr went over the border on the first night of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 in command of five marine teams attached to the British Army. He lives in Virginia with his wife and three sons.

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    Donna Winant, Founder/Director of FFIMI, Speaks On Mental Disorders & Prisons

    in National

    Join us Wednesdays from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm (EDT) Call In Number (657) 383-1630. Hello everyone, I am Leonna Abraham Brandao, Host for Blog Talk Radio/ Shedding Light.  Our Guest, today, Donna Winant, Founder and Director of FFIMI, will discuss FFIMI and its’ mission.  She will also describe in  detail, the Definition of Mental Disorders, Mass Incarceration including serious mental health issues, and much more. Criminal Justice Reform, in the U.S. is Long Overdue and Donna will discuss why and where it needs to start.   
    Insufficient Mental Health Services  2. Separation by Incarceration 3. Working with legislators 4. Positive changes that are happening in the system.  Goals of Advocacy on behalf of those who struggle with, live with, cope with and deal with mental illness: PROPER HEALTHCARE IN AREAS OF: Safety: To provide and protect those who are unable, those with a disability, those who have unraveled, those who need ongoing support, all who are incarcerated. - Proper medication and comprehensive medical, clinical and psychiatric care- -securing family connection and involvement - Humane treatment with dignity- Hearts to be touched with compassion- Just laws to be enacted- Resources to be allocated -Secured hospital-type or community-type residential facilities- And that full provisions be made to assist those with mental illness to cope and thrive successfully with ongoing holistic and compassionate care.  To accomplish this, as a civil society, we need to value lives.  Learn more about FFIMI by going to Contact email:   
    Blogtalk Radio Shedding Light Is Committed To Bringing Awareness.  Contributions Welcomed Through:   Cashapp:  $NVOSheddingLight 

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    Pan-African Journal: Special Worldwide Radio Broadcast

    in Politics

    Listen to the Sun. June 5, 2022 special edition of the Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast hosted by Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire. This is our second episode in the commemoration of Black Music Month. The program features our regular PANW report with dispatches on the call by the South African government for the strengthening of solidarity among the BRICS states; Namibia reports that activity at its major port has increased in recent weeks; there has been another Pentagon-coordinated airstrike in the Horn of Africa state of Somalia leaving five people dead; and the African Union has expressed concern over the rising food deficits in the Sahel region of the continent. In the second hour we look back on the history of African music which developed in the United States during and after the period of enslavement. In the final hour we will also look at the history of Jazz and its origins in the U.S.

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    The Liberal Redneck ("Plot to Privatize Public Education")

    in Politics Progressive

    "Plot to Privatize Public Education" In our latest episode we will tell you new things and say "told you so" about more stuff. OH SNAP! Ginni Thomas might have FINALLY been caught! 

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    A Conservative Perspective/Patriot Nation Radio

    in Politics

    January 6 Protesters are kept in deplorable conditions for over a year, and Colbert thinks it's funny. Makes those suffering people the butt of his sophomoric jokes. Talking about it tonight, Plus stay tuned for Mark Hoffman and Patriot Nation Radio Live! asHernando County Commissioner District 4 Anthony Arenz Joins Us. Tune In To Find Out His Platform,Reason For Running And More. Tune In Thursday 8pm Eastern Right After A Conservatives Perspective With James Bostick Starting At 7pm Eastern 

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    The Michael Cutler Hour

    in National

    Hi Gang:  Happy Friday!
    This evening we will consider my two most recent articles.
    FrontPage Magazine published my latest article on June 8, 2022:Sanctuary Cities Now Provide Sanctuary For Deadly Illegal Drugs- The NYC Health Dept. shows how to use them “safely” and on June 6, 2022 US Incorporated published my article: Biden Seeks End to Title 42 While Closing Federal Training Center Because of COVID.
    We will also consider the June 8, 2022 Associated Press article: San Francisco ousts liberal DA Chesa Boudin in heated recall.
    Violent crimes have surged across America, particularly in cities controlled by the Radical Left.  While there have been calls for gun control however, we need to gain control over criminals and that begins with effective law enforcement.
    It has never been more important that we truly learn how to speak with our fellow Americans in non-confrontational but in fact-based effective and persuasive ways.  Immigration is one issue that should unite all Americans- if all of the facts were made known.
    Please read my articles. If you like them, post the links on FaceBook along with a link to my radio show.  Be a part of my “Bucket Brigade of Truth” and tell your friends and neighbors about my program- and my website, remember Democracy is not a “Spectator Sport!”

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