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    The Michael Cutler Hour

    in National

    Hi Gang:  Happy Friday!
    The border crisis continues.  Last week Kevin McCarthy, Speaker of the House of Representatives traveled to the U.S./Mexican border with several other members of Congress  to purportedly assess the situation.
    This past week The House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Republican Congressman Jim Jordan ;conducted a field hearing at Yuma, AZ- but incredibly the Democrats boycotted the hearing calling it a “political stunt.”
    The issues of border security and immigration law enforcement will be my focus this evening.
    We the People must get our voices heard by our supposed political representatives so that come to understand that we are not the fools they have been playing us for!
    Please read my articles. If you like them, post the links on FaceBook along with a link to my radio show.  Be a part of my “Bucket Brigade of Truth” and tell your friends and neighbors about my program- and my website, remember Democracy is not a “Spectator Sport!”

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    Ep3 Kia Speaks Truth

    in Politics Conservative

    Welcome to Wolf PaQ Radio with Heracane Anne. Tonights Segment is a wrap up folr the weekend news with Special Guest Nakia Warren

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    Conservative Ridiculousness

    in Politics Progressive

    On the March 1, 2023 episode of Liberal Dan Radio we will be discussing the crazy coming from Conservatives over the last 2 weeks; Wednesday at 8PM central on Liberal Dan Radio, Talk From the Left, That’s Right! 
    Listening live? You can also watch on YouTube! If you are listening after the live broadcast you can leave comments on the show thread at liberaldan.com, on the Liberal Dan Facebook page, and @liberaldanradio on Twitter. 
    Want more Liberal Dan? Check out the Liberal Dan Radio Minicast. 
    And remember, you can become a Liberal Dan Radio Patreon. Support the podcast or the minicast. If you don’t feel like a subscription, you can always Buy Me A Cider. 
    “Hypocrite of the Week” – Music: If I Had a Chicken – Kevin MacLeod

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    Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast

    in Politics

    Listen to the Sat. Feb. 25, 2023 edition of the Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast hosted by Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire. This episode features our regular PANW report with dispatches on the national elections in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Africa's most populous state; there has been an explosion at a sports stadium in the West African state of Cameroon where 19 people were reportedly injured; Burkina Faso is hosting the Pan-African Film Festival (FESPACO) amid heightening insecurity inside the country; and the United States government is drastically cutting food supplemental benefits while inflation is taking its toll among millions of working and impoverished people. In the second and third hours we continue our focus on African American History Month. We will look back on the 50th anniversary of a lecture delivered by Stokely Carmichael (later known as Kwame Ture) at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1973. Finally, we hear a lecture by scholar Michelle Alexander on the continued enslavement of African Americans utilizing the prison system inside the United States.

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    Episode 650: Keeping America's Dominance at Sea with Jerry Hendrix

    in Military

    Except for those over a 85, no one alive has ever existed at a time when the US Navy was not the premier naval power - and no one alive at all has known a world where the US Navy was not the premier naval power in the Pacific.
    Though on paper it could be challenged in the first third of the 20th Century by the Royal Navy, and was challenged in a very real way by the Imperial Japanese Navy in the Pacific in the early mid-century, after the 1930s no industrial power could hope to compete with the United States in production and warships ready to fight at sea in a major conflict.
    During the Cold War, there were a couple of decades where the Soviet Union could put a fleet to sea to give the US Navy regional concern, but never really on an ocean wide scale.
    As we approach the end of the first quarter of the 21st Century, a rising power is presenting a challenge in the Pacific the US Navy, and its political leaders, seem to have trouble accepting.
    The People's Republic of China is clear that it wants the global power the USA presently has - including on the high seas. 
    Returning to Midrats to discuss his recent article in The Atlantic, "The Age of American Naval Dominance is Over" is Jerry Hendrix, PhD.
    Jerry is a retired USN Captain, author, and a senior fellow with the Sagamore Institute, in Indianapolis. His most recent book is To Provide and Maintain a Navy (2020).

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    Action Radio: A Visit with Dr. Robert Malone / Lies My Government Told Me.

    in Politics Conservative

    Showdate:  2/24/23
    Share the shows!  Share the links to the Bills at -- WriteYourLaws.com
    Contributors:  "Give Send Go" -- GiveSendGo.com/ActionRadio
    Action Radio Show Notes:  Greg Penglis - Creator and Host.
    0:00 - A visit with Attorney, Sally Saxon, on Covid, Lawyers, Laws and Freedom.
    56:00 - A Very Special Visit with Dr. Robert Malone.  CIA/DARPA, the amalgamation of Big Pharma, Big Gov't, and Big Tech, the lost 2007 Pandemic Guidelines, and so much more.  But it's not to late to head off the 4th Industrial Revolution - Great Reset, and replace it with our Founding Documents and individual rights.
    1:56:00 - We just kept the discussion going until quittin' time!
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    Live show 7-10 am Central time most weekdays, 6-9 am Fridays, then podcast.
    Use the "Keyword Search" window at the top to find previous shows!
    International Skype online call in - Skype name - live:.cid.fddbac53a2909de1  
    Sponsors:  www.paypal.com/paypalme/actionradio
    Bill writing site:  www.WriteYourLaws.com
    Email:  Greg@WriteYourLaws.com

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    One-Person Train Operation Doesn't Work!

    in Politics Progressive

    For over 30 years, working at the CTA has slowly crumbled into a shadow of was once a great company to make a good living. The introduction of perpetual PT jobs is literally killing our union, pension and jobs. The solutions are many. We have some at the CTJC. The big one is Two-Person Crews and Full-Time Jobs. Let's debate and discuss it—along with any other topics!
    See President Hill's letter. See our Jefferson Park Protest
    Learn more about the Worker's Contract and your rights at the Chicago Transit Justice Coalition website.
    Follow us on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. 

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    Alaskan Patriot Network

    in Politics

    Welcome to the Alaskan Patriot Network Show! 
    Broadcasting Live and Always Unscripted Conversation!  This weeks episode, we will cover my trip to California, and the reporting of mysterious tanker cars in the heart of agricultural land. Will also discuss the numerous incidences happening around our country, concerning railway industrial as well as food, plants, and farms that have burnt down, or had other disasters that has  the food supply chains, as well as the health of the communities around them.These are troubling times in our country, and with the lack of transparency and leadership from government Americans are left with unanswered questions and  a heightened level of distrust. Call in join the discussion and be a part of the conversation.
    We Welcome Your Call to Join the Show!  (515) 602-9722 then press 1 to raise your hand.
    Special Co-Host, Lori-ann, Host Of The Lucid Libertarian w/ Lori-ann Show Joins Us For A Recap Of Current Events This Week. 
    I invite you to Like & Follow the Alaskan Patriot Network page on Facebook and on Twitter @alaskan_network, too!

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    High Plains Pundit Podcast with guests Cole Stanley and Tom Scherlen

    in Politics

    High Plains Pundit Podcast with guests Cole Stanley and Tom Scherlen

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    Veteran Policy Recommendations from the Bush Institute

    in Military

    Matt Amidon, Director of Veterans and Military Families at the George W Bush Institute in Texas, talks about policy recommendations for electeds in State Houses and Federal Government. These 8 policy recommendations are straight forward and important. These would help veterans and their families.  He talks with host Jim Fausone about how the average person can help get these ideas to their elected officials.

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    Exposed Vet Podcast Special The Pact Act with Jim Radogna.

    in Military

    On Thursday March 9th at 7:00pm et, We are joined by a friend and Accredited Appeals Agent Jim Radogna.
    Jim Radogna is an Accredited Apeals agent who works with Katrina Eagle of Eagle Veterans Law,. He is extremely knowledgable when it comes to the Pact Act.. We will discuss the Pact act and issues that have risen since its implementation. 
    Here is a link to Jim's Bio,   
    To call into the show dial 515 605 9764

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