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    TER 154: This is a really bad idea

    in Politics

    So g5 happened. What about that jar-able pony, eh?
    Jesus, it's 6 years later. Why are we doing a show? Bored IG? Wow. WTF.
    Who's still around? Did all the cohosts die of drug overdoses yet?

  • 03:14

    Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast

    in Politics

    Listen to the Sat. April 30, 2022 edition of the Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast hosted by Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire. The program features our PANW report with dispatches on the continuing military conflict in Ukraine where fighting has intensified over the last week; South Africa has reported a new increase in COVID-19 cases across the country; Kenya has held a state funeral for former President Mwai Kibaki; and the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres has visited several states in West Africa. In the second hour we look closer at the UN Secretary General's trip to Russia and Ukraine earlier in the week. Finally, we review in-depth some of the most pressing and burning issues across the globe.

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    Discussion with a Tree #1. Conversation with Robert Dold

    in Politics

    Discussion with a Tree #1. Conversation with Robert Dold 

  • 00:33

    We will discuss Article 42 and "Remain in Mexico" with George Rodriguez

    in Politics

    ?Guest: George Rodriguez, South Texas conservative........We will discuss the latest about Article 42 and "Remain in Mexico" in the courts...and other stories......
    Check our blog.........and follow our friend Carlos Guedes..............

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    Can you really blame Putin for invading Ukraine?

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    In the years following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, NATO expanded eastward as former Soviet republics joined the Alliance.  What were once Soviet comrades now hosted Western troops and missile systems.  How could Russia see this as anything but a threat?  Is this not analogous to when Soviet missiles were deployed in Cuba in 1962?  What would the US do today if Mexico aligned with Russia?  Would America sit idle or take some meaningful action to protect its security? Now that the United States is involved in this conflict, we all should support and seek a conclusion to this terrible bloodshed in Ukraine.
    In this episode, Morty Davis and his audience discuss the geopolitical underpinnings of the events leading up to Putin's invasion of Ukraine and how we might have avoided such a catastrophic military action which launching threatened to uncontrollably expand into World War III and harrowing exposure to nuclear attacks on NATO and the US.

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    A Conservative Perspective

    in Politics

    Tonight an exclusive Rock the Red Remembered...Fellow talk show host and good friend Gary Binford joins us tonight to talk about the awesome experience we had at this year's Rock the Red  in Greenville South Carolina last weekend. Then stay tuned for a very revealing conversation into the events of Jan. 6, 2021 with Journalist Shawn Witzemann from who there at ground zero. Riveting stuff, and its all tonight on ACP with James Bostick on Patriot Nation Radio at Startying @ 7pm Eastern.

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    Many definitions of the term “United States” prove YOU do NOT owe income tax!

    in Politics

    In this presentation, Peymon Mottahedeh, the founder of Freedom Law School, compares the differences between various definitions of the terms “State” and “United States” used throughout the United States Code and federal tax laws. These many definitions make abundantly clear that:
    1) In writing various federal laws, including tax laws, Congress used many special definitions for the terms “State” and "United States";
    2) The definitions of “State” and “United States” which are used for U.S. income tax laws as written do NOT include the 50 states, and
    3) The 99% of Americans who are citizens of the 50 states and are not federal employees or contractors, are therefore not required to file and pay federal income taxes!

  • 00:19

    Can Elon Musk clean house at twitter?

    in Politics

    Is free speech returning in America? Will Elon Musk follow through with reforms at twitter? The American people embrace free speech. Big Tech is an enemy of free speech. Will Musk's purchase of twitter have a ripple effect on Big Tech? Join us as we discuss this breaking story.

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    Ministry of Truth and protecting your property rights

    in Politics

    LIVE TODAY @ 4:00 pm Pacific, It's the Boze Noze Show! Yesterday, I tried to get my fellow commissioners to start a process to protect the property rights of folks that own F-2 zoned land. Heather Buch, Joe Berney and Laurie Trieger all refused to support my efforts to make it easier to build a home. The week before they refused to support my efforts to allow people in F-2 lands to rebuild their homes after it burned down. Heather Buch is running TV ads claiming she is all about housing, really? This is the same person who voted for new floodplain regulations that restrict the ability to build homes. The new Ministry of Truth (Disinformation Governance Board) being formed should bring visions of Orwellian dystopia where history and news are re-written and questioning the revisions is a crime. There is also the leaked draft decision from the Supreme Court making the news, which of course meant riots in Portland again. We can also talk about anything else on your mind, just give us a call!
    The Boze Noze Show is live at 4:00 pm Pacific on Wednesdays. You can listen to the show online (just click the picture below) or on your phone by calling 646-721-9887. Just press "1" if you want to join the conversation. If you can't make the live show and you have a question or comment the Jay Bozievich, send him an e-mail at
    NOW also broadcasting thru Facebook Live on the KRBN Internet News Talk Radio page!
    You can now find us on Amazon audible Apple, podcast, player.FM, iTunes, Vurbl, Facebook, Ivoox, Bullhorn, plus many others and coming soon on Youtube and Rumble.

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    in Politics

    Contact us with donations, comments, letters at:
    Dave Lindorff/TCBH
    POB 2002,
    Horsham, PA 19044
    This Can't Be Happening  See: 
    (TCBH) is a six-time Project Censored award-winning online news writer collective.
    From their web site: "Our goal is to give you the stories you aren’t getting from the corporate media or to give you the stories you are getting from them, but from a different, and more honest, perspective."
    Latest UN radio “New in Brief” & “UN Noon Briefing” with Stephane Dujarric for the Sec-Gen. See:; Democracy Now “Top US & World Headlines” See:} ; “Counterspin Radio from Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting (See:
    2nd Hour - RFK goes live with TCBH contributor John Grant. John Grant is a writer/photographer/filmmaker living just outside Philadelphia’s city limits. He has worked as a newspaper reporter and has published both fiction and non-fiction. Starting in the 1980s, he traveled to Central America and other places as a documentary photographer for publication and for exhibits of his own large prints. He shot and edited an 80-minute documentary film called "Second Time Around" about a seriously wounded Vietnam veteran who chose to live and work in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 35 years after his first tour there. John has been to Iraq twice during the war, once as an observer critical of the war and once as a cameraman on a documentary film.

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    Beyond the MainStream

    in Politics

    How many people are going to watch 2000 mules?  What I have seen it looks like they have proof of fraud.  This has nothing to do with "Trump won" that ship sailed , this is about honest elections.  Join us tonight as we discuss this and more.  Call-in 347-324-3752

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