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    Processing the Pain

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    Join Coach D weekly as she bring Practical Principles Unto Perception Based on the Word of God. 

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    Mentesnot aka “KRUNKMAN” Joins Greg, CT, and Ikemba!

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    Episode: Krunkman and the Crew Discuss Child Support, Policing, and How the Hillsborough County Courts Mistreat Pro Se' Litigants Who Dare to Fight Back!
    Join us on the live Stream on May 11, 2023, at 8:00 PM EST / 5 PM PST, at: blogtalkradio.com/gregdoss
     To speak to Greg live, call (319) 527-6090!
    Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/3598740540?pwd=eUc0aXJXMW1yK0l3d0FybHI0RlRSUT09
    SUPPORT THE SHOW: WEBSITE: www.gregdoss.com  CASHAPP: $GDNAPSC PAYPAL: gdnapsc@gmail.com 
    Contact GD Non-Attorney Pro Se Consulting: 
    Cell: (813) 570-9617
    E-mail: gdnapsc@gmail.com 
    GD Non-Attorney Pro Se Consulting prides itself on being a credible resource for anyone interested in front-line testimony from someone with COURTROOM experience! Greg HAS THE RECEIPTS as a Self-Represented Litigant with success in Civil and Criminal Traffic Court, Child Support Proceedings, Automobile Negligence Cases,  and Criminal Perjury!
    I am NOT an Attorney, I DO NOT practice law, and I DO NOT LEGAL ADVICE on a (your) specific case. But I can tell you what I would do in your situation. But only after consulting with an attorney.
    If YOU need or seek legal advice, I STRONGLY encourage you to contact a LICENSED and BAR ASSOCIATED Attorney in Your state and be LEGALLY advised. Thank you, and enjoy the show! 
    Greg Doss, Consultant

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    Wrongfully Convicted

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    The Criminal Justice System is one that does not always play fair. There is also a saying, " Don't do the crime if you can't do the time." However what is one to do if they get arrested or convicted for a crime that they did not commit? A conviction may be classified as wrongful for several reasons: The person convicted is factually innocent of the charges.There may have been procedural errors that violated the convicted person's rights. Eyewitness misidentification, false confessions. police and prosecutorial misconduct can be another factor. Question is what is a person to do if such happens? The crimes that are most commonly involved in a wrongful convictions include murder, sexual assault and drug crimes.
    Wrongful convictions should not happen yet they do. What is the individual or family of a love one to do in such a case? Let's talk about it. I want to hear your thoughts. Hosted by Jeanette Abney LMFT.

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    Part 1: Close Up Radio Spotlights Vicki Wright Hamilton of VWH Consulting

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    Roswell, GA – Vicki Wright Hamilton, an accomplished Executive Technology Consultant, Executive Coach, keynote speaker, and the CEO of VWH Consulting. As the author of the acclaimed book "Game Face: Corporate Success Strategies of a Trail Blazing Tech Warrior" and the host of two television shows, "Hidden Stories, Healed Now," and "Strategic Minds Making Money Moves," Vicki is a force to be reckoned with in the corporate sphere.
    With Vicki's business coaching, business owners can not only discover six-figure top-line revenue within an hour but also reclaim their personal lives.
    Leadership enhancement is a core component of Vicki's coaching. She believes that robust leadership drives enduring results that resonate across the entire organization.
    Vicki's television show, "Strategic Minds Making Money Moves," is a platform for small companies to voice their ideas and find solutions on a global scale. She firmly believes in their potential to become multi-million-dollar businesses with the right platform and opportunities.
    Her book "Game Face: Corporate Success Strategies of a Trail Blazing Tech Warrior" offers a candid look into her personal and professional journey as a Black woman in technology, chronicling her path to success. Vicki asserts, "Good leadership is critical to every organization and is embedded in everything we do. A leader's role is not only to serve but to inspire and grow those around them. By prioritizing personal development, I can help you grow both personally and professionally—that's what I'm here for."
    For more information, visit www.vickiwrighthamilton.com

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    Deuteronomy 28:1-14 shares with us the blessings that God promised us for our obedience.  The rewards are evident!  Are you a recipient of obedience? Join us for this candid conversation.

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    Let's Talk About| Religion| Family| Community

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    Angela and Avon Discuss Various Topics That Affect The Community.

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    LADY A

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    A Rewrite on Life

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    A podcast where we talk about issues people expect women to be very taboo about from the black woman's perspective. Complex Angel and Queen K show you how a sisterhood is supposed to be.

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    The Power Of Thoughts w/ Taina Speaks

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    WBNN #TheDynasty Join us for our 3447th presentation of Ngozi Time Multimedia LLC w/ our topic: Morals, Music and Your Conscience 
    We will be discussing morals and the effects of the music industry has on our conscience &
    How important are morals in business, the medical field, and relationships? How do morals differ from culture to culture? w/ our interview: CEO of Mill Of Fire LLC FireNation Flamez by Taina Speaks & our soundtrack of our lives ft. Iconic R&B Vocalist Raphael Saadiq

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    Author's Journey Unleashed: Navigating What's Next host Dr. Renee Sunday

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    For more marketing and strategies join Publishing Powerhouse Club at publishingpowerhouseclub.com
    Welcome to "Author's Journey Unleashed," the podcast that takes you on an inspiring and informative exploration of the next steps in your writing journey. Hosted by the renowned Dr. Renee Sunday, this podcast is your go-to resource for unlocking your writing potential and discovering what lies beyond the initial spark of inspiration.
    Dr. Renee Sunday, a seasoned author, speaker, and expert in the field of writing and publishing, brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to every episode. Through captivating interviews, thought-provoking discussions, and practical advice, she guides aspiring authors like you towards realizing their dreams of becoming published authors.
    Each episode of "Author's Journey Unleashed" delves into the key elements necessary to navigate the often complex and overwhelming process of writing a book. From transforming ideas into a well-structured manuscript to finding the right publishing avenue, Dr. Renee Sunday leaves no stone unturned. She explores various writing techniques, offers tips on effective storytelling, shares insider strategies for manuscript refinement, and unravels the mysteries of the publishing world.
    Whether you're a first-time author, an aspiring writer seeking guidance, or a seasoned wordsmith looking for fresh perspectives, "Author's Journey Unleashed" is your trusted companion. Tune in to unlock the secrets of successful authorship, overcome obstacles, and discover what lies ahead on your path to literary greatness.
    Are you ready to unleash your author's journey? Join Dr. Renee Sunday on "Author's Journey Unleashed: Navigating What's Next" and embark on a transformative adventure towards achieving your writing aspirations. 

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    Kim Cantin: Finding Hope through Unimaginable Loss

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    Kim Cantin enjoyed a twenty-year career in sales and marketing leadership in medical devices working for a Fortune 500 company. Later she created her own successful marketing consulting firm and eventually worked as a senior director of marketing for Teleflex Urology. Kim Cantin is an author, wife, and mother who lost her husband and son in a crushing mudslide. In her darkest time, after being separated from her entire family, she found the courage and strength to carry on with her daughter, who had miraculously survived.
    Despite her devastating loss, Kim and her daughter, Lauren, were able to start their new life, fueled by love, faith, determination, unconventional support, and unexpected wisdom. She recounts this journey in her incredible memoir, Where Yellow Flowers Bloom.  Through her patience, perseverance, and willingness to be open to help and healing, Kim confirms love’s ability to connect and transcend beyond life.