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    Nursing Inspired Coach and Speaker Fallon M. Flowers on CBBN Business Journals.

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    From the moment we first encountered the social media posts of Fallon M. Flowers, a Nursing Inspired Speaker, it became evident that her message should be heard beyond our immediate network. Today, Chicago’s Black Business RADIO Network is excited to share this captivating and informative interview with you on our CBBN Business Journals segment.
    Ms. Flowers, a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and Pre-Nursing Career Coach based in Chicago, is the esteemed founder and CEO of NursingInspired LLC. You can connect with them at NursingInspired.com, and for inquiries, reach them at 773-609-0649. If you're contemplating a career in nursing, Ms. Flowers is undoubtedly someone you should immediately acquaint yourself with.
    Want to be a guest on Chicago’s Black Business RADIO Network? GREAT! Give us a call at 773-609-2226.
    Sonja Cassandra Perdue, Executive Producer, Chicago’s Black Business Radio Network. www.ChicagosBlackBusinessRadioNetwork.com
    Sponsored by: www.MoneyInAFlash.Money

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    Latine Leaders Revolutionizing Energy In Puerto Rico And Beyond

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    Solar Now And The Future With Its Economic Imact On Black America
    Call-In# 646-668-2948 ----  EPISODE 343
    Date: 11/15/2023 .... Episode 343.  Hosted By: Ronald Bethea
    Host: Introduction: 12:00 -12:03 am est.: Introduction  
    Host: 12:04 am -12:27- am est.: Topic of Discussion: :Virtual Webinar Panel – Hagamos Lo Imposible Realidad: Latine Leaders Revolutionizing Energy In Puerto Rico And Beyond
    Host: 12:28 am -12:30 am est.: Commerical
    Host: 12:31-12:57am est.: Topic of Discussion: Virtual Webinar Panel – Hagamos Lo Imposible Realidad: Latine Leaders Revolutionizing Energy In Puerto Rico And Beyond
    Host: 11:58-12:00 pm est.:Closing Remarks

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    Dr. Tanya English can help you relieve grief and feel better

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    youtube version https://youtu.be/j5IBu5gPfrw
    https://quantumhealinginternational.com Dr. Tanya English has been working for over 35 years in the healing field, first as a massage therapist, and then as a chiropractor and energy healer. Dr. English has been inspired by the idea that we have been born with the power to heal but people have not been shown how this works in real life.

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    Marked ! 1

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    dustin nemos bitchute mark of the beast

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    The Healing Power Within Your Body’s Drainage System with Heather Creson

    in Psychology

    Heather Creson is a Cellular Optimization Specialist who helps people recover from debilitating health concerns, regain their vitality, and re-engage in life. She helps people break free from the conventional medical model of chasing symptoms and instead, get to the root cause of chronic health issues people are experiencing.
    What role does our lymphatic system play in our health? Julie and Heather answer with some of our bodies' incredible healing abilities and easy ways to take care of your body and brain, every day.
    Connect with Heather:
    DefyYourLimits.com Team@DefyYourLimits.com Instagram Facebook Detox Debunked Gift Connect with Brain Lady Julie Do you have a great question or topic you'd like Brain Lady Julie to cover? Think you'd be a great guest? Message our producer Kelli@BrainLadySpeaker.com and let us know. PLEASE NOTE: The information contained in this podcast is not at any time and for any reason meant to replace the guidance and/or treatment of any health professional. Whether it be a medical doctor, psychologist, psychotherapist, or anyone in the medical field. If you are under the care of such a health professional, remember this is an “added value” and not designed to replace any care you are currently under.

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    Close Up Radio Welcomes Back Dr. Thomas J. Bowles PhD of NAIMI

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    Los Alamos, NM - Thomas Bowles has led a stellar career in physical and laboratory science in high-level positions at facilities engaged in research, advisory, and policy making initiatives. He is in the unique position of being retired (from Los Alamos National Laboratory) and yet still actively engaged in projects he once launched at their labs and also the Executive Director of the newly formed 501 (c) 6 organization NAIMI.
    Based in New Mexico, NAIMI (North American Intelligent Manufacturing Initiative) has worked with New Mexico State University, local government and the US Economic Development Administration. NAIMI aims to develop solutions for more intelligent and sustainable manufacturing.
    Doctor Bowles was on this radio show once before, talking about his career at Los Alamos, which spanned 44 years and entailed collaborations with Russia and in a Nobel prize-winning project devoted to Neutrinos. In addition to that proud achievement, he is on the Board of a STEM project named The Supercomputing Challenge (https://supercomputingchallenge.org/) in which Mid and High School Students compete for scholarships and other awards that involve applying science to problems that impact all humanity. In his November show, he is going to discuss the impressive outcome of a recent winning team’s project
    “We are a very technology-dependent society and yet we are naïve about the technology that is all around us. So, I am trying to define what it is to make the ideal match between science, technology, the public and the economy.”
    For more information about Doctor Bowles and NAIMI please visit www.naimi.us

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    MARKED! 5

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    Parkinson's Cure

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    Parkinson's Cure

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    are we thankful for what are giving

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    every year we go crazy over holidays and the out come still the same.