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    289: Ideal exercise, Resentment, Frustrated with dating, Getting better tips

    in Psychology

    1.What is the ideal level of exercise for one's health?
    2. Five years ago, I was diagnosed with severe OCD. After two years of painstaking efforts, I successfully got off SSRI and recovered without the help of therapy sessions. During the height of OCD, my wife treated me with contempt, frustration, anger, hostility and total lack of compassion and patience. She justified that in the past - when were were still a new couple - that I was harsh, critical and rude towards her. How can I get over my resentments?
    3. I feel like I am losing my mind in the dating world. I feel like men don’t want to lift a finger for a relationship. Much less to even meet a girl and get laid.  I’m on a dating site and get multiple likes or matches a day. I talk to guys over the app and they quickly give up. I talk to some longer term, meet up and it’s like they don’t want to put much effort into getting together. I think that at least 70% of it has to do with my kid and that takes some work and maneuvering. And no one seems willing to do it! It’s like fast food dating or what?! I feel like I am over qualified for most these men, will settle for less, and I don’t hardly get a “what’s up babe”. It’s extremely frustrating and disappointing and makes me second guess myself every minute. I wish I could send you pictures of myself and pictures of these men I’d settle for and almost have to chase for their attention. I must be either uncalibrated or something has gone majorly wrong in the dating world.
    4.I will be graduating from cosmetology school next month. As a professional hair stylist, tips will make up a significant part of my income. I am curious about the psychology of tipping. Is there anything that I can do to increase my chances of receiving a generous tip from my clients?

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    Five in Ten 9/2/22: The Friday Five - You Will Own Nothing

    in Christianity

    The World Economic Forum has posted a video to its website arguing for a “post-growth economy,” which is a nice way of repeating its infamous claim that by 2030, you’ll own nothing and be happy.
    5) Cold winter ahead as Europeans pay 30x more for natural gas than just two years ago; 4) California doubles down on green policies, banning carbon dioxide emissions by 2045; 3) “Sustainable” “post-growth economy” part of WEF’s Great Reset; 2) FDA approves COVID boosters despite being untested on humans; 1) Shocked London man awakened by police raid that included PM Boris Johnson.

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    8-18-2022 "Zorra Call" With "Q" and Q&A

    in Spirituality

    Guest Call in: 516-418-5563 and press 1 for questions or comments. Listen on line or replays: https://blogtakradio.com/zorraofhollowearth  Today, we will have a special Blogtalkradio show with "Q". It will be inspiring and very informative. The call will be a Q&A so come and ask your question. We will feel the love and the joy! Come and join us for another amazing call with Q! Have a wondrous, glorious and loving day! Endless Love to ALL Zorra, Zaraya, Jane/Quazar
    Email: bzjrainpartners@gmail.com Text us with your name, time zone and your question. Jane-719-428-9746 (for products) and text Billie 775-233-3925 (for healings, Govvi and ItsOnly5 questions)
    Links:  Saturday's BBSradio  link will be availabe after 24 hrs. Go to:  https://bbsradio.com/hollowearthdiscovered, scroll down to the word APPLY in a green box and belowe you will see all of the archieved calls. 
    NEUMIi Products:  Best glutathione nano Hydrastat technology for the body. Glutathione starts depleting dramtically after the age of 40. Our website:  https://Neumi.com/2RenewLIfe  GOVVI: Protects the car engive, improves mileage, reduces carbon emmision:  https://Govvi.com/go/2CleanAirNow, Username:  Teodora1 and Customer sx: 385-429-6122 and for iHeRQles Product - anti-aging extract for the body:  https://nuxtrax.com/zarayajane,  ID 289958    Love to All 

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    Bridging the Gap Between Autism Culture and American Culture

    in Family

    Motivational Speaker and Poet Russell Lehmann joins us for a third time to explore autism through the lens of culture. Having spent most of his life in isolation, Russell has found his voice and independence in recent years. His passion for erasing stigma and stereotypes about autism is shared through his moving, spoken-word poetry. In this discussion, Russell shares the challenges of communicating his needs and preferences and making meaningful connections. Russell offers insights into how those outside the experience of autism can help bridge the gap between cultures.  He shares, “I think it’s ironic that autism is labeled a communication disorder. I understand why but I find myself thinking - Is it me, or is it you guys?” He adds this advice, “Be upfront. Be sincere. Be open-minded, and if you have questions about what to say or do, ask.”

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    Best's Intel Review Hour For 9-2-2022 - Not A Clue, But Does Anyone Care?

    in Paranormal

    911 was a good example of SUDDEN DESTRUCTION, for it came out of the blue, was totally unexpected, and here we are with another warning to those watching that we could be facing a FALSE FLAG of some type in another 911 attack. Then we have reports of our Special Forces being in contact with strange aliens that gave a STERN WARNING of a soon to come ARRIVAL of beings that humanity will not be able to fight against. Does this remind you of more than several Sci-Fi movies of an alien invasion by large insect like beings? The Bible is very clear that a PERFECT STORM that comes in many directions is about to hit Earth with a fury we cannot imagine. Satan is very real, and he wants his planet back in total, and wants humanity to bow down and worship as GOD. It will happen and it is not far away on the timeline...
    Thanks for listening and if you feel led to:
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    How to Close the Growing Skilled Trade Shortage in the U.S.

    in Business

    542 – How to Close the Growing Skilled Trade Shortage in the U.S.
    Hosts: Steve Boese, Trish McFarlane
    Guest: Adam Figueira, VP of Marketing at CourseKey
    This episode of At Work in America is sponsored by Paychex, one of the leading providers of HR, payroll, retirement, and insurance solutions for businesses of all sizes. The current business and hiring environment has redefined what it takes to succeed as an HR professional, requiring HR leaders to adapt and innovate at lightning speed to help their organizations remain competitive. Download the 2022 Paychex Pulse of HR report to discover the tools and tactics your peers are using to deliver on both HR and business objectives - faster and at scale - while still meeting the evolving needs of their employees. Visit payx.me/PHR2022 to download your copy, today.
    This week, we met with Adam Figueira from CourseKey to learn more about how to help close the skilled trade shortage in the U.S.
    - Meeting the needs of career colleges and trade schools
    - How trade schools provide a faster path to entrepreneurship
    - Importance of trade school representation at the high school level
    - Hiring skilled workers
    For more information, click here
    Thank you, Adam, for joining the show today!  Remember to subscribe to At Work in America wherever you get your podcasts.

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    Ascension in Christ, Scrolls, and the Supernatural with Todd Weatherly

    in Religion

    Rise (or should I say, ascend) and shine!
    Today, we have my friend, Todd Weatherly, who talks about his revelation on Ascension in Christ. We tap into the dimensions that God has created, one's affection for God, manifestation of one's diligence in faith and how it all ties it all back up into Ascension.
    Points we discuss in the episode:
    A deep dive into Ascension Field of Dreams and the building acquisition at Moonta Encounters with the white horse The Kingdom of God as a dimension Gravitational pulls The reward for maintaining affection with the Lord Purity and more... Be sure to check out and like our new Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DiscoveringTruthNetwork
    Subscribe to the new podcast YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5nxloF2rt7-dXkjppGHdFA 

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    The Magick of The Night School with Maia Toll

    in Spirituality

    THANK YOU for joining me for episode #18 of The Jo DeVoe Show. You can find the show notes with relevent links here :
    MUCH LOVE -xo
    Joanna DeVoe

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    Queen Elizabeth II, British Colonialism, Years of Slavery & NO REPARATIONS

    in News

    Queen Elizabeth II, British Colonialism & Hundreds of Years of Slavery & NO REPARATIONS'; Britain paid Reparations to 46,000 Slave owners; Jamaica demands Reparations - TheAHNShow with Michael Imhotep 9-8-22
    (WATCH VIDEO) https://youtu.be/qxmrmccLFTc
    Support The African History Network through Cash App @ https://cash.app/$TheAHNShow or PayPal @ TheAHNShow@gmail.com or http://www.PayPal.me/TheAHNShow or visit http://www.TheAfricanHistoryNetwork.com. 
    Who still needs to Register for our New Online Course? Class #1? REGISTER HERE:  https://theahn.learnworlds.com/course/ancient-kemet-moors-maafa-trans-atlantic-slave-trade-fall-2022

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    Reiki, Representation and Creation, with Kianga

    in Spirituality

    Happy Monday, Alchemists!
    This conversation highlights why representation matters, the power of touch, dismantling the stigmas around counseling and acknowledging when we need help!
    I'm always amazed and thankful to hear stories of what led people into this work. Not only is it inspiring, but also reminds us that we're not the only ones seeking a return to grace, love and understanding. Our stories also amplify the generosity and compassion of spirit that seeks to support others.
    Today's guest shares a gorgeous story, blending art and Reiki as lineages of healing. Kianga Jinaki is a fiber-artist who creates quilts, dolls and mixed-media works that honor Black life and culture. Her works have been been exhibited both nationally and internationally since 1991. Ms Jinaki is a 2022 recipient of the Artist Innovation Fellowship presented by the Cultural Council of Palm Beach county Florida. A teaching artist, Kianga has worked with The Norton Museum, Spady Museum, the African American Resource Library & Cultural Center, Palm Beach & Broward county library systems providing artistic/cultural programs for the communities they serve. One of her greatest joys as an artist is working with community members to tap into their own creative rhythm.
    I had the pleasure of meeting Kianga during last year's annual Melanated Reiki Healers Conference. To learn more about her work, be sure to visit http://kiangaart.com and follow her on IG @kiangaart_gallery
    Be sure to subscribe to this podcast and learn more about Yolanda, The Energetic Alchemist, at http://theenergeticalchemist.com - and get your limited edition Energetic Alchemist Oracle Deck! Follow on IG @reikiradio

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    The Command Post: The Search

    in Education

    Hosts Rick Lasky and John Salka discuss a vital fireground tactic: search operations.

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