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    The Healing Road from the Head to the Heart

    in Health

    In this episode, Dr. David Hanscom continues his discussion with chiropractor and rehabilitation / pain specialist Dr. Tovah Goldfine. She explains that our bodies already come equipped with tremendous healing capabilities, but these can be blocked by repressed emotions. She discusses the idea that you have to get to your emotions through your thoughts. Having a purpose to heal and taking responsibility for it can lead to self-healing. But the first step is letting go of the anger and repressed emotions to clear the path to healing. She also shares the work that she and her partners are doing to educate patients about these concepts and make them aware of their own healing capacity.
    Dr Tovah Goldfine, like other passionate doctors in her field, was drawn to the healing profession from a whirlwind of trauma and drama in her own personal life. She has been in practice for 36 years as a Doctor of Chiropractic, Rehabilitation and Pain Solutions. She has assisted her patients with acute pain, chronic pain, autoimmune disease and most importantly, tools and insights they can use to take responsibility for their conditions and their ultimate health and emotional well-being.
    Originally from Philadelphia, she is now living and working in Israel. Dr Tovah (as her patients call her) along with her 3 cohosts are presently educating and inspiring self-healing on 3 weekly Facebook Live broadcasts:
    TMS RoundTable Global, TMS RoundTable Israel Disrupt and Heal Autoimmune Disease Dr Tovah has been deeply influenced by the work of the late Dr John Sarno.

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    The Healing Power of Essential Oils w/ Dr. Eric Zielinski

    in Health

    DR. ERIC ZIELINSKI is the author of the national bestseller The Healing Power of Essential Oils and The Essential Oils Apothecary Dr. Z has pioneered natural living and biblical health education since 2003. Trained as an aromatherapist, public health researcher, and chiropractor, Dr. Z started in 2014 with his wife to help people learn how to use natural remedies like essential oils safely and effectively. Now visited by more than three million natural health seekers every year, has rapidly become the number one online source for biblical health and non-branded essential oils education.
    Purchase his book on Amazon:
    Episode brought to you by: Integrated Brain Centers

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    Luminous Life: How Light Unlocks the Art of Living

    in Health

    I’ve been surprised by how many Sensitive Souls have significant vision problems. Their psychic abilities are more pronounced than others (inner vision), but their “outer vision” seems compromised. Some even have significant eye diseases.
    When I asked Source why my vision hasn’t spontaneously improved (not that I’ve been doing specific healing on it), I got the answer “habit”.
    As is often the case, the Universe presented to me a teacher who can give us IN-SIGHT to the whole vision problem. Through one of my TOLPAKAN™ Healing Certified Practitioners, Diana, I found out about Dr. Jacob Liberman. He “cured” his own near-sightedness. I bought one of his books and knew I had to get him on my Light Warrior Radio show so he could share his wisdom with the tribe.
    During this EnLightening interview, Dr. Liberman reveals
    How his eyesight spontaneously cleared after wearing glasses for many years and has remained clear for 45 years Why it is so common that eyesight deteriorates over time for most people Why wearing one contact lens for near vision and one for far vision isn’t a good idea Actionable steps you can take TODAY to start to improve your eyesight How the luminous intelligence we call light effortlessly guides us toward health, contentment, and a life filled with purpose.  Lucky me, I felt like I got a personalized “prescription” of what I can do to improve my eyesight, and I’m super excited to start taking simple actions today as soon as I finish writing this email.
    To learn more about Dr. Jacob Israel Liberman, please visit

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    Lost Arts Radio Show #352 - Special Guest Patrick Wood

    in Health

    Free Speech, a foundational Natural Right of people everywhere, is under attack worldwide. It is heavily suppressed in all parts of the world by a malicious, highly organized Satanic death cult. At its top levels, this group's goal is extermination of life on our planet. All life. Humans, animals, plants, birds, insects, microbes. All of us, and all of them. A suicide mission. Oh, you wanted the sugar-coated version? That was it. An important requirement for the smooth accomplishment of this systematic ceremonial "sacrifice," is that we need to be prevented from spreading awareness of what is actually happening, which even most of those serving the perpetrators do not understand.
    Without free speech, we cannot warn the devotees of mainstream media that the "pandemic" is a deadly fraud. We cannot spread the word that all figures for laboratory diagnosed "cases" are total garbage and lies. We can't explain that the PCR test is not a diagnostic test at all. Its "results" are not "false positives" and "false negatives," they are 100% bogus. Without free speech, we can't let those hypnotized television zombies know that all our major institutions and positions of power are infiltrated with murderous criminals who intend to destroy all vestiges of normal life. Their bosses intend to destroy all life, period. Without free speech to wake the sleeping public, their plans could succeed. Who will lead the charge to rescue free speech from oblivion?
    Fortunately, many brave leaders have taken on this challenge. One of the great ones is Patrick Wood ( He is the author of two great books on technocracy which I would recommend highly, Technocracy Rising and Technocracy: The Hard Road To World Order.

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    Scleroderma Miracle with Jane Grecsek

    in Health

    Scleroderma is a potentially deadly disease with very few effective traditional treatments and no cure. The diagnosis is usually a death sentence for hundreds of thousands of patients.  Jane developed Scleroderma after a very traumatic car accident.  Her symptoms progressed until fibrosis had paralyzed her intestines and esophagus.  There were only two choices left - let the doctors remove her intestines or take a medication from Italy - off label - that might help.  Hear her choice and her incredible, miraculous story.
    Jane is a very successful commercial photographer and nationally recognized cause marketing expert.  Her experience spans two decades and began in the publishing arena where she founded Princeton Scientific Publishers - a company which produced newsletters, journals and seminars on reducing and replacing animals in toxicity studies. This pioneering work led to major changes in the role and treatment of animals in testing today.
    Call in with your questions:  563-999-3539

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    Supporting your Immune System - As a Lifestyle with Paul Gaylon

    in Health

    Paul likes to be on the cutting edge. President and founder of Herbal Products & Development, he has studied herbs and formulated innovative herbal products and whole-food concentrate blends for over 30 years. Through his extensive travels and ongoing learning, he has become very knowledgeable of both native and foreign herbs. Herbal Products & Development implements Paul's vision, of bringing nourishing and effective original formulation and other products that he believes in, to market.
    Paul  joins us to discuss how to use substances such as:
    Herbs Enzymes Oils Mushrooms To support a vital immune system! 
    Pauls sites

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    Horse Thursday 9-16-21 - Let's talk usage with Dr. Marlice Vonck

    in Health

    Please call in with your BEMER horse usage questions, comments, and testimonials.
    With Raini Hale, Cindy Schellenberg, and Dr. Marlice Vonck

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    Self-Healing Through the Removal of Energetic Densities with Dr. Jess Bell

    in Health

    Dr. Jess Bell, Osteopathic Physician and Energy Healer, is back with us today to offer an on-air group healing as a preview of the powerful, upcoming One-Day Healing Intensive she is offering on Saturday, October 16, 2021. Dr. Jess “sees” into the body with great clarity. This inner sight allows for the transformational release of even the most difficult to locate energetic densities out of the physical body.
    She is on a mission to end co-dependency on our current health system and other outside sources of healing.To quote Dr. Bell, "It is essential that we recover the often forgotten truth that healing comes from within, and it is my greatest intention to offer this healing and guidance with easy-to-apply information, treatment, and self-healing practices.  
    The upcoming Healing Intensive will offer a treatment, teachings, and tools that bridge you to the solution of how to heal the body from the inside out. You will be held, healed, and taught the essential energetic building blocks of healing within your body. Through the treatment, live and interactive guidance, support of the group, and teachings, healing is made available at levels that are not only much more difficult but often unattainable when attempting to heal on our own.
    Jess Bell, D.O. is an Osteopathic Physician – board-certified in both Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine – and Energy Healer with over twenty years of hands-on treatment experience. She is the founder of Energetic Osteopathy™, a powerful modality that bridges traditional osteopathic treatment and energy medicine. Energetic Osteopathy™ is unique from other energy healing modalities such as Reiki, in that the treatment takes place with great specificity within the tissues of the body.  

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    Five Keys to Maintaining a Big Weight Loss: #2- Food.

    in Weight Loss

    Catherine shares key #2 for long term weight maintenance.
    Get the original Sugar Freedom Diet as a free pdf at

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    Maude's Awards Individual Winners for 2021

    in Caregiving

    Our Host, Lori La Bey will be talking with Marilyn Raichle, who is the Executive Director Maude’s Awards, and we will talking with two of the winners of Maude’s Awards as individuals who won $5,000, each; Laurette Klier the Founder of Nana’s Books Series, and Carol B. Amos the founder of the Caregiver Principal.
    Contact Information
    Marilyn Raichle – Maude’s Awards
    Laurette Klier – Nana’s Books
    Carol B Amos – The Caregiver Principal
    Contact Lori La Bey with questions or branding needs at
    Alzheimer's Speaks Radio - Shifting dementia care from crisis to comfort around the world one episode at a time by raising all voices and delivering sounds news, not just sound bites since 2011.

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    The Functional Health Coaching Show

    in Health

    In this week's show, here's what we discussed:
    Call #1- Is Chipotle restaurant healthy?
    Whole food Binders Enzymes Oxidized oils Conversation #1
    Animal welfare Pasture raised animals Call #2 – How can someone with a healthy lifestyle has high UBA & 8-OHdG on their MWP?
    Toxins Detox supplements Lymphatic drainage Coffee enemas Mold/heavy metals MTHFR Methylation Homocysteine Conversation #2
    Oxidative stress Thyroid health Radiation EMF Cosmetics MRT & dairy  
    Join FDN founder Reed Davis, FDN Mentors, and Special Guests to learn about functional lab testing and data-driven protocols to confidently solve health issues and grow your health coaching business. Submit questions in advance, or better yet, call the show LIVE and join the discussion by calling (347) 637-1378. The live show takes place every Friday at 11 am PST/ 2 pm EST.  If you are interested in becoming a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition ® Health Coach go to

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