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    The Healing Power of Cannabis

    in Health

    In this episode, Dr. David Hanscom talks with cannabis use consultant and dispensary owner Bianca Blesching. She shares the history of cannabis as well as the different types of cannabis and their healing properties. She explains the different types of the Sativa cannabis plant in use today – Marijuana which is THC dominant, and Hemp which is CBD dominant.  She also discusses how each type is used, the differences in the way men and women metabolize cannabis and that cannabis can be regarded as a wellness, rebalancing and self-healing tool.
    Bianca Blesching, MFA, began her work in medicinal cannabis-derived products in 2004 as a cultivator and provider of legal medical products to dispensaries. Since then, she has owned a dispensary, become a cannabis-use consultant, and established UVAL Care, an online store and information resource for CBD products. Bianca, who is passionate about communicating the health benefits of CBD in ways that everyone can understand, lives with her partner, two horses, and border collie in Reno, Nevada..  For more information, visit:

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    Crenshaw & Baba….New Technology

    in Health

    Crenshaw from Crenshaw Herb Packs and Baba with information on healing and new technology 

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    Jordan Gruber - Reduce Stress and Enhance Your Immune System Using "The Bounce"

    in Health

    Jordan Gruber joins us on Sound Health Radio to discuss his coauthored book: The Bounce: The Complete SuperBound® Guidebook to 21st-Century Rebound Exercise
    The Bounce is the definitive new guidebook to rebound exercise, written by two devoted practitioners committed to sharing its transformative qualities. Bouncing uniquely challenges and leverages gravity to safely but powerfully work your muscles (especially your core) while simultaneously providing aerobic conditioning and balance enhancement. By stimulating lymph flow, rebounding also enhances the immune system—something we can all benefit from—while reducing stress and enhancing psychological wellness and even spiritual practice. Rebound exercise is fun (especially with music) and is well suited for home. This guidebook provides everything you need to know to successfully start, establish, and enjoy your own rebounding practice and the many benefits it can bring.
    The Bounce
    Jordan Gruber on YouTube 

  • 01:05

    Patricia L'Dara, Soul Passage Midwife speaks on our Pet's Crossing over.

    in Caregiving

    Patricia L'Dara, Soul Passage Midwife, is a spiritual pathfinder that helps souls through their end of life passages in ways that are inexplicable to the logical mind.  Her first experience of this incredible process was with her mother in 1993.  Prior to that time she had never been in a room with someone who was transitioning to the Higher Realms.  She describes this sacred sojourn as deeply engaging, dynamic and celebratory.  When people can shift their perspectives to a more expansive vision, there is no fear of death.
    In her book, Song of Sight: An Introduction to Soul Passage Midwifery, Patricia shares inspiring personal accounts of people from all walks of life whom she has accompanied across the threshold.  The second half of the book is dedicated to assisting families and professionals 
    Patricia joins us to talk about our animal friends.  Pets crossing over are very receptive to and appreciative of this work.  This is likewise a very joyful and dynamic process.
    Patricia L'Dara site

  • 01:56

    Lost Arts Radio Show #391 - Special Guest Jamie Hanshaw

    in Health

    Jamie Hanshaw is an investigator of the occult and the author of three books, "Weird Stuff: Operation Culture Creation" Volumes 1 & 2, and "Weird Stuff: Hollywood Mind Control", all available at She is also the host of a relatively new podcast called "Out Of This World" on YouTube. I first saw Jamie on Alex Jones's show as a guest host along with her husband, Jay Dyer. She was talking about the dark nature of the Walt Disney empire, as well as the unknown side of the founder Walt Disney. As a former Disney devotee when I was a small kid, having gone in person to Disneyland in California when it opened in 1955.
    Over the ensuing years, I was taken to many great Disney movies at the drive-in or walk-in theatres (at least they seemed great to me at the time). I became an enthusiastic viewer of the Mickey Mouse Club every afternoon on our family's amazing 3-channel black and white TV, and spent 3 or 4 hours every Saturday morning watching all the exciting cartoon shows, full of human and animal heroes. I had no idea of the subliminal messages flashing on the screen too briefly to be consciously noticed. I didn't know what would be exposed many years later in freeze frames of those same cartoons, in otherwise innocuous background scenes or in the pupils of cute little talking animals.
    But now I do know about those things and more. Scandals have been brewing about the Disney culture and staff, especially around Walt Disney World in Florida. It seemed a good time to invite someone who knew more about these things to come on the show, and happily, Jamie Hanshaw said she would do that. Now we have the chance to fill in some of the gaps in understanding what the Disney world is really about, and to find out who is Jamie Hanshaw.

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    Whatever Wednesday with Dr. Joshua Berka, BEMER Medical Consultant

    in Health

    Join in the call - Q & A with Dr. Berka.

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    Phototherapy Patch Q & A with Dr. Karen Kan & Dr. Dennis Lobstein

    in Health

    Dr. Dennis Lobstein and I will air LIVE on Light Warrior Radio Podcast on the first Monday of each month starting at 12 noon Eastern in order to help customers, distributors, and users from around the world get the most out of their phototherapy patches. 
    Over the last several years, we've spoken about topics ranging from spirituality to pain, to detoxification, and addressed almost every organ in the entire body. You can find the archives by searching for the topic you are interested in. The content is all free and sharable.
    During this episode, Dr. Dennis and I will be fielding questions from you about almost everything and anything phototherapy-related. Recently I had to bow out of one of my own Facebook groups due to time constraints and Facebook censorship inconveniences. So if you miss "seeing" me in that group, here is your chance to ask your questions LIVE on the show!
    Folks that call in live, or post their question in the chat will be the first priority in our Q & A monthly radio show sessions. After that, I'll take questions from the LW Phototherapy Patch Training Team Facebook Page, under the discussion tab. 

  • 00:28

    Meet Humana's Lead for Value Based Care Strategies Oraida Roman

    in Health

    On PopHealth Week, our guest is Oraida Roman, vice president of value-based strategies for Humana. She leads the organizational advancement of innovative payment models that enable Humana to support providers as population health managers in value-based care relationships. The value-based strategies organization develops, supports and deploys the best programs, practices and capabilities that assist Humana’s provider partners and internal customers to successfully achieve enterprise value-based goals. Ms. Roman’s career with Humana spans more than 20 years. She has held various management roles, including regional president, director of operations and director of provider contracting. Prior to being vice president for Humana, Ms. Roman worked for several years with DaVita Medical Group as COO of the Florida market and market president for Colorado. She holds a master’s degree in health administration from University of South Florida and an undergraduate degree in biology from Florida State University. Do follow Humana's work on Twitter via @Humana and on the web via

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    A Visionary Path to Wellness with Medical Intuitive Wendie Colter

    in Health

    The illuminating skill of medical intuition is designed to provide fast, pertinent intuitive health assessments that can be used as both a stanalone practice and as a powerful  support to health and wellness care of every kind. Intended to uncover the hidden sources of energetic resistance that may be blocking optimal wellbeing, medical intuition is now being increasingly discussed in integrative healthcare, its efficacy support by innovative, growing research and and studies.
    Today's special guest Wendi Colter will be discussing her new book, Essentials of Medical Intuition: A Visionary Path to Wellness. Her book is a practical guide to medical intuition that explores what it is, what it is not, and how it can enhance your healing and wellness. It offers a visionary path to wellness and reveals how medical intuition is designed to provide fast, pertinent, intuitive health assessments that can support wellness care of every kind. 
    Wendie Colter has been a professional medical intuitive for more than 20 years. She is the founder of The Practical Path®, Inc. Her work has found an audience with healthcare practitioners interested in a new approach to help promote wellness and wellbeing for their patients and clients, as well as people who are curious about how intuition can help enhance self-healing and resilience.

  • 00:57

    The Play Planet A: Mind, Memory, & Unintentional Masquerade

    in Caregiving

    Our Host, Lori La Bey will be talking with Mary Crescenzo who is the author of The Planet Alzheimer’s Guide: 8 Ways the Arts Can Transform the Life of Your Loved One and Your Own, a public speaker and advocate for arts engagement with persons with Alzheimer’s/dementia.  Mary is also a playwright of Planet A - a play about the inner world of Alzheimer’s, and a member of the AlzAuthors.  She also is my cohosts on the Dementia and the Arts Educational Panel with me. 
    We are live today so call in and join the conversation.  Ask your questions or make a comment at (323) 870-4602
    Contact Mary Crescenzo     Website       Email       Purchase Play Tickets       Purchase Mary’s Book
    Contact Lori La Bey or visit
    Alzheimer's Speaks Radio - Shifting dementia care from crisis to comfort around the world one episode at a time by raising all voices and delivering sounds news, not just sound bites since 2011.

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    This is HD with Teresa Snider

    in Health

    This is HD with Teresa Snider

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