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    BeSimply...Removing Heavy Metals + Toxins {Mind You + Food}

    in Nutrition

    “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates
    Winter-Spring Seasonal Focus: Food is Medicine. Nature is Mysterious. The Divine is Miraculous and Unexplainable. Stabilize and removing heavy metals plus toxins.
    Remediation. Regeneration. Proactive Practices can make all the difference from here forward. I am living example of regenerating myself many times over. The constant is change. With proactive practices in the midst of a reactive situation, everyone can benefit.
    This moment here on planet earth is about humanity coming forward to help each other. We are the ones we have been waiting for.
    My heart and daily prayers go out to all the communities being impacted by the national and international spilling, exploding, fighting, shaking and derailing. May we learn from what lead us here. May those who grasp for control…for reasons many of us do not understand…May you all find peace and inspiration to take action for the benefit of all beings in the universe. There is no need for all this active demolition. Please, sit back and take a breath.
    Humanity…stay steadfast and lean into the possible. There will be a SUNRISE.
    Action to take in communities compromised: 1. Create a water hole for clean water pick up and mobile showering units. 2. Start clean up 3. Remediate soil, water and air…start NOW. 4. Start back up food production in clean spaces and neighboring states and/or countries. Farms can be built everywhere. The can even be built on the ocean. Time to revive all our farmlands, waterways and aquifers. We have all the solutions.  Waterman Inspiration 
    Mind You + Food Consult 

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    Frame of Reference - How do we gain perspective? - Dr. Stanley Vincent

    in Health

    Perspective - Dr. Stanley Vincent
    Tonite "Live!" Real Talk Blog Talk Radio Show  Thursday, February 23 6:00 pm CST; 7:00 pm EST Speaker:  Dr. Stanley Vincent with Jenn Jordan "Frame of Reference - How do we gain perspective?" Guest call in (845)241-9950

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    Be The Difference: Authors Writers Tonight 8pm pst 858-769-4936 press 1

    in Health

    Tonights radio podcast will feature Clifford F. Wright author/wrighter of Faith Fuel For Your Journey. Faith Fuel For Your Journey contain real stories of  who had run low on their faith journey, God showed up in time to help them. Bishop Hearns is a Speaker Writer/Author.How Odds Even Though Grace. MonaLisa Stallworth author/writer/speaker Faith Lighting./It Matters Who Gets The Glory. Join America Health Crisis/Blog Talk Radion Host Paulette Young and Selena Lindsey tonight February 21 at 8pm pst Tuesday. Call 858-769-4936 press 1. 

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    It Is Our Time Podcast with Special Guests Jamila Sampson & Kelly Thadison

    in Health

    Welcome to It Is Our Time Podcast with Hosts Belinda Baker and Stacey Rivers with Special Guests Jamila Sampson and Kelly Thadison.
    Topic: I can see clearly now that I’m  purpose driven
    When our lives are disrupted, it can be hard to regain our focus.  So when the pandemic of Covid 19 struck and we found ourselves out of work, we were at a loss.The uncertainty and fear was overwhelming. In this episode we are going to unpack some of the emotions and fears and just talk out loud about what happened to help us reconnect and move forward. The connection between wellness and beauty through self-care.  Our special guest have personal testimonies about the journey through the shut down and how the experience created a space to explore self care and finding purpose professionally and personally.
    Enjoying the Conversation?  Visit the It Is Our Time Showpage to leave us a comment, learn more about the show, show hosts and guests at www.up2meradio.com and whle you are there Subscribe to the Show (It's free!)
    You can find, like and share us on Facebook at Up2Me Radio, follow us on Twitter @Up2Meradio and on Instagram at Up2Me.Radio.
    Be blessed and thank you for tuning in!

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    Male fertility: improve your chances at conception

    in Nutrition

    Male fertility is a taboo topic around Africa. Men also feel the ticking biological clock but are unable to talk about it. Male fertility can be lowered by tobacco, alcohol, over the counter drugs, recreational drugs and heat from different sources. Numerous ways for men to improve their fertility and succeed at conception are available. Small changes in diet, exercise, lifestyle can mean the difference between fatherhood and childlessness.

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    TS Radio Network: Why dialysis is a form of Medical Slavery

    in Health

    Brought to you in coordination with Marcel Reid and Whistleblower Life
    Dialysis claims all ethnicities but people of color go on the kidney machine two to three times more than American whites. Once on the kidney machine, a dialysis patient brings in as much as $100,000 a year, to the owner of the dialysis unit. Average life expectancy on dialysis is only three years,  Quality of life on dialysis is atrocious. 
    What makes dialysis like medical slavery is that it has been preventable since February, 1994, but nobody in healthcare will publicize it. CMS (Medicare) has been the Single Payer for dialysis since 1972, but had no interest in cutting 7% of their budget, some $35 billion a year, when I discussed my 2002 paper with them in October, 2004. Nor has any CMS Medical Director since.
    Medically, it's as if the iron lung industry had managed to suppress news of Jonas Salk's vaccine, and children still come down with polio every summer. Unthinkable, but imagine if healthcare had decided to profit from polio like they continue to profit from dialysis.
    David W. Moskowitz, MD, MA(Oxon.), FACP
    CEO & Chief Medical Officer
    GenoMed, Inc.
    email: dwmoskowitz@hotmail.com or

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    Your Questions Answered

    in Health

    In this episode Peter & Joyce answer questions from the audience. If you have any questions to be addressed on future episodes you can submit them to peter@peternielsen.com or inbox us on social media IG / FB to Peter N. Neilsen.

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    Celebrating Women's History Month - Survivor Spotlight with Katrina Shaw

    in Health

    Join us in Celebrating Women's History Month with our Survivor Spotlight with Katrina Shaw, CEO & Founder of MANE, Mammograms Are Not Enough, Inc., as she discusses the organization and her breast cancer journey. 
    Website: MANE
    Facebook: MANE
    IG: MANE
    IG: Katrina Shaw 

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    Natural Healing of Chronic Pain by Kris Belfry on We Deserve Better w/ Dr D

    in Health

    Belfry Wellness is a place that offers a Natural Process to Release Physical and Emotional Hurts. The use of energy work, body-spirit connection, breath and energy work allows access to and healing of bodily and emotional trauma. Kris Belfry bills himself as a healer and a coach with the goal of teaching people to resolve chronic illness by releasing their traumas and old childhood wounds. 
    He found this work folowing a near death car accident as a child. That incident developed a passion for helping others. He began his journey by becoming a Chiropractor. In order to direct healing, he ended up studying many different therapies and techniques. Eventually, he was led to the creation of his my own unique healing technique, which he uses to treats many different conditions. He focused on the special niche of those people suffering from chronic illness.
    He has discovered that the most effective way to manage pain is through Wellness Coaching, yoga, massage, and mind to body-spirit connection through virtual appointments. These appointments revolve around energy work - teaching people to live more consciously and consistently in their body, be more present in the moment, which ultimately creates a space for better listening so they can follow the wisdom and guidance from the body so it can heal. He does this by teaching people to connect their mind & body by relaxing their nervous system which helps to resolve chronic health issues, old wounds, traumas and triggers so they can feel more balanced, calm, happier and in better health.
    He invites people to reach out to his office for a FREE discovery call to determine if his methods can help you. 

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    HEALTH AND WELLBEING W VIYAHTA: The best healing therapies in Costa Rica

    in Health

    Your host Viyahta is an Author, Certified Holistic Life Coach, Yoga teacher, Doula and proud grandma of 2 amazing souls. She shares her experience and knowledge of over 35 years in the wholistic health field.  
    A week long vacation in Costa Rica reveals the numerous healing therapies available along with the blue skys, beautiful beaches, abundant trees and clean air.  We'll focus in this show on a few yoga styles that can make a huge difference in your healing journey.
    This show is not intended to replace any advice you may be receiving from your doctor.  If you have an acute or chronic mental, physical or spiritual challenge you have been unable to resolve please see your trusted health professional.

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    “Mess With MS,” with your host Lisa Dryer on Intimacy and MS

    in Caregiving

    Please join me SUNDAY, THE 26th, at 5:30 PM / 8:30 EST. by calling (Skype or phone) at (424) 243-9540 or by clicking the link below. Also, if you missed tonight's episode, stay tuned for the archived version of the show. This link can only connect you at the time of the show.  If it doesn't lead you to the show, please call (424) 243-9540 to listen in or be a part guest!  Stay tuned and join us!
    I look forward to hearing from you tonight.
    Tonight you will hear the story of Charlie and Jessica. My conversation with guests Jessica Cannaday and Charles Cannaday, Jr. (a happily married couple - with three wonderful children) who will discuss sex and MS. Don't think of this interview as just a discussion about sex and MS, but of MS and how it affects relationships between partners! 
    Don’t miss out on a show that will entertain, enlighten and educate you about SEX and MS!

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