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    Close Up Radio Spotlights Author, Entrepreneur, and Church Leader Darran Crager

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    Nampa, ID - Happily married for 37 years (with bumps along the way), author and spiritual coach Darran L. Crager and his wife Shelly, are working together to teach couples and individuals how to grow a joyful and content marriage that is full of hope.
    As an avid storyteller and reader, Darran has always had visions of storylines. About seven years ago, he started putting pen to paper, and soon had a manuscript that a publisher accepted almost immediately. Guarding the Past has helped changed reader lives, “by opening their eyes to lost truths in the world and through spiritual growth.”
    Since then, Darran has written six books, publishing five in four years (his next book, Hiding in the Cloud is scheduled to be released in September, 2024).
    In Battle in the Bedroom, Darran explains the four stages of intimacy and marriage. Is Your Life Out of Order? offers practical tips and strategies to restore balance and take charge of your life. His action/thrillers fiction books with Christian themes include In a Warrior’s Quiver, Guarding the Past, and Journey of the Hidden.
    According to Darran and Shelly, the biggest challenges facing marriages are communication, sex, and money. Sex in marriage is one of the biggest reasons for fights and divorce.
    What lies ahead? Darran working on several more thrilling fiction books. He and Shelly are planning a book together focusing on parenting, and they will continue holding marriage and parenting seminars through churches and private/Christian schools.
    For more information about Darran or Shelly Crager, please visit https://www.dlcrager.com

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    Poetry, Poets, Reading, Writing, Writers, Writer's, Workshop, Prompts, Inspirati

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    Show time: 5:00pm West coast - 8:00pm East coast
    The call in number is 646-595-3965
    Info: You do not have to be logged in to listen to the show, but you do to join in the Poet's chat-room.  It's a good way to network with other writers and they have such fun!  You can read one to two pieces, just keep it around the 5-minute mark!  Remember we have a Mature rating, meaning anything goes with the exception of explicit sexual content.
    Love from the SpeakEasy Family...
    Nyla Alisia, Christopher M Ryan, Debbie Philly, Michael Quigg, Jason Tucker

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    What's Up with the Rick Cahill Crime Novel Series?

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    Mystery suspense and crime thrillers are spotlighted at Off The Shelf #Books this Saturday, May 11, 2024 at 11am/EST (New York City time)! If you love a mystery suspense or crime thriller that keeps you turning the pages of a novel, don't miss this #podcast! Author Matt Coyle, creator of the Rick Cahill crime novel series, is featured. Saturday, Matt and Off The Shelf Books host, Denise Turney, sit down and discuss the inner workings of Matt's mystery fiction, books such as Yesterday’s Echo, Night Tremors, and Dark Fissures. 
    Tune in to the show and find out what inspires Matt's writings. Don't be surprised if Matt and Denise Turney share book marketing tips during the show. See if you don't start to feel more deeply connected to the characters that take center stage in the Rick Cahill crime series. Who knows? There's a chance that you could get your questions answered LIVE on air. 
    Catch the show LIVE on Saturday, May 11, 2024 at 11am/EST (New York City time)! Tell your friends, neighbors, colleagues, and book lovers everywhere to tune in!
    Listener dial-in number: (347) 994-3490
    ABOUT MATT COYLE: Matt spent 30 years in sports sales, including national sales for a sports licensing firm. During that time, Matt also managed a restaurant. Today he is the author of the Rick Cahill crime novel series. Over the years, Matt’s writing has earned several awards, including the Foreword Bronze INDIE in the Thriller, Anthony Award for Best First Novel, the San Diego Book Award for Best Mystery, the Ben Franklin Award for Best New Voice in Fiction and the Suspense and the Shamus Award. Additionally, Matt’s writings have earned finalist status for the Macavity and Lefty awards and the Derringer and Macavity Award.
    Listener dial-in number: (347) 994-3490

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    Fillmyeyes and Company with Poetry...

    in Poetry

    The Idea behind Fillmyeyes with Poetry is to allow our listeners a chance to call in and chat with us a while or read a write or two or even just tell us a joke... light hearted, fun opportunity to enjoy one another...It's about strengthening our poetic community...Making Friends one poem at a time... Late Night... Another late night and my thoughts wander... drawing from my memories, strong emotions, needing to be expressed. My pen almost burning in my hand as I hold it firmly, trying to begin. My thoughts jumbled together, the only common thread is the emotion. Suddenly, my pen glides on paper, sentences appear, first one then another. Verse after verse, each yearning to be heard and understood. Seeking refuge in the quiet of the late night. These confessions calm my soul. Jean The Curtain Opens ... The Stage is lit...C'mon ... Step Up... Grab Up The Mic and Say Something!! Poetry, Fillmyeyes, Late Night Poets, Allpoetry.com, Fun, Humor, Friends, Community, Listener Interaction, IntimidusRex,  (edited)
    https://allpoetry.com/IntimidusRex https://allpoetry.com/Fillmyeyes

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    epiphany radio universe presents FLYSPEAK OPEN MIC: Birthday 4 Jav Rux

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    Flyspeak Open Mic : Birthday Celebration for Jav Rux aka King Drip On Epiphany Radio Universe May 7th 9pm  319-527-6300 press #1 to Be Heard and to Take part In a Limited Open Mic Featuring. The Return of King Eric “Crow” Draven,a Gang of  Philly’s Finest  Like The Beautiful and Sensual Poetic Serenity, The Very Dope Just Ace and The Incredible Sincerely L   Along with  Egnimatic and Erotic Spoken Word Artist Shadiea De’Vine Wilson and Of Course Epiphany Radio, The Honey Dripper Poetry Collective  and Sunrise Scribe … A Poetic Birthday Celebration of Incredibly Dope Poets and Poetry!   For  Birthday Blessings $javrux

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    Crown Holders Conversation with Siera London and Selena Haskins

    in Books

    Fake It Till You Make It (The Calvary Brothers Book 1) https://a.co/d/3h6jpmb
    Debbie Mason meets Lizzie Shane in this small-town romance where a burned-by-love veterinarian arranges a fake partnership with a down-on-her-luck city girl in order to save his family business.
    When Amarie Walker goes for something, she goes big—including starting over. Leaving her cheating ex and entire D.C. life in the rearview, she crash lands in a small town with no plan, no money, and no job. An opening at the animal clinic is the only gig for miles, no surprise considering the vet is a certified grump. If Eli Calvary ever cracked a smile, Amarie might faint on sight from shock. At least his adorable golden retriever appreciates her fabulousness…and shares her love of daily treats!
    When Eli took over his late father’s practice, he quickly discovered the clinic was facing foreclosure. So there’s no time for social niceties, especially not flirting, even with someone as gorgeous, bubbly, and business-savvy as Amarie. Yet when Eli needs to invent an investor on the fly, it’s her name that comes to his lips. Now, for the sake of their furry clients, Eli and Amarie hustle to save the clinic, trying to ignore the nonstop sparks between them. Because while their partnership may be fake, their connection already feels way too real.
    . .
    Cousins: All We Got Is Us https://a.co/d/5XcC7YW
    In this coming-of-age story, the Walker cousins face their own individual challenges while growing up in Washington, DC, during the 80s and 90s. In a world where it's easy to feel alone and lost, they lean on each other and vow to stick together. But one day, a tragic event tests the bonds of their unity, as family secrets begin to unravel. Soon they discover that their enemies were never those on the outside but the ones within their midst.

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    Part Sinner, Part Saint with Aphasiana and Babbler

    in Poetry

    "Good and evil are not black and white. We all have a mix of naughty and nice. Poetry allows us to explore our dark sides and find our way to the light. I celebrate people who, like the founder of the show, recognize they are on a dangerous path and make the difficult adjustments to be an amazing person. Share poems that reveal the duality of our vulnerability and strength. Capture the internal battle of the demon and angel on your shoulders.  Deep poetry, thoughtful commentary and fun chatter for sinners, saints and everyone in between. "  

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    Wanda's Picks Motherline Series

    in Art

    We are hosting a series of conversations with women about their motherlines. We began in March this year and continue through March 2025. In these conversations over the next year, we will speak to Black women about their motherlines. Our guest today is Makeda Esi Ohemaa aka Sandra Hooper Mayfield. She is the youngest daughter of Ruby Mae, granddaughter of Evie, great-grandaughter of Hester, and great-great-granddaughter of Mary Magdalen. Ruby Mae passed away when she was 36 years old Makeda was 9.  Makeda fell in Love with words when her first-grade teacher read a poem. She is grateful to report, that she is still in Love.  Makeda is a retired mental/behavioral health counselor. At 50 years Makeda returned to academia and earned a BA in business management. Makeda is the former Editor of the South County Post Newspaper, Curator of Sugar Water (An artist support group for girls and women), and the "Third Saturday Open Mic."   Makeda's work is published in three anthologies with the West Oakland Seniors. She is also published in the West Oakland to West Africa anthology. Makeda is a community activist who serves and promotes change through art and literacy in carceral institutions. She is a 7-year cancer survivor whose diagnosis set her free. . . .  We open with Mary Mary's "Shackles," and close with Tracey Chapman's "Stand by Me."

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    Voice of Indie Episode 196

    in Books

    Welcome to Voice of Indie, a production of Fresh Ink Group. Your hosts are Beem Weeks and Stephen Geez. This week we welcome award-winning crime writer Sue Coletta.

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    Brown Posey Press Show--C. Flynt, Author of "Promised Rewards"

    in Books

    "Promised Rewards" is a tale that takes the reader through 9th Century England, and follows an aspiring Bard, who tells the tales of the axe-wielding hero Sigurd. They don't quite start out that way, but seeking adventure means conflict, friendship, and perhaps even love as the two make their way through uncertain times.
    The story is one of many from Clif Flynt, who joins the Brown Posey Press Show to discuss how Bard and Sigard came about. With a background in folk music, computer programming and as a technical author, Clif has turned his skills toward short stories and the soon-to-be ongoing epic of his heroes.
    Clif is also the author of "You're Not From Around Here, Are You?" These and other works can be found on his website. He lives Michigan.

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    A Team of Voices shares Open Poetry with AP Taylor 4/27/24

    in Poetry

    Welcome to A Team of Voices radio...
    Sponsored by the poet AP Taylor...
    Our group is filled with Love and Respect... We're all so happy to see you here... We are poets from all over the globe  with listeners from over 60 countries...
    The hosting team offer a variety of  programs for your entertainment...
    There is something different going on  nearly every night of the week... 
    You never know what we have up our sleeve... like jokes poetry games... slams... talk shows... magic tricks... contests and  special events  with poetic topics from a - z...
    and YOU  are invited to join us for all the fun. - just click on to listen to the live show  or to hear any prerecorded episode  and you can also call up to participate... at 1 646 668 2837
    You can find our hosts and hostesses  writing over at All Poetry.com and hanging out  in the A Team of Voices radio group chat room  Our hosts and hostesses push love and respect! - Stop in and check us out...