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    January Jones Sharing Humorist Bobbe White's Senior Inspirational Success Story

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    Motivational humorist Bobbe White is a nationally recognized expert on laughter and humor therapy. Bobbe is a great fit for healthcare and women’s audiences. She has been featured in the New York Times, Family Circle, First Magazine, and Newsweek Japan, on “Laughter as a current trend in the workplace.” She was one of the first Laughter Leaders certified in the world by the World Laughter Tour, Inc. (Seriously!) Bobbe’s work history includes Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club and Lodge, Orlando, where she was the swim pro (like a golf pro, but with more water). She has been in banking for over 3 decades, through 3 economic cycles, and 3 hair colors! Her success as a speaker and trainer is her conviction to what she believes are the two basic tenets of the adult learning experience: food and fun.

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    Mixing It With Nicki Kris - Award-winning virtuoso pianist, Sophia Agranovich

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    SIMRADIO is honored to share multi-award-winning virtuoso pianist, Sophia Agranovich.  Join us for Mixing It with Nicki Kris on November 13, 2023 at 8:00PM ET/5:00PM PT. Connect with Sophia Agranovich on Facebook, Instagram, and follow on Spotify.
    Connect with Nicki Kris on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram
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    Thanks to our Podcast partner “Chatting with Nat” Mixing It theme music, ‘October Sky’, by Nicki Kris
    #SistersInMusic - Together We Are Stronger

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    The Power Of Thoughts

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    2023 WBNN Linear New Host Of The Year #TheLegacyContinues #TheDynasty Join us for our 3584th presentation of Ngozi Time Multimedia LLC w/ our topic: What makes a woman fall in love? 
    What behaviors will tell you a woman is in love? 
    What do women want from men? 
    How do you know when she is falling out of love? 
    What does it feel like to be cheated on? 
    Why do women cheat? 
    What things to women wish men knew? 
    What to do if she's not interested in you? By Taina Speaks & our soundtrack of our lives ft. Iconic Grammy Award Winning R&B Vocalist Group Gladys Knight & The Pips

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    Speaker/Writer Training: Merging Spiritual Depth with Humor

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    During this interview with Marnie and guest, Lisa Radcliff, you’ll discover:
    How spiritual depth and humor can coexist Misconceptions about joy and happiness 2 qualifiers for using humor 3 reasons for using humor The 3 R’s of great humor 4 ways humor serves your audience Why laughter is a result of God’s restoration (Psalm 126) Lisa Radcliff has been a women's Bible study teacher for over 25 years and a youth ministry volunteer for over 35 years. She is a published author specializing in helping women find freedom from their past, Learn more at https://www.LisaJRadcliff.com and invite Lisa to speak at your upcoming event via www.WomenSpeakers.com

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    Mornings at the Mansion Show: Team Jesus

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     *Ephesians 5:27
    *John 3:16

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    Holiday Blues Series

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    Facebook.com/TheNextChapter or Email: TNCwidows@gmail.com
    The Next Chapter (TNC) Widows' Ministry, a faith-based support group encourages widows and helps them heal in the years after the loss of their husband.  Nearly 700k women lose their husband each year. What a traumatic and even scary feeling a new widow can experience! So many questions. Premarital counseling never prepared you for the lonely nights, heartaches, and the many decisions. It doesn’t matter whether the marriage was long or short, the loss was from a long illness or an unexpected accident, or how much money is or is not in the bank. What matters is that the person you married, shared secrets with, made love with, laughed with, been angry with, and a host of other scenarios is not here. TNC gives widows a unique connection with others who understand why his clothes are still in the closet, his name is still on the bank account, and grocery shopping is so difficult. Widows are loved! God has a special plan to care for them. I Timothy 5:3 says, “Honor widows that are widows indeed.”
    A Widow’s Touch, (available on Amazon.com) a collection of powerful true stories from 20+ widows can be a source of comfort. It allows the readers to find themselves in a character, as the widow, the family member, friend or someone mentioned. Readers can journey with the writers as they share loneliness, frustration, confusion, and victorious moments. A journey of faith dries the tears and turns grief to joy. TNC enjoys annual getaways, serves the community, celebrates special occasions, and produces a weekly talk show. Mary Hollis and Sheila Coley, co-founders, are available tor speaking engagements, workshops, and book signings.

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    Success Strategies with Zhana: Promoting Black Businesses for Holiday Shopping

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    Following the recent incident in Peckham, South London, in which a young Black woman customer was strangled by a non-Black shop owner selling Black hair care products, Zhana is asking, "What do Black businesses need?". 
    Many Black business owners are producing Black haircare and skincare products. So why are none of these enormous hair supermarkets owned by Black folks? 
    Cassiopia Uhuru, Founder of TheBlackMall.com, shares tips for Black-owned businesses to successfully benefit from this holiday shopping season and beyond, by sharing tips on marketing and promotions and preparing businesses to capitalize on the growing numbers of online shoppers. Business owners are joining us today to share their triumphs and challenges in starting, operating and growing their own companies. 
    Go here for Zhana's conversation with The Black Culture Market, which is based in Brixton, South London. Go here for Zhana's conversation with Stacey Wilkinson, one of the business experts interviewed in Zhana's Kindle ebook, Affirmations for Business.   Affirmations for Business is available from:   Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk
    These are Zhana's affiliate links, so she will earn a small commission if you buy from them. 

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    Grace & Gratitude

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    Come and listen while Host Joyce Benning interviews extraordinary people on her Robust Lifestyles Podcasts only on the Divas That Care Network.  #DivasThatCare
    Beth Lauren Parrish, creator of Inspired Riding®, is a CHA Certified Level 3 Instructor for English & Western, Level 1 Equestrian Tai Chi Instructor, and Certified as a Hypnotherapist and Practitioner for RTT® (Rapid Transformational Therapy).
    She has been teaching for over 23 years and has the tools to enhance her clients' transformations rapidly and profoundly.
    For more info, kindly visit: www.inspiredriding.com