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FIRE The Gospel Experience

'FIRE' The Gospel Experience


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Gospel music of traditional, contemporary, urban and indie genre. With uplifting Spiritual conversations and motivations.

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"In the book of Hebrews 8:11-14 we read where the Apostle Paul discusses how our spiritual growth is strictly dependent on our regular biblical diet. What we are to be on the outside is soley predicated on what we choose to mentally digest into our spirit. If we choose the lesser of the MILK of GOD's Holy Word than we will remain at an infantile state. Whereas, when we choose to taste, chew and internalize the MEAT of GOD's Holy WORD is when GOD will be more fully manifested in us! My Gospel Artist and MOG Pas. Kenneth Marsh." Our 'Shine Artist Spotlight' will be on Gospel Artist WOG Samaria Kelly. Call (646) 564-9839 to join us on July 3, 2022 (Sun) @ 2pm PST/ 4pm CST/ 5pm EST. Or go to my Ron E. Jefferson (FB) Page for the program link. *Hosted and produced by Ron E. Jefferson (FB) *TWITTER - ronejefferson60 *Instagram - ronaldjefferson1 * I-Heart Radio * I-Tunes * Spotify *Cash App. ~ $RonEfire60 * NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED! * ALL RIGHTS GO TO THE ARTIST'S RESPECTIVE LABEL! * FOR PROMOTIONAL and ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY! * I DON'T OWN ANYTHING!
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"In the book of 2 Cor. 4:16 the Apostle Paul is sharing great and powerful words of FAITH, commitment and dedication to the Corinthian church. He shares that because we know and have experienced our resurrected Savior in our lives that... more

"In the book of Joshua 1:16,17 we hear the instructions from the new leader of the Children of Israel who have been wandering in the desert for 40 years. Now they are on the precipice of entering the promise land. but they must be prepared... more

"In the book of John 14:7 we listen in on a conversation with our LORD JESUS and HIS disciple Phillip. Our LORD is preparing all HIS disciples for HIS great sacrifice for all our sins. That it is prophesied that the Messiah must suffer many... more

"In the book of Matt. 7:3-5 we hear our LORD JESUS bringing the TRUTH about some of our egotitical and arrogant ways. How we can be so quick to point our fingers of BLAME and CRITICISM and get amnesia when it comes to our own... more

"In the book of Hebrews 11:1 1 we read where the writer is sharing the true substance of our CHRIST-like FAITH. And that is far beyond what we know and realize with our innate human 5 senses. GOD requires of us a genuine FAITH... more

"In the book of John 8:28 we read where our LORD JESUS is again under the verbal assault of the religious Jewish leaders. Always demand evidence and and open confession as to who he is with all HIS great wisdom and awesome... more

"In the book of 1John 4:6 we read where the Apostle John is sharing the much needed TRUTH that is being contaminated by those bringing ERRORS into our Christian Faith. They are contending with certain aspects of the authenticity our... more

"In the book of John 17:14 we read our LORD JESUS praying to our HEAVENLY FATHER about HIS Earthly ministry concerning HIS disciples (and US also). That HE has provided us with HIS word. And that we all should take GOD'S WORD... more

"In the book of Matthew 5:24 we read where our LORD JESUS is sharing HIS discourse concerning the crucial importance of FORGIVENESS. We assume that when we FORGIVE someone that we are letting them get away with a... more

"In the book of John 8:31-35 we read where our LORD JESUS is again being confronted by the Jewish religious leaders. They were constantly hounding HIM and always looking for ways to denounce and defame HIM. Although these... more