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Are you ready to courageously follow your own sense of mercy, justice, and truth? Are you searching for religious teachings that make sense? Are you having a hard time accepting teachings which seem spiritually unholy and untruthful? Then, have we got a show for you! The Cosmic Citizen is a show for progressive religionists and spiritual people who are ready to find a spirituality worthy of an age of science and enlightenment. Our hosts, Paula Thompson, Andre Radatus , Chuck Thurston and Marvin Gawryn are ministers, students and scholars of The Urantia Book, all with at least four decades of experience with it. We sometimes interview guests on topics related to modern and progressive spirituality, but most often we explore The Urantia Book together on air. We embrace diversity, civil and intelligent dialogue, and a willingness to serve a purpose that is true, beautiful and good. Please join us!

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We conclude our study of various local universe orders, denominated the Universe Aids of Paper 37, facilitating the mortal ascension career, including the "stationary" permanent citizens of the local universe, the spironga, the sagia, well-nigh ideal animals, and others. These orders of beings are by and large neither ascending nor descending. They are all experiential creatures, but their enlarging experience continues to be available to the universe on their level of origin. While this is not wholly true of the Adamic Sons and midway creatures, it is relatively true of these orders. ... The Susatia. These marvelous beings reside and function as permanent citizens on Salvington, the headquarters of this local universe. ... The Univitatia. ...These children of the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit constitute the permanent population of the constellation headquarters worlds. They are nonreproducing beings existing on a plane of life about halfway between the semimaterial status of the Material Sons domiciled on the system headquarters and the more definitely spiritual plane of the Spirit-fused mortals and the susatia of Salvington; but the univitatia are not morontia beings. ___ As Urantia has its midwayers, Jerusem, your system capital, has the Material Sons and Daughters; Edentia, your constellation headquarters, has the univitatia, while the citizens of Salvington are twofold, the created susatia and the evolved Spirit-fused mortals. ... the Uversa headquarters spheres are continuously fostered by an amazing group of beings known as the abandonters, the creation of the unrevealed agents of the Ancients of Days and the seven Reflective Spirits resident on the capital of Orvonton. (414.11–13, 415.4) 37:9.6–8,12 Please join us for what will prove to be an intriguing study of these local universe aids. http://tobtr.com/1216918
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We continue our seventh show studying the Divine Mother Spirit in our universe, the eternal companion of our Universe Sovereign, Michael, AKA Jesus of Nazareth. This week we will explore §7. The Spirit and The Flesh.... more

We continue our sixth show studying the Divine Mother Spirit in our universe, the eternal companion of our Universe Sovereign, Michael, AKA Jesus of Nazareth. This week we will explore §6. The Spirit in Man. (381.5) 34:6.11 The Spirit... more

Several weeks ago we devoted ourselves to a study of the Divine Mother Spirit in our universe, the eternal companion of our Universe Sovereign, Michael, AKA Jesus of Nazareth. So far, we've taken a deep dive into the follow 4 sections in... more

On to §4. The Local Universe Circuits. (377.7) 34:4.3 2. The spirit circuit of the Divine Minister, the Holy Spirit. (377.8) 34:4.4 3. The intelligence-ministry circuit, including the more or less unified activities but diverse functioning of the... more

We next study §3. The Son and Spirit in Time and Space. (376.6) 34:3.3 In personal prerogatives a Creative Spirit is wholly and entirely independent of space, but not of time. There is no specialized personal presence of such a... more

We next study §2. Nature of the Divine Minister. (375.6) 34:2.3 In each local universe the Divine Minister functions in accordance with the nature and inherent characteristics of the Infinite Spirit as embodied in one of the Seven Master... more

The Mother Spirit of a local universe, is also known as the Divine Minister or the Creative Spirit. The Creative Spirit and the Creator Son produce, uphold, and conserve every creature in their local universe home. In personal prerogatives,... more

This week, in honor of Easter, we will remember Jesus during what is known as the "Time of the Tomb." We'll share poignant remembrances and reflections on the extraordinary life of our Master, Joshua ben Joseph, also known... more

This week we will complete our impromptu study of religion, that is, we'll finish Paper 101. The Real Nature of Religion. So far here is some of what we have discovered: Religion lives and prospers by faith and insight, eventually resulting... more

We continue our third week on a study of religion. A philosophy of religion evolves out of a basic growth of ideas plus experimental living as both are modified by the tendency to imitate associates. The soundness of philosophic conclusions... more
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