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    Prisoner Rights, IWW Organizing Committee, Greater Kansas City Area, 
    Hosted by Carl Gee
    Contact Information
    Kansas City Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee of the Industrial Workers of the World
    P. O. Box 414304
    Kansas City, MO 64141
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GKCIWOC 
    Email: kansascity@incarceratedworkers.org

  • Girls in Politics Initiative Podcast E4 with Mayor Letitia Clark

    in Politics

    This week's Girls in Politics Initiative Podcast welcomes as our guest, Mayor and Author Letitia Clark. Our GIP Student Host and Mayor Clark will discuss her role as Mayor of Tustin California along with her newly released children’s book, "Mommy is the Mayor."
    Letitia Clark is an award-winning elected official and a mommy of three. Most acclaimed for becoming the first Black woman elected to the Tustin City Council in 2016, Clark became Mayor in 2020. This made her the first Black woman and the first female mayor in nearly 20 years. After starting her political career in New Orleans, LA, during Hurricane Katrina, she spent the remainder of her stint in politics in Southern California, raising her kids. Clark has been featured in several publications including the LA Times, OC Register and Governing Magazine.
    The Girls in Politics Initiative Podcast is a weekly podcast, hosted by student interviewers, that introduces girls to women working as professionals in the political sector and women that are current or former elected officials. Student interviewers ask guests to share their experiences working in the political sector, running for public office, and serving in public office. Student interviewers will also ask guests to share information about their current role and their paths into politics. 

  • English Defence League Radio Show ~ Satanic Supremacy

    in Politics Conservative

    Welcome to The English Defence League Radio Show with Your Host Geoff 'Spider' Mitchell and my wingman is Dave 'Aggedor' Milner.
    Tonight we will be discussing recent events and framing the entire issue of racial supremacy in perspective.  We will prove that there are no, 'good guys' or, 'bad guys' when it comes to the evil that inspires slavery and race hatred.  The lies of the fake-stream media that have poisoned our societies MUST be exposed.  THIS is the place and NOW is the time.  NO SURRENDER EVER!
    "All that is necessary for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing." ~Edmund Burke
    "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." ~President John F. Kennedy
    TECN-TV Main Page:  https://theexceptionalconservativeshow.com/
    TECN-TV.com Rumble Page:  https://rumble.com/c/c-562417
    Angel Espino General/Medical Patreon:  https://patreon.com/AngelEspino
    Share AND Prepare for the NEXT American Republic:  https://www.spreaker.com/user/6646611/ubg092317-the-way-back

  • Hosting, Lawrence Drenk, a.k.a Sparky Lee,¬†Founder, Legacy Program On Injustices

    in National

    Every Sunday, from  3:30 pm to 4:30 pm (EDT) Call In Number (657) 383-1630
    Hello, I am Lawrence Drenk, a.k.a Sparky Lee, Founder, Legacy Program, and I am back to host my Sunday's 3:30 pm, Show, with Guests, who have been effected by the Injustices and are now fighting back through awareness's. Most importantly families still suffering effects of Injustices with surviving family members. So, Let's welcome our Guests

  • Progressive News Network with Jeanine Molloff - The Kevin Strickland Story

    in Politics Progressive

    This Sunday's show isn't one that has been underreported lately, but that's only because the case involves an extremely egregious injustice here in Missouri. This is the story of Kevin Strickland. Strickland had been incarcerated in Missouri over 40 years--for a crime he did not commit. Due to a recent change in Missouri law, a judge was able to vacate this conviction, since the prime witness realized they picked the wrong man out of a lineup. This witness contacted various officials, but no one would listen. Finally, on November 23rd a hearing was held in Kansas City, Judge James Welsh accepted the testimony, and vacated Strickland's conviction. Strickland was released a few hours later. Meanwhile, the state of Missouri will not have to pay any reparation for this egregious miscarriage of justice. Strickland has no money, no home, nothing. He is living with family right now. 
    Meanwhile the Mo. AG Eric Schmitt has been fighting this release. 
    One last thing, the Mo. AG is white and a Trump ally--and Strickland is black.
    This IS about systemic racism and the inconvenient truth that this systemic racism has become accepted routine.
    Come listen.

  • Mayor OK raising water and sewer rates in Benton Harbor

    in Politics Progressive

    The Benton Harbor Mayor approved raising the city's water and sewer rates over the next five years. Water rates will increase almost 10 percent July 1 for the next five years. 

  • Logan Phillips

    in Politics Progressive

    Logan will join us to discuss Race to the WH's election projections and more

  • Ethiopian World Federation local 26th with your host Sadi Gomez

    in Non-Profit

    STAND UP FOR ETHIOPIA, In this time of crisis and unrest in our homeland of Ethiopia, it is time to stand with them and pray for peace. And to mobilize against any propaganda trying to divide us to attempt to conquer and colonize the last remaining monarch. 

  • Lucid Libertarian w/ Lori-ann

    in Politics

    Welcome to the Lucid Libertarian w/ Lori-ann Show!
    Sunday Nights 6:00PM to 8:00PM Pacific / 9:00PM to 11:00PM Eastern  ***Be prepared - the show often goes into an extended 3rd hour!
    Thank you for spending your time this evening tuning in!  The lovely Libertarian, Vee Nyd, will kick-back in her co-host chair, too!
    We will talk about the latest COVID mandates, current events, news, perhaps other topics like gun rights, or even our pets! 
    About the Show:  News and Political Opinion with Lucid Libertarian Flair. Pro-Freedom. Pro-Liberty. Pro-Bill of Rights. Pro-Limited Government. Expose Government Overreach, Corruption, and Globalist Tyranny.   ***This is not a scripted show, so the discussions are free flowing and will sometimes go in unpredictable directions!
    I invite you to visit my Lucid Libertarian w/Lori-ann page on Facebook and of course, Like & Follow it!  I hope you will share my page and posts with your friends and family, too!  www.facebook.com/Lucid.Libertarian
    We do not monitor this chat room. We do ask everyone check out our website - FreedomizerRadio.live - for news and information on the many shows our Freedomizer family has to offer!