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    Processing the Pain

    in Motivation

    Join Minister Denise weekly as she bring Practical Principles unto Perception based on the Word of GOD!

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    Ride The Waves Of Emotions With Ashley Bernardi

    in Motivation

    Welcome to the Life Transformation Radio. 
    In this episode, Ashley Bernardi and I discuss how to ride the waves of emotions and express them in simple ways.
    So if you want to learn how to strip the mask of strength that society has told us to wear, learn how the powerful act of removing the mask allows us to feel, and express our true emotions in order to heal, tune in now!
    About Ashley Bernardi 
    Ashley Bernardi is the founder of powerhouse media relations firm Nardi Media, where she works with corporations, brands, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits in obtaining high-profile placements in broadcast, print, and online media. 
    Trained as a journalist at CBS News, nationally syndicated program energyNOW! on Bloomberg, and Washington Post Live, she has a natural ear for a story and journalist’s passion for research. The traumatic death of her father at a young age and diagnosis of Lyme Disease and postpartum depression after the birth of her third child deepened her passion for health, wellness, and spirituality, and taught her how to access her own authentic power to heal her life. She is a certified Life Designer®, and received her certificate in The Science of Well-Being from Yale University. In addition, Ashley hosts the award-winning podcast 2 Girls Talking. The oldest child in a proud military family, Ashley was born in Schweinfurt, Germany, and has lived and worked in New York City and Washington, D.C. She currently resides in Northern Virginia with her family. Ashley is a frequently featured expert in the media, including Forbes, Great Day Washington, Good Day DC, and more.
    More Information
    Learn more about Ashley by visiting
    Thanks for Tuning In!

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    V2V Podcast - Voiceless 2 Victorious - Going from Victim to Victory

    in Motivation

    Join Dr. Marci Batiste each week as she provides a platorm and a means to let voices be heard, stories
    be told, hearts healed, and lives be freed from the bondage of silence and abuse.
    Every week she will take you on a journey from voiceless to victorious with powerful stories from
    everyday people, who have faced their demons head on and who have come out the other side.
    You will be educated, empowered, and encouraged to begin making sustainable changes toward a
    heightened level of empowered independence.
    This Episode Guest: Dr. Sheilissa Thomas
    Topic: Victim to Victory

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    The Best of 2021, feat. Global Advocate & Activist Martin Luther King III

    in Motivation

    In this New Year's Eve Edtion of the Thinking Out Loud Radio Show, we are celebrating the end of 2021 and beginning of a new year 2022. As we reflect upon the many interviews that we were blessed to share this year, we have been blessed to interview some of the country's best and brightest minds. And, we selected just one of the many interviews we have been able to conduct over the 4yrs we have been doing this podcast to share in this week's show. Global Advocate & Activist Martin luther King III is still one of my favorite interviews that i've done this year, and quite possibly since I've been doing the show. The opportunity to talk to the son of the iconic and legendary Civil Rights Leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was an extreme privlige. We talked about his iconic father and the indelibile imporssion he left on the lives of his family, and how his father's legacy has insprired the work that he is doing not just in the country but around the world. We also talked about then President Donald Trump, and the damage he's done to our democracy and what can be done to repair it. Martin Luther King III even shared a special moment his daughter had with Pres. Barack Obama in the White House that he and his family will never forget. This is definitely an interview you can't miss. 
    PLUS, we close out this year with a very special Thought of the Week enttiled, "Strange Fruit" which is an excerpt of a message we minstered regarding the fiery trials that we experience in life to think it not strange, but they often times come to take us from one level of faith to the next. As we look back over the events that have transpired this past year, this is the message that has resonated the most with me. We hope you take a few minutes to this listen to this week's show, and most importantly from all of us to all of you...Happy New Year!

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    Focused and Moving Forward with Debi Wallace-Ferguson

    in Motivation

    Join me this evening with guest Debi Wallace-Ferguson. Debi is a Kingdom jewel that serves her community through giving. She recently posted the following. "I read a post a day or so ago that basically said, "Stop down playing what you do". Take the Love and Appreciation while you are here. Last year I was told not to tag certain people because they didn't want people knowing they were doing. This year I won't tag anyone unless they ask me to. For me Tag me in anything that I do. I want people to see my actions not just hear my words. We aren't here for long and when I am gone I want people to say, "she was HERE and she did what she could when she could". I just had to tell Darian Ferguson to STOP saying he doesn't do anything and he's only, "logistics". I couldn't do anything without him!!!!! I'll take all my roses that are given to me. I am asking ALL my Facebook Friends to choose two of their Friends and give them their ?? on this post. Let people know how you feel now dont wait until people are dead and gone. I know I'm a big deal. God told me what to do and I'm doing it in spite of the backlash and haters. I'm STILL  loud, unapologetic, and a big ball of glittery fire thank you to those that LOVE me for it!!!!
    Join us and be Empowered! 

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    Entrepreneurs : Why should You ...Write A Book with Dr. Renee Sunday

    in Motivation

    Dr. Renee Sunday is the Platform Builder. She is a light in this world. She expresses her purpose as being a catalyst for others to walk in their purpose and destiny. She is a Minster, Media Personality, Publisher, Receipt of the Audience Choice Award in the 2016 - Ms. Corporate America Pageant representing Conyers, Ga. , Bestselling Author , Media Coach , Grief Counselor, International Motivational Speaker, and an Anesthesiologist. She is humble and enjoys being a servant for all people
    A complimetary session with Dr. Renee: bit/ly/chatwithdrrenee

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    Good Bye 2021, Greetings 2022

    in Motivation

    Greetings A Wonderful Approach Family, let's take tonight to wish 2021 well wishes over there ?? call in and share what can stay in 2021!! Call in 917-889-7806 at 8pm ea

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    Close Up Radio Spotlights Julie Rivera of Coaching with Julz

    in Motivation

    Dallas. TX – Julie Rivera is a mind and body integration coach and the founder of Coaching with Julz, where she works with women who have overidentified with the roles in their life. Julie helps her clients flip the script from negative mindset to one of empowerment.
    Julie has always been motivated to understand what drives thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Julie has a Masters degree in Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling specializing in Trauma and Crisis and spent time working in a clinic under supervision.
    According to Julie, happiness is not external; it comes from within. To move beyond the identities that we have built for ourselves, we must find the core of who we are.
    “Coaching is about habit change,” says Julie. “When you work with a coach, you're in control. We just facilitate and show you the blind spots. Let me put a mirror up and show you what I see from an outside perspective to help you get back into who you are.”
    Julie was once just like her clients.
    “I lived a life that was not mine for many years. I hid behind the roles I played. I was a wife. I was my job,” recalls Julie. “Through coaching, I became happy with what was inside, not what was around me. I reconnected with who I was, what I believed and what was important to me.”
    As a woman in her 40s who has found happiness, Julie wants to share her message with others.
    “I'm just a regular person who decided to take a risk and live life for myself,” says Julie. “You show up better for everybody when you've poured into yourself. I teach my clients how to pour into themselves and not feel guilty about it.”
    For more information, visit

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    Carla J. Robinson Bio
    Carla Robinson is the wife of Pastor Glenn Robinson. While being an ordained Pastor herself since 2008. She is the founder of a virtual ministry,  called Speaking a Word in Due Season.
    Carla has sought to help empower, inspire, educate neglected, addicted abused women in 2007-2008; Along with ministering to the sick and shut in. She is committed to serve in a servant capacity in her community for over the last 28 years with Christian Youth and troubled teens at Juvenile Justice Center and Warren Family Mission alongside her husband doing various community services activities and events.
    Along with having 20 plus years in the Healthcare industry, Education, Community Advocacy and Motivational Speaking. Her vast educational studies include Anatomy & Physiology, Phlebotomy, Business and General Studies. She has attended and received various certifications from institutions. Trumbull Memorial, New Skills Academy, Bryman Medical College and ASPT (American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians) and ASCP (American Society of Clinical Pathologist) while also working as an independent home health advocate for the state of Ohio with CareSource. Also, The founder  of Second Wind Life Coaching service s.
    Having a commitment to education and helping others has always been a passion with her being Certified Phlebotomy Instructor, 

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    MAN UP the Movement Hosted By Pastor E LIVE

    in Motivation

    MAN UP the Movement  Hosted By  Pastor E LIVE
    THE RE LAUNCH The foundation has been set, calling all men to join the discussion, Let's KEEP IT REAL #iwilldobetternow Join the discussion   let’s discover THE TRUTH N.O.W.
    Man Up simply means: N.O.W. is my time to fight 1. taking personal responsibility for my own life,   2. no longer relying on my personal abilities but on God’s complete guidance.  3. my steps are ordered by the LORD 4. walking in purpose with GOD 5. holding myself accountable dedicated and committed to a life of constant change and growth.
    I AM no longer operating with a double mind  I AM operating with THE CHRIST Characteristics that dwell in me I AM the head and not the tail I AM the lender and not the borrower I AM called according to my purpose I AM THE GOD in me through CHRIST JESUS MANUP Pastor E

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    Forgiving Yourself

    in Motivation

    Upon entering the new year, It may be time for many individuals to make peace with their past. Making such peace and moving forward may sound easier than what some may think can possibly be done. With that being said it may be time to let somethings go. A way to start doing so can be by forgiving yourself. Self forgiveness is important to your mental health as well as it can set one free to enjoy life and become a happier person as well as help one be able to engage in healthy relationships with others.
    Many individuals may have asked for forgiveness from others or may have perhaps forgiven others. However, what about forgiving yourself? Being able to forgive yourself requires empathy, compassion, kindness and understanding. One must also practice and accept that forgiveness is a choice.
    What is stopping you from letting it go? Stop punishing yourself. Also what does God say about forgiving yourself? Stop punishing yourself and learn how to set yourself free. To join in on the conversation call 516 387-1914. Live 1/4/22 at 11:30am Pacific. Share with others. You can also click on the link to listen to the show later if you are not available for the live show. Hosted by Jeanette Abney LMFT.