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    Intro to this show

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    This show will be just random thoughts that I have. For now, I won't do a specific time for the show and will record my thoughts when they randomly come to mind. Maybe in the future this will change. Ofcourse there will be no set category for this show. I feel my interests are just too wide in range to be locked down to one category. Anyways... 

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    Maxwell 4 America

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    Pastoral Soveriegn Immunity
    Medicare Renovation 40 and older; 12 and under; SSA/VA
    Widows/Orphans/Veterans $1 Rent for HUD
    Executive Orders in Plethora
    XL Pipeline ON/Steel Mills Opened/Operating
    Illegal Aliens Shot or Sent to the Floating Prisons
    LGBTQ+; Sex Offenders; Weapons Offenders; Illegal Aliens Imprisoned on the High Seas
    Renovated Prisons/Leave

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    What Is Socialism Vs. Capitalism?

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    [S.2, E. 5]  30:00 - What Is Socialism Vs. Capitalism? {Let's Talk To A Socialist!}
    Q. Who is Daniel Tarade? - He is The Co-Host of the Red Review, a Marxist Scientist, and Revolutionary Socialist.
    Biography About Our Captivating Guest - Daniel Tarade is a lecturer at the University of Toronto and a member of Socialist Action. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts and Science in 2015 with a major in Biochemistry and a minor in Communication, Media, and Film from the University of Windsor. In 2021, Daniel successfully defended his Ph.D. in the Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology at the University of Toronto, where he specialized in the biochemistry and structural biology of oxygen-sensing proteins. He has published numerous peer-reviewed articles as the lead author. Daniel is equally committed to community organizing and writes regularly for Socialist Action.

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