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    New York City and budget cuts, Acapulco after the storm and other stories

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    New York City and budget cuts...Acapulco after the storm.......and other stories..
    ...Check our blog....and follow our friend Carlos Guedes......  

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    Pan-African Journal: Special Worldwide Radio Broadcast

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    Listen to the Sunday Nov. 12, 2023 special edition of the Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast hosted by Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire. The program features our regular PANW report with dispatches on recent claims that the United States has launched additional airstrikes in eastern Syria purportedly targeting bases of the resistance forces which have fired on Pentagon installations; billionaires in the U.S. are preparing to launch a well-financed campaign to counter Palestine solidarity efforts; hospitals in Gaza remain under siege by the IDF; and French military forces are continuing to leave West Africa. In the second and third hours we look at the countries which are severing ties with Tel Aviv. Later we analyze the cost of the war on Gaza. We then examine the early history of the formation of the State of Israel and its impact on the United Nations.

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    TS Radio Network: Guardianship "Dealing with Bully Lawyers"

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    November 10, 2023 7pm central time
    Call 917 388 4520 and press 1 to speak live
    Tonight we are joined with Award winning criminal investigative journalist Michael Volpe. Michael doesn't sugar coat his reporting and he doesn't back down to Bully Lawyers.
    Recently Michael was served with legal documents that would shut him up from reporting truth. Michael didn't back down and he sent the Bullys packing.
    Tonight Michael reveals his tactics and reveals laws that are put in place to protect to protect citizens against these Bullys.

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    Beyond the MainStream

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    Join a group of people from across the nation as we discuss whats happening in our country.  Join in by calling 347-324-3752 or join our chat room.

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    Nicholas Meyer, TUC Radio

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    Latest UN radio, “News in Brief”; The “Daily Noon Briefing” conducted by Stephane Dujarric for the Secretary General (subject to availability and time) - See: https://news.un.org/en/
    Special Guest, Nicholas Meyer, (Wikipedia link), author of "The 7 per cent Solution", director and screen writer of legendary films. 
    UPCOMING Dec. 4, 2023 Liberty Hall, - The 40th anniversary of the Lawrence, Ks. based film, "The Day After" with members of the cast and Jeff Daniels, creator of "The Television Event" documentary is discussed.
    TUC Radio (30 min.)  Maria Gilardin hosts a regular weekly program on over 60 radio stations and can be heard in many rural communities as well as in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, Cleveland, Houston, Taos, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Vancouver and many other cities – as far as Cape Town, South Africa and into North Africa via Milano, Italy.  See: http://tucradio.org/

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    IRS suspends fixing it’s #1 IT system goal date of June 30 2024 until past 2030!

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    The IRS relies almost exclusively on its antiquated 1960s computer systems to collect taxes and distribute refunds.  For over 40 years, the IRS has tried to update/fix its most important computer system, the “brain” of the IRS computers: Individual Master File (IMF) and Business Master File (BMF) that contain tax information about individuals and businesses.
    In this week’s Freedom Hour presentation, Peymon will show you from the government’s reports, the New York Times, Washington Post, and Time Magazine, that that the IRS continues to use an unreliable and antiquated computer infrastructure that relies extensively on outdated and inflexible computer programs from the 1960s.  This situation has severely weakened the IRS ‘powers’ to harass and intimidate Americans, increasing the danger of IRS’ complete collapse and restoring freedom to the American people.
    Peymon, for over 30 years, and Freedom Law School, for over 27 years, has helped many Americans to live free of IRS deception, robbery, and slavery. Take the Seven Steps to income tax freedom on our website, FreedomLawSchool.org.

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    A Conservative Perspective

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     Think you know our government? Think you can trust and believe in it? You may have second thoughts after listening to our guest,  Mr. Barton Shively, USMC. January 6th survivor. This story is probably going to leave you emotional, disgusted, or just plain pissed off. Dont miss it...Barton Shively tonight on ACP with James Bostick tonight @ 7pm eastern on blogtalkradio.com. 

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    Show Talk with Angela Butler

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    The interview on Show Talk with Angela Butler is Reverend Lionel Gannt and Mr. Ibriham who is a original black panther and historian.This interview is about reparations and war crimes by the American government against black Americans. The southern Christian leader conference. Also the Biden Harris administration Reparations Exploratory committee. Also criminal justice reform and how much money is being made off of the prison industrial industry. Police immunity from lawsuits. A living wage and a living income and former President Obama and Chicago's living income for some of 500 per month. Mr ibriham will discuss Bloody 1919 and 1930s Farmer wealth and how black people established there on living wage and income . This interview is pre-recorded and the link to listen is https://www.blogtalkradio.com/angela-butler/2023/12/03/show-talk-with-angela-butler

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    WE THE KIDS - To Return God to America's Story - Guest Kevin Fobbs

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    WE THE KIDS  A non-profit organization that reaches, educates, and inspires America’s youth with patriotic and positive messages that encourage kids to learn American History and to become engaged in its government.
    Our Goal  “To return God to America’s story!”   Visit  https://www.wethekids.us/
    Judy Lane Frazier - President - We the Kids Inc   We the Kids is the vision of Judy Lane, a mom and grand-mom, who believes that this generation of America’s children deserves the opportunity to see America’s greatness “front and center.” Over a period of four years, she worked from her dining room table and used her own personal funds to create a non-profit business that would point children in a positive and patriotic direction, all the while learning about American history. Judy received a certificate from The National Society of The Daughters of the American Revolution. In November 2015, she received a Certificate of Appreciation for Volunteer efforts for the City of South Bend Parks and Recreation Department. In October 2023 Judy was featured in Giving Tomorrow magazine.
    Kevin Fobbs - Journalist/Author Publicist   Professional journalist and writer since 1975. He obtained a political science and journalism degree from Eastern Michigan University and attended Wayne State University Law School. He recently received a national award from Writer’s Digest Magazine for his poem “Not A Simple Tree”. Kevin has written for the New York Times, and is the former Community Concerns columnist for 12 years with the Detroit News covering community, family relations, domestic abuse, education, government relations, and dispute resolution.  Kevin ran and operated the National Urban Policy Action Council (NUPAC) which produced colorblind solutions to universal issues.

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    MAP5 (Muslim American Power5)

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    Join us each Monday 10am PST/1pm EST with Sis. Amatullah Alaji-Sabrie, Bro. Fleming El-Amin, Hon. Cheryl Sudduth, and guests discussing our obligations to transform our faith into action through proactive civic engagement.
    THIS WEEK: Join Amatullah Alaji-Sabrie and live audience for a timely discussion on "Continuing crisis in Gaza and what political engagement demands of us.” Our invited guests include: Salam Al-Marayati, President, Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) and others.
    Listen live in studio: 515.605.9891. Press 1 to enter queue for Questions/comments.
    Listen on-line: https://AM360.org. Press ‘live’, press ? on ‘AM360’ logo. 
    Streaming online 24/7: https://AM360.org / 701.719.4197. 
    Leave us a listener comment at (910) 317-0297.
    E-mail us at info@cwsc.us.
    Tweet us at @CWShuraa.
    Like us on Facebook: Community Wide Shura’a Conference.
    Visit AM360’s parent corporation Community Wide Shura’a Conference at https://cwsc.us.
    You're listening to AM360 - the #1 Islamic Radio Station in the Nation, where your intellect is respected, and your voice protected.

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