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    Fake azz indignation

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    Please join me tonight at 7:30 pm as I delve into a recent news story involving my competitors for the PA 7th Congressional district. Susan Wild got caught when a zoom meeting clip was released expressing her dismay over acquiring Carbon County in the PA 7th Congressional district. Maria Montero attempted to take advantage of this by hosting an event last Thursday at Wild's Lehighton office calling her out, complete with Kool-Aid Man who has apparently done his community service and has now flipped. More information here  What a crock of bovine manure. I'll explain why,and much more in tonight's episode of "The WTF files with Lewis Shupe". And as always, I will accept calls towards the end of the show and the show will be archived at real change.us. "Why is it that our constitution is considered the highest law in the land, yet it is infringed the most and infringers punished the least?" is a central question of my campaign at http://www.shupeforcongress.com

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    Programs are archived at the proletarian guard blogspot.
    See: https://proletarianguardbackintheussr.blogspot.com/ 

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    A Conservative Perspective

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    A broadcast of validation tonight. A review of last week's disaster of a press conference with Old Joe and the elephant in the room that is his mental decline.Then, an interview from Breitbart with Congressman Ronny Jackson MD. (R) Texas. Hint: this is where the validation comes in. It all starts tonight @ 7pm Eastern on Patriot Natio Radio on blogtalkradio.com...Join us

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    Trump admits he ruined border deal to hurt Democrats- Who is Terrence Bradley?

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    Oh Good Lord, This Dumb Ass Puts Americans In Danger,Trump admits he ruined border deal to hurt Democrats- Who is  Terrence Bradley?

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    Trumps Cruises in South Carolina

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    Good morning! Today, on The Meter, we will cover Donald Trump's historic win in the South Carolina Republican Primary yesterday. Trump received 59.8% of the vote to Nikki Haley's 39.6%. The 20-point margin of victory was the largest ever in that States' primary. The race was called foe Trump at 7:01 PM, by the Associated Press. Haley promised to stay in the race. The victory is President Trump's 3rd major win, added to New Hampshire and Iowa. Trump is now cruising to his 3rd consecutive nomination for president. Is the primary over? Also, in Georgia, a 21 year old American nursing student at the University of Georgia, Laken Riley, was murdered by an illegal alien who entered near El Paso, travel with US taxpayer dollars to New York, then to Georgia, where he committed the heinous crime. Bail for the accused is denied, the victim's family gave a tearful press conference proclaiming how much Ms. Riley loved God, and Gov. Kemp screamed loudly at the Biden administration for opening the border. Is the border crisis beyond critical? To DC, Joe Biden has levied more than 500 sanctions against Russia for the alleged killing of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. The sanctions include legal, economic, and political. However, the Russian fossil fuel industry is barely affected. Most analysts say the sanctions won't do anything to stop Putin's war effort and monetary situation. This is on the eve of the 2 year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Will these embargo from the West have any impact on stopping Russian aggression? Please join the discussion at 10AM. The call-in number is 347-308-8933. Your input is essential!

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    We will be discussing the hypocrisy in New York of the Migrants beating the shit out 2 NYPD Officers and being released on O.R. and other current events. Please call in with your: comments, questions, and concerns. The Call in number is 516-418-5996.
    This episode is for those 18 years of age and older
    This is Season 8 Episode 9 of Shabaka's Blacc Experience Enhanced 

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    REAL TALK WITH THE GMAN with your host, G William Scott

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    This evening’s topics will include:
    Trump hit with 354.9 million penalty, 3-year ban I NY civil fraud case
    Judge warns Georgia DA, Fani Willis over outburst at hearing
    Left-wing Billionaire George Soros buying hundreds of American radio stations ahead of the 2024 Election
    Are the Nomination & Presidency aims with truly in jeopardy 
    McConnell and Schumer Became Ukraine-aid allies.
    The Supreme Court set to decide whether to let civilians own automatic weapons
    The International communities around the world are critiquing, criticizing and condemning the recent actions taken by Israeli
    Tonight, these and other topics will be discussed and analysized.

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    Nebraska LB 920

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    On February 21, the Health and Human Services Committee heard testimony on a LB 920, a bill seeking to address food insecurity among vulnerable populations in Nebraska.
    Senator, Terrell McKinney, introduced the bill which would require the state Department of Health and Human Services to establish a Restaurant Meals Program.
    Under the program, elderly, disabled or homeless persons receiving SNAP benefits, could use benefits to purchase pre-made meals at below-market price from participating restaurants.
    Restaurants would contract with the department to offer meals to eligible individuals.
    My thoughts:
    While LB920 may offer convenience and flexibility policymakers need to carefully consider potential negative consequences of such a program, including the possibility of driving up food costs due to administrative costs associated with implementing such a program and other probable unfortunate consequences. 
    I can suggest options.
    I'm Calandra Cooper, candidate for Nebraska Legislative District 11.
    I'm asking for your support, as we, together, Focus Forward

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    "Local Voter Education"

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                      “Local Voter Education”
          Sunday Feb 11 program from 7p to 8p
                           From 8p to 9p
               Information about Fort Worth
        That we cannot disclose on Next-Door
          (fwdistrict5.com) (817) 726-4416 Bob

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    Marvelous Monday with Dr. Shirley McKellar

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    Marvelous Monday with Dr. Shirley McKellar is always the way to start the week! It is our civic responsibility to stay informed on the issues, pay close attention to the actions and decisions of our elected officials, and educate ourselves and others about the importance of VOTING in every election!  Let's work together to be the change we need! 

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