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    Family Assessment/ How Do We Bring Back the Family? A Tribute to Mothers

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    Family Assessment/ How Do We Bring Back the Family? A Tribute to Mothers
    Bring Back the Family focuses on the youth and  what we need to do as parents and community to help our youth to be good productive citizens. What's the answer? The state of our youth today and what we are seeing and hearing about our young people is alarming. What do you think should happen? School is out in a few weeks, so how did your youth do? What will they do to prepare for the next school year? and what adjustments should be made? Recognizing our mothers and the part they play in taking their children to another level of responsibility. We want to hear your suggestions on bringing back the family.
    If We Dont Help the Youth NOW, We Will Be VICTIMS of Not Helping Later...

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    Test for Mrs. Frisky

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    This is a Testing of BlogTalk Radio for Mrs. Frisky.

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    Phoenix Public Library

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    On today's show, we discuss The Phoenix Public Library with Lee Franklin and Joanna Marroquin. Your Phoenix Public Library is more than a warehouse for books! Our mission is focused on what we can do for and with people in our communities. We are a cornerstone that supports early literacy, education, entrepreneurship, empowerment, and engagement. In 2017, Phoenix Public Library was able to continue to serve as a heart of our community in collaboration with our partners, our staff, and our customers.
     Guest Speaker Information:
     Lee Franklin and Joanna Marroquin Website: http://phxlib.org

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    Cheaper Dental Plans help raise money for Schools and Churches

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    Cheaper Dental Plans help raise money for Schools and  Churches on Building Fortunes Radio.
    In today's society, the American public is bombarded everyday from all sides for donations.  How can you choose who to help, especially with the constant rising costs just to pay expenses and keep a family going.
    Cheaper Dental Visit is a dental plan that accepts everyone.  No contracts, so you can cancel anytime.  Our savings offer anywhere from 15% to 50% on dental procedures, and our Family Plan is only $19.95 per month, plus a one time administration fee of $4.95.  Our Family Plan will include as many immediate family members living in the household, and we have thousands of Dentists to choose from.
    Here is how we can help your school, church, or non-profit organization.  We will provide you with your own 'Discount Code' that can be applied while checking out.  This will automatically do two things, first eliminate the $4.95 administration fee, and lower the monthly Family Plan.  Now a family will only pay $14.90 per month, a 25% savings. 
    Now,with your Discount Code ,this will allow us to track everyone that you signed up, and starting the second month, your organization will receive $2.50 per policy, and you will receive $2.50 per month as long as the policy stays in place. 
    So many families are bypassing dental procedures due to the high costs.  Now there is an affordable option, did you know that 3.5 million people per year get braces, now they can save thousands of dollars.
    Please go to CheaperDentalVisit.com, and use this Demo code, DBM, and you will see how the codes work.  This is a perfect fundraising option.

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    The Legendary MercCity Hip-Hop Program

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    WBNN Communications 9:00pm EDT www.blogtalkradio.com / #TheLegacyContinues #bevnatstrong Join us for our 3738th presentation of Ngozi Time Multimedia LLC w/ our topic: The Emergence of the Deadbeats (Mom & Dad just saying) by Hunny Bee OladSki w/ Beverly Nation Online Radio @ O.N.E Universe