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    Close Up Radio to Highlight Research Scientist Emmanuel J. Ajala

    in Medicine

    NEW YORK, NY - Emmanuel Joseph Ajala is a biomedical researcher and principal investigator on a relentless quest to resolve some of the scariest diseases of our times. Some of these quests began when a person near and dear to him was stricken by a particular disorder and he wanted to get to its root cause, such as Frontal Temporal Dementia and Breast Cancer.
    Emmanuel was born in Nigeria and came to the US to attend university as his studies advanced. He has a BS in Chemistry and an MS in Chemistry and is a candidate for his PhD. He was also invited, in the middle of his studies, to attend Medical School (Podiatry) and has worked as a professor, surgical technician and research scientist. He is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Chemistry the American Chemical Society, and the New York Medical Association, and was featured in multiple Who’s Who editions. He has many more years of experience than other researchers; scientific expertise that enabled him to get to where he is today.
    He is certainly a scientist in eminent standing, and while employed full time in the daytime, it is the night-time work in his own private company that has the most significance.
    One study that Emmanuel Ajala is heavily involved in, is silencing the COVID-19 pathway through a set of glycoproteins derived from the immune system’s dual mitochondrial and endosomal compartments. In plain language, this means he knows that sugar metabolism is chemically related to breaking down the virus, and a potential cure may be a substance close to insulin.
    “The people on the right, left, east and west all need to get together, to share discoveries and work on the cure.”
    If you are interested in connecting with Emmanuel Ajala, send an email to him: Ola5261@netzero.net

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    Rose Gaudion ask the question are ready to "Revamp your Life" On the Edge

    in Psychology

    https://www.hypnotherapy2bfree.com Hello, my name is Rose and I am a 51-year-old woman born and raised in the Netherlands. I am happily married with a beautiful daughter who means the world to me. ? My journey through life has been one with ups and downs. At a young age, my parents' divorce, coupled with being bullied in school, toxic relationships, and physical abuse from an alcoholic partner, left me with deep emotional scars. Later on, my marriage was torn apart by the bullying and insults I endured from my in-laws, making it difficult for me to navigate daily life. ? This constant struggle left me stressed, anxious, and sleep-deprived. I sought medical help, but I was only offered medication to help me sleep, without addressing the root cause of my problems. Feeling helpless and frustrated, I was determined to find a lasting solution. ? Eventually, I stumbled upon Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), and it was a game-changer. RTT helped me identify the root of my issues and showed me how to overcome them, giving me the freedom to live the life I wanted. ? I made a promise to myself to help others who are struggling like I did. I believe that everyone deserves to be happy, free, and live the life they want, without fear and anxiety holding them back. My mission is to help you find your freedom and happiness, so you can live your best life.

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    Sahaj Kaur on the Art of the Yogic lifestyles, yoga, diet and Akashic Readings

    in Social Sciences

    https://youtu.be/YgoJT_AO28Q Youtube version
    www.SahajKaur.com Sat Nam, Nice to Meet You My journey into healing and becoming a yogi began when a good friend invited me to a Kundalini yoga class. When I walked outside after the session, a quiet, clear voice in my head stated, “THIS WILL SAVE YOU.” As I listened to it, knowing it came from a deep place, the question emerged: save me from what? I already felt accomplished as an artist who had helped develop artist housing in Boston and had a successful career. Life was good, I thought. My boyfriend and I were involved in communities and seemingly thriving. Yet I followed the voice and began to practice and study Kundalini yoga, which transformed my life. How did it transform my life? I have become steady, flexible, and content and continually pursue growth. I became blissful, happy, and content, releasing old emotions and family baggage. Those old emotional patterns had damaged my relationships and caused me to shut down areas of myself. As I cleared these energies and developed a practice, my life came into a flow. And this is a continual process as I grow. It has become abundantly clear how important is to lead a successful life, we all need the healing and release of energetic blocks, fears, and misperceptions. From healing and practicing Yoga, I can now help others. My daily practice is essential to my well-being and gives me the strength, insight, and clarity to serve others. My students have found this work crucial in their journeys to being more deeply themselves. As a traditionally trained yoga teacher, I bring you a joyful and knowledgeable lifelong study of Yoga which includes formal initiation and study with traditional swamis in India, as well as in-depth training in several modalities of Yoga (Kundalini, Hatha, and Ashtanga). 

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    President Biden signed Executive Order 14096

    in Energy

    Solar Now And The Future with Its Economic Impact On Black America
    Call-In# 646-668-2948 ----  EPISODE 308
    Date: 5/3/2023 .... Episode 30.  Hosted By: Ronald Bethea
    Host: Introduction: 11:00 -11:03 am est.: Introduction
    Host: 11:04 am -11:33- am est.: Topic of Discussion: President Biden signed Executive Order 14096 
    Host: 11:34 am -11:37 am est.: Commerical
    Host: 11:38-12:27 pm est.: Topic of Discussion: How Small and Minority Businesses Can Get a Share of the $Billions in BIL Contracting Opportunities!
    Host: 12:28-12:30 am est.:Closing Reemarks

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    DNAMatches: Learning About Your History And Identity From Your DNA (Test)

    in Science

    Good Day All - My name is Steve Handy. DNA Genealogy is one of my hobbies which I started in 2011. Since then, I have learned much about my family, it history, etc. In the general public, I see and hear a lot about DNA testing. Unfortunately, I come across many misconceptions about DNA testing.
    The purpose of the radio podcast to dispel such myths if I can through science. 

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    Becoming the "Observer" with Mindset & Yoga with Johanna Godinez

    in Psychology

    We welcomed Johanna Godinez on our sister podcast to talk about her entrepreneurial journey. Her story and the way she looks at life fits so well into what Julie teaches about the brain/personality connection, we had to have her back. Join us as Johanna shares how she discovered ways to cope with the heavy demands of the corporate world and how that journey led her to appreciate mindset.
    Connect with Johanna:
    Bay-LifeStyle.com Johanna@Bay-LifeStyle.com Instagram LinkedIn 815.501.5070 20% Off Retreats with code Brain Lady Listen in here or go to Julie's YouTube channel (link below) to watch the video podcast.
    Connect with Brain Lady Julie
    Do you have a great question or topic you'd like Brain Lady Julie to cover? Think you'd be a great guest? Message our producer Kelli@BrainLadySpeaker.com and let us know.
    PLEASE NOTE: The information contained in this podcast is not at any time and for any reason meant to replace the guidance and/or treatment of any health professional. Whether it be a medical doctor, psychologist, psychotherapist, or anyone in the medical field. If you are under the care of such a health professional, remember this is an “added value” and not designed to replace any care you are currently under. 

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    Women are from Venus men are from mars

    in Psychology

    It's  been done over and over again... but that's the lay of the land. Men and Women are completely different in generally every way. Join Kurtizent & Neci as they discuss this very topic this Sunday 9 pm est. on Bhindthescen Radio (914)205-5664

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    Marauder Radio 10: Bad Zoom Calls, Vegas & Yard Work

    in Psychology

    Bob Zima, Frequent Flyer to Hell and Back, is at the Grumpy Gator Cafe studio. Marauder Radio is Pirate Radio for Male Mental Wellness and offers a roller-coaster ride of ideas for YOUR mental health, a treasure trove of inspirational rants, and a ship full of witty and satirical lampooning of the psychological industry in ‘Merica.  Improve your life and relationships while learning, laughing, and thinking!
    Today Bob discusses his trip to Vegas, Zoom calls that go wrong, and yard work.
    Bob’s “Bubba Counseling” encourages everyone to engage in a cranium-rectum extraction and then get busy having fun and enjoying all that life has to offer.

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    New rap

    in Environment

    New rap artist
     lil perk