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Kitchen Politics 123 Radio Show with David Franklin & Lori Pica- host a lively show with a liberal slant, dissecting Republican philosophy, Republican policies, right-wing talking points and attitudes, and a variety of hot button political issues of the day. We occasionally have scheduled guests who take your calls. But mostly, you're our guests - and we welcome callers from all political spectrums (yes, that includes conservatives). If you're interested in joining a discussion that's a little bit irreverent and unruly sometimes? Join us on KITCHEN POLITICS 123 RADIO SHOW. We won't do a Fox "News" and mute you. We won't do a "Hannity" and humiliate you. We won't hang up on you, talk over you or censor you. The worst we'll do is disagree with you. You'll have your forum - but you might find yourself in the midst of a hot debate backed by facts and statistics. Be brave and courageous. Join Kitchen Politics 123 at www.facebook.com/kitchen politics 123 "We're Not Anti-Social, Just Anti-Stupid...LET'S GET COOKIN'!" Telwphone: (515) 605-9802

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Has the time come to eat the super wealthy? Money talks and bullsh*t walks. But, does being born into wealth, or acquiring it over an extended period of time through hard work, change who a person really is? Money is like alcohol and certain illicit hardcore drugs. It gives some people a sense of invincibility. Is building more wealth, through whatever means, a good thing in the long run? Wealth equals access and great privilege for the few. It's empowering to be a shot caller and influencer as it gives unlimited power to do things, good and bad, that can be life changing to the world. The real question is: Does wealth bring real happiness and fulfillment? How do you personally view wealthy people? Are they, for the most part, villians or a positive influence who change the world for the better? If you were to acquire wealth overnight, would it change who you are? How would it change you? We don't despise wealthy people. What we do cringe at is their excesses and grandiose behavior. Their greed and lack of compassion. Their sense of entitlement and lack of empathy. How much more will ever be enough? Thanks for joining the broadcast tonight. Call in at (515) 605-9802. Say your first name and where you're calling in from? Don't be disrespectful to the hosts nor others who may be on the air with you as well. Turn off all background noises and, most importantly, have fun in the discussion. This is a podcast for everyone. Differences in opinions make life more interesting. www.kitchenpolitics123.com and www.blogtalkradio.com/progressivetalkgo Episode #: 12348721. Original Air Date: 06/23/2024 Kitchen Politics 123 Radio Show with David Franklin and Lori Pica "We're Not Anti-Social, Just Anti-Stupid...LET'S GET COOKIN'!"

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This past week news you may have missed and what to expect in the coming week. The latest on Trump, Biden, international news and everything politics that shape our world. Tune in and let's have a blast as we delve into hot button... more

America has gone down that rabbit hole of debunked, crazy conspiracy theories. And with the cutting of spending on public schools, critical thinking has taken a severe beating. Republicans have been trying to eliminate the Education... more

Carl Marlinga is a Democrat running in Michigan's Congressional District 10. He was the nominee in 2022. Michigan's Congressional District 10th is in Macomb and Oakland Counties. Mr. Marlinga has deep roots in Congressional District... more

Donald Trump is a vile, evil and disgusting man who has threatened that all hell will break loose 72 hours before his trial is to start for paying off adult film star Stormy Daniels. Jack Smith said he has video evidence of Donald Trump... more

The Kennedy name is American political royalty. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is running as an Independent candidate for President of the United States in 2024. Camelot returns. What impact will he have in a 3 way race, you think? Will you... more

Is America in a political panic? If yes, what can be done to stop it? Who started it? Is it too late to make amends and start fresh?

Alex is a social/political activist from Michigan. They are the founder of Forever Pride Action and a freshman at Michigan State University. We will discuss LGBTQ+ issues and how society can accept diversity, spread love and... more

This is the place for the latest in US politics and pop culture. Current events that shape the world you live in. Glad you can join us tonight. Call us at 515-605-9802. Say your first name and where you're calling in from. Please turn off all... more

Biden and Democracy versus Trump and Fascism. A broken Capitalist system has two ways out: Either Fascism or Social Democracy. Is Trump a Fascist or just a useful idiot to those who control America behind the scenes? There's... more

A lot of things going on politically in the United States. Supreme Court hearing on birth control, Trump gets gag order. But will that stop him from blabbing his mouth? Rona Romney-McDaniel fired by MSNBC. Biden calls out Trump and the... more

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