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  • News for the Soul - Intuition, Empowerment, Inspiration & Beyond (646) 595 4274

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    Empowerment, Inspiration & Beyond (646) 595 4274
    Welcome to the BTR Edition of NEWS FOR THE SOUL: Life Changing Talk Radio from the Uplifting to the Unexplained. NFTS was launched in January 1997 as a positive news newspaper in the Vancouver, B.C. area in January 1997 by journalist Nicole Whitney. Over the years, NFTS evolved into the NFTS RADIO NETWORK :::
    Find all of todays NFTS show listings here: http://www.newsforthesoul.com/shows-

  • Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 3143

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    Tonight's special guest is David Shubert from Pueblo, Colorado, an author and a Parental Alienation Activist. His latest book, 'Stolen Memories', is a memoir about parental alienation, International parental abduction, family court abuse, and International Hague Convention court Memoir about parental alienation, International parental abduction, family court abuse, and International Hague Convention court. David describes how his children were abducted by their mother and spirited off to another country. This book is his true-life story of how one father fought for twenty years to be in the lives of his daughter and stepson again. As a loving parent, David Shubert never gave up on bringing his children home again against all odds. "As an alienated or left-behind parent, oftentimes we feel as though our life is spiraling out of control," David says. "From the alienation of our children to the never-ending flow of emotions we feel due to the loss of our children, we are left in a constant state of numbness. Is it any wonder that alienated parents suffer so much and for so long? No, and this is understandable given these sets of circumstances. The average person will never understand the level of heartache an alienated or left-behind parent or grandparents carry inside them. Instead, they may feel we embellish these emotions and must learn to let go, but how can we? Until we are able to hold our children in our arms again, this pain will remain a constant in our lives. There will seldom be moments of joy or peace or even, happiness until this nightmare ends. Until that day reunification arrives, we are forced to travel the roads of parental alienation. Please visit the new website: www.aparentingaffair.com

  • Women in Transitions and Tools to Support You with Guest Christie Watrous

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    Women have a variety of transitions across the span of their lives.  How to manage all of it?  What are some tools to get us through the tough times?  And, tools to celebrate the good times as well...
    Christie and Christie, have a lot in common.  Both in the field of social work and both trained in Somatic methods to support women.  Join them in this episode and learn how to become fully resourced for all that life sends your way!
    Christie Bemis is a psychotherapist, a sex educator and relationship coach, an ignite your life mentor, and author.  She co-founded and now owns and operates Hot Pink YOUniversity, solo.  She is a Sex Educator and Relationship Coach, trained in the Somatica® Method of relationships and intimacy building, as well as certified in Level 1 of John Gottmans work.  Her work ignites women and couples to reconnect with passions, purpose and play.  You can find her coaching, her book, her wisdom cards and her offerings at www.hotpinkyou.com
    Christie Watrous is Clinically trained with a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Kansas. Currently a graduate of the Somatica® Institute Coaching program, enrolled as an advanced student working towards full certification in 2023. I was also one of four women’s sexual wellness professionals selected nationwide for the 2023 Back to the Body™ Practitioner Mentorship Program. Most recently, I received my certification as a facilitator of the Lotus Lift Meditation© created by Pamela Madsen, founder of Back to the Body.™ Founder and CEO of Embodied Life Transitions

  • The Zoe Moon Astrology Pluto in Aquarius and Mars in Cancer Show

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    The astrology this week is about our first week of Pluto in Aquarius and Mars moving into Cancer. Tune in with Zoe Moon to hear how it may impact your sign! 

  • Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 3144

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    Q & A call-in discussion with a survivor-professional, using an OPEN MIKE forum. We'll feature a survivor-professional co-host who'll field topics brought to the episode by you, the listener. ~~ Tonight the special co-host is Monica Boglin from Puyallup, Washington, a survivor of sexual, physical, and emotional child abuse. Her preditors were all family members, and her parents were intent on passing on to Monica the behavior that their parents had done to them. She also has lived with Lupus since she was 29, a painful autoimmune disease that has long been linked to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Monica became a life coach and a therapist and notes, “I've finally found a way to forgive the unforgivable and to firmly keep anyone and everything harmful out of my life been linked to." She's earned her Masters degree in metaphysical science and counseling and is well on her way to earning a PhD in the same field. "I hope to further use my story as a way to become of service and to help those along the path to their own healing, because I now know that hope and help is available.” ~~ On these episodes we welcome various co-hosts, survivor-professionals who'll assist in fielding questions and lead a variety of topics suggested by our call-in participants. Their trauma-informed perspectives as survivor-professionals will help them guide discussions on the issues of child abuse, trauma and healthy human sexuality that spring from questions and topics brought to us by our listeners. ~~ Everyone's invited to engage on tonight's show. ~~ Please visit the NAASCA.org web site.

  • Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 3145

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    Tonight's special guest is Laura West from Halifax, Nova Scotia, a child abuse survivor and now an activist and coach who was sadistically, brutally and ritualistically beaten and tortured by her older brother for the first 16 yrs of her life. Her parents blamed for Laura for the beatings. They would say “What did you do to make him so angry?” She felt like everything was her fault and had a guilty conscience for things happening outside of her control. "I was terrified of men and anyone in a position of authority as my body would prepare for war in their presence. It affected my relationships because I would make sure I wasn’t abandoned by abandoning them first." And that's not all. "It affected my work because I felt like I always did everything wrong and so I spent the majority of my life struggling to survive anyway I could. I was easily manipulated and taken advantage of as I didn’t know how to determine who to trust or how." Laura didn’t know what was wrong with her and would ask strangers, acquaintances, friends and family to analyze her and tell her what was wrong with her. "I went into debt on counsellors, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, life coaches, shaman, psychics, meta-physical gurus and anyone who promised relief. I was told I was depressed, anxious or manic and was prescribed drugs for depression, anxiety, and mood disorders. None of which helped me." Laura concludes, "I finally found true help through self-help books and 12 step groups explaining how my brain developed, how and why I was getting ‘hi-jacked’ when triggered. I learned life skills that I was never taught."

  • Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month

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    Education and information on cerebral palsy of all ages. Most think cerebral palsy is a childhood thing. No two people are alike.
    Hosts: Tonya Lambert and Lori Jean Finnila

  • Marauder Radio for Male Mental Wellness LVIE

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    Bob Zima, Frequent Flyer to Hell and Back, is LIVE in the Grumpy Gator Cafe studio. Marauder Radio is Pirate Radio for Mental Wellness and offers a roller-coaster ride of mental health, a treasure trove of inspirational rants, and a ship full of witty lampooning of the psychological and religious industries here in ‘Merica.  Improve your mental wellness and psychological fitness while learning, laughing, and thinking!”
    You can join the mayhem by calling in, asking questions, challenging Bob, and sharing your stories and adventures of dealing with the Bullsh!t of Life.
    Bob’s “Bubba Counseling” encourages everyone to engage in a cranium-rectum extraction and then get busy having fun and enjoying all that life has to offer.

  • Sociologist  Laura L. Reagan On Being Grandparents

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    Family Sociologist, Teen and Parent Communication Coach, often referred to as the Teen and Parent Relationship Whisperer, & Bestselling Author of How to Raise Respectful Parents: Better Communication Tips for Teen and Parent Relationships, Laura L. Reagan returns to the show.  This time, Laura will discuss passionate living as a grandparent, now that she has had the experience of being a grandmother for the past 2 and 1/2 years.
    And Dr. Mara with more on Passionate Living and Caregiving in the "new normal."

  • What is Etiquette Anyway? Celebrating Women's History Month Part Three

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    Happy Women's History Month!  We will continue our celebration celebrating women.  
    As a special tribute to women during International Women's History Month, we invited our special guest and friend-to-the-show, former President WFWP USA (2010-2023) and current WFWP USA National Advisor, Dr. Angelika Selle. 
    She  will lead the discussion and help us understand about "Women's Role in Peacemaking" based on the many contributions to peace women have already made throughout history and are still making. Yet to this day,  many women feel they don't have a voice. Yet there will be no peace without women's involvement,
    Dr. Selle will highlight some of the obstacles and challenges in that area and share some practical tips as to how be an effective peace leader wherever you are.
    You may join the conversation by calling 516-418-5894.

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