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  • Martial Arts Masters & Pioneers Radio Network with Professor Gary Lee

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    Award-Winning Talk Radio AMAA Network presents “Parts Unknown" 
    With Pioneer and Creator of the Sport Karate Museum Professor Gary Lee and Co-Host Dean “The Wolverine" Pyles and Tang Soo Do Animal AJ Perry--Together they interview some of the top pioneers in the Martial Arts and Sport Karate. 
    Tune in live at:
    9:30 PM Eastern Standard Time
    8:30 Texas Time 
    7:30 Mountain Time 
    6:30 PM Pacific 
    SETVR.APP “The Hologram Experience “  The History Generals Portals of the Sport Karate Museum
    Click the link below to purchase the NEW Sport Karate History General Biography Book Today! 
    Sponsored by the American Martial Arts Alliance (www.WhosWhoInTheMartialArts.com) & Elite Publications (www.ElitePublications.org)

  • Dare To Win

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    A sober discussion of the economic and political plight of Black people and the global cooperative economic model that provides an exact method of gaining economic and political self-determination.  We are building the global machinery for our economic freedom and sovereignty and the methodology to pass it forward to future generations

  • Mind Traps: Overcoming the Negative Thoughts Blocking Your Dreams

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    - Welcome listeners to the podcast.
    - Briefly introduce the topic of negative thoughts and their potential to sabotage dreams.
    **Understanding Negative Thoughts
    - Define what negative thoughts are and how they manifest.
    - Discuss the common sources of negative thoughts, such as past experiences, fear of failure, or societal pressures.
    **The Impact of Negativity on Goal Pursuit
    - Explain how negative thinking patterns can lead to self-doubt and procrastination.
    - Share examples of how negativity can derail progress towards personal and professional goals.
    **Strategies to Overcome Negative Thinking
    - Introduce cognitive-behavioral techniques to identify and challenge negative thoughts.
    - Discuss the role of mindfulness and meditation in managing negative thought patterns.
    - Offer practical tips for cultivating a positive mindset, such as gratitude journaling and positive affirmations.
    **Success Stories
    - Share anecdotes or case studies of individuals who overcame negative thinking to achieve their dreams.
    - Highlight the changes they made in their thought processes and behaviors that contributed to their success.
    **Conclusion and Call to Action
    - Summarize the key points discussed in the podcast.
    - Encourage listeners to reflect on their own thought patterns and take proactive steps to combat negativity.
    - Provide resources for further learning and support, such as books, websites, or support groups.

  • Igniting Your Inner Compass: A Guide to Self-Motivation in Times of Uncertainty

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    - Briefly introduce the topic of self-motivation in the face of uncertainty.
    - Share a personal anecdote or a relatable story to connect with the audience.
    **Understanding the Feeling of Being Lost (2-5 minutes)**
    - Discuss the common reasons why individuals may feel lost or directionless.
    - Acknowledge the emotional impact of such periods and the importance of self-compassion.
    **The Power of Self-Awareness (5-10 minutes)**
    - Emphasize the role of self-awareness in identifying personal strengths, passions, and values.
    - Guide listeners through a reflective exercise to help them pinpoint what truly matters to them.
    **Setting Micro-Goals (10-15 minutes)**
    - Explain how setting small, achievable goals can create momentum and a sense of progress.
    - Offer examples of micro-goals and encourage listeners to define their own.
    **Cultivating a Growth Mindset (15-20 minutes)**
    - Introduce the concept of a growth mindset and its significance in overcoming feelings of stagnation.
    - Share tips on how to develop resilience and embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.
    **Finding Inspiration and Support (20-25 minutes)**
    - Suggest ways to seek inspiration, such as engaging with uplifting content or connecting with mentors.
    - Stress the importance of building a supportive community and how to leverage it for motivation.
    **Actionable Steps to Move Forward (25-30 minutes)**
    - Summarize the key takeaways and encourage listeners to take concrete steps towards self-motivation.
    - Close with an inspiring message that reinforces the idea that everyone has the power to find their way.

  • Elevate Your Existence: Enhancing Quality of Life

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    we will explore actionable strategies that can lead to a more fulfilling and joyful existence.
    1. **Mindfulness and Presence**:
       - Begin by understanding the power of mindfulness. Learn to anchor yourself in the present moment, reducing stress and increasing contentment.
    2. **Health and Wellness**:
       - Dive into the importance of physical health. Discuss the impact of diet, exercise, and sleep on your overall well-being.
    3. **Personal Growth and Learning**:
       - Emphasize the role of continuous learning and personal development. Explore how acquiring new skills and knowledge can enrich your life.
    4. **Relationships and Community**:
       - Examine the significance of nurturing relationships and being part of a community. Share tips on how to cultivate meaningful connections.
    5. **Financial Stability and Freedom**:
       - Address the importance of financial health. Offer advice on budgeting, saving, and investing to secure your financial future.
    6. **Work-Life Balance**:
       - Discuss strategies for achieving a balance between your professional and personal life. Highlight the benefits of setting boundaries and prioritizing time.
    7. **Leisure and Recreation**:
       - Encourage listeners to make time for hobbies and activities they enjoy. Explain how leisure can lead to a more balanced and satisfying life.
    8. **Contribution and Giving Back**:
       - Talk about the fulfillment that comes from contributing to the greater good. Inspire listeners to find ways to give back to their communities.

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