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Close Up Radio with veteran award-winning broadcast TV and radio hosts/media personalities Jim Masters and Doug Llewelyn is an exciting, informative, entertaining, thought-provoking and empowering broadcast series featuring several LIVE episodes daily and is a service of the Telly-award winning Close Up Television, a full service media company that provides entrepreneurs, business owners and extraordinary people a platform to share their story worldwide. On Close Up Radio, we feature fascinating guests from every walk of life! Entertainment, music, publishing, art, travel, health & wellness, self-help, sports, business, finance, science and much more. With shows 7 days a week, Close Up Radio with Jim Masters and Doug Llewelyn offers you the opportunity to hear amazing stories from amazing guests and from around the globe. Join us! We also invite you to like and enjoy our Facebook Fan Page at: www.facebook.com/CloseUpRadio. Thank you! Welcome to Close Up Radio!

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Upper Marlboro, MD - With 98% of Americans looking for remote work, it is estimated that 32.6 million Americans will be working remotely by 2025. What does remote work mean for corporations? According to Organizational Development Consultant Pamela Dudoff, ?We know that organizations perform best when they are able to create a strong culture, where employees feel there is a common purpose and feel connected to the people they work with. Today's biggest struggle for executives and CEOs is figuring out how to create that culture of community while being respectful that employees really are capable of doing good work remotely. Remote work is outside leaders' experiences, and managers don't know how to create a strong culture with remote employees. The reality is that positive cultures can be cultivated remotely and a lot of leaders and managers still have the very outdated belief that people won't do good work from home.? The role of a Coach is also very different from traditional HR. ?We all have biases, what we are comfortable with. What makes coaching so valuable is we ask questions to help clients find new solutions. I like to ask, ‘What is it that makes you think that? Are there other options?' The goal is to help clients think differently and to ask, is what they're doing now working, and if it's not, what else could they be doing? It's very hard to see how things can be different on your own. That's what a coach does—opens clients to move beyond their biases so they can see situations in a different way. For more information, please visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/pameladudoff and https://www.ontargetcoaching.net/
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