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    Divorcing a Narcissist is ALWAYS High Conflict with Divorce Coach Susan Shofer

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    A relationship with a narcissist is a recipe for a difficult marriage. When these unions are followed by divorces, and they usually are, those divorces are considered “high conflict”. Narcissists, entitled, exploitative, arrogant, and lacking empathy become highly aggressive during this process. They are deceitful, unreasonably argumentative and revengeful.
    Most parents try to shield their children from unnecessary exposure to the divorce and try to keep them out of the conflict. This is not the mindset of a narcissist. Narcissists feel as if they must win every conflict.  Destroying the other spouse and their children in the process is a desired outcome. Children are considered pawns in their game. Determined to be as cruel as possible, as only narcissists can, children are weaponized and used against the innocent, loving parent.
    How do you navigate a nightmarish process such as this? Should you stay married to your abuser to avoid the rough road ahead. The answer is NO. You must leave but there are ways to do this and come out on the winning end. Today's special guest Susan Shofer is going to tell you how..
    Susan is a dear friend of mine, a colleague, and an outstanding divorce coach. She is renowned world-wide for the powerful Ted Talk she gave on Parental Alienation.
    As a divorce and custody ally, she helps women and men navigate the troubled waters of a family breakup by sharing her own organized and pragmatic approach to the divorce process. Susan successfully crossed her own highly contentious divorce and post-divorce battle and was triumphant in her fight against Parental Alienation.
    Susan is the author of The Divorce Recovery Ladder and a forthcoming book about parental alienation. She is a former private investigator, and has an MBA from Johns Hopkins University and BA from the Univ of Maryland.
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    Top Pet New Year Resolutions 2023

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    In his yearly Top New Year Pet Resolutions episode, Dr. Roger reflects on his experiences of the previous year and proposes a wish list for pet owners to consider for the coming new year as it pertains to their pets.  Tune in and listen to what is commonly one of teh most popular episodes of the year!
    Dr. Roger Welton is a practicing veterinarian and media personality, CEO/attending veterinarian at Premier Veterinary Care , and author of the top selling book, The Man In The White Coat.  Dr. Roger selects listener emails to be addressed on the air, so if interested in having your voice heard on the podcast, email comments or questions to comments@web-dvm.net.  For more content from Dr. Roger visit his blog at Web-DVM.net and you can also follow his public Facebook profile by friend requesting "Roger Welton DVM".

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    TS Radio Network: True Crime..Stewart Handte legal battle in Nevada

    in Moms and Family

    Sponsored by Shenanigans in Montgomery Co. PA  on Facebook
    Brought to you in coordination with Marcel Reid and Whistleblower Life
    Hosted by Marti Oakley & Coz Skaife
    Our guest tonight is Stewart Handte.  After a long honorable, career in law enforcement, Stewart finds he must defend himself from the State of Nevada for helping his friend Roger Hillygus rescue his mother who was being held in an assisted care facility.  Obviously, care of any kind was non-existent.
    The truth in this case is far different than what is being told.  What happened after Stewart and Roger were arrested?  And what exactly were they arrested for?  Who brought the charges, and why?  Are the courts, the DA and law enforcement  working together?  To what end?
    Please join us this evening as Stewart tells us what really happened.  And ask yourself...how did Roger end up in a wheelchair once in police custody? And why are both men being persecuted and prosecuted by the state of Nevada?
    Call in # 917-388-4520  Select #1 when the system answers to speak to the hosts and guests.

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    Birth Mother Matters in Adoption S3, Ep 218; A Difficult First Step

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    Birth Mother Matters in Adoption Season 3, Episode 218; A Difficult First Step 
    Building Arizona Families and AZ Pregnancy Help is an Adoption Agency in Arizona.  We are an adoption center where we help build families.  When pregnat women contact us and want to make an adoption plan, we understand that the first meeting can be a very emotional step.  Since we are a private adoption agency, we go the extra mile to make our new clients feel as supported as possible.
    Our adoption office is located in Phoenix, Arizona.  We are located off of a major highway and we take pride that in our office we have a non-perishable food pantry and a maternity clothing closet.  Our goal is to be a resource for women making an adoption plan.  
    Listen.  Learn.  Love.

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    Chicken Soup for the Soul: Lessons Learned from My Dog with Amy Newmark

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    This New Year is a great time to reflect upon how our dogs make us better people. If we rescued them, they rescued us back. If we’re sad, they comfort us. If we need to have more fun, they show us how. Join Amy Newmark, Chicken Soup for the Soul publisher, and I on Wednesday, January 25th, from 10 AM -11 AM CT U.S. We are discussing how dogs are our protectors, role models, and best friends! 
    Chicken Soup for the Soul: Lessons Learned from My Dog has 101 stories of how much we learn from our dogs - from keeping us company to providing unconditional love and sharing in the ups and downs of our lives. Attention dog lovers, you will be laughing, tearing up, and nodding your heads in recognition as Amy and I dive into these 101 touching, inspiring, and sometimes mind-boggling stories about all the ways in which our dogs enrich our lives, become part of our families and make us better people.
    Chicken Soup for the Soul is donating royalties from the book to American Humane. In keeping with Chicken Soup for the Soul’s support for pet adoption and shelters, the 101 stories chosen for the book from thousands of submissions are not only inspirational and fun, but also feature rescued dogs, including black dogs, senior dogs, and pit bulls, the categories of dogs that are often left behind at shelters. Chicken Soup for the Soul’s mission is to make people think “shelter first” when they’re considering adding a new pet to their families.

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    Execute Your Purpose & Model It Intentionally So Your Children Will Follow Suit

    in Family

    Do well and pass it forward! Its 2023, more than a week has passed and we are still plugging away at living our dreams, our passions, our goals and our purpose...or maybe not. Maybe there is a numbness and nonchalance that is setting in given the rapid changes going on personally, socio-politically, spiritually.  The truth is time won't stop, so we need to either start or continue living purposefully, authentically and multi-generationally so the future is blessed. Your future is watching...and learning
    Join us at 6:30 PM EST and thereafter on any podcast platform as we discuss being intentional in 2023 to pass the baton of fulfilling purpose and purposeful fulfillment on to our future generations
    Call into the show at (516) 453-9364
    Listen back later at on any podcast platform:
    iHeart: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/966-furthering-fatherin-29246509/ Our Website: http://www.furtheringfathering.org/radio-show/ BlogTalkRadio: https://www.blogtalkradio.com/furtheringfathering iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/furthering-fathering-radio/id961511610 Spreaker https://www.spreaker.com/show/furthering-fathering-radio And Google Play, Spotify,  
    Contact us at info@furtheringfathering.org and (888) 380-3370

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    Prayer Time with Bishop John Crenshaw & Dr. Janice Crenshaw

    in Family

    We Must Pray- Continue to Pray- Believe in Prayer, in the mighty name of JESUS!!!
    EVERY TUESDAY EVENING- 8PM EST.    Thank you and JESUS is LORD!!
    This is PRAYER TIME w/ BISHOP JOHN CRENSHAW.    Connect also with Dr. Janice Crenshaw on FACEBOOK for Wisdom Tips, Health Tips and The Word of the LORD: https://www.facebook.com/drjanicecrenshaw
     Every Believer in our LORD and KING JESUS the CHRIST are CALLED to PRAYER!!!
    CALL IN NUMBER: 347-843-4559---------------> WEBSITE AND CHAT ROOM: blogtalkradio.com/menletstalk
    Welcome to the Men's Let's Talk Internet and Global Radio Network where JESUS is LORD and the WORD of GOD Stands and HOLY SPIRIT GUIDES us!!!
    Prayer Time w/ BISHOP JOHN CRENSHAW!!!!   Thank you for your time and contact Kevin Vaughan @ 404-401-0233, as needed.   BLESSINGS in the name of our LORD!!!

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    Mothers and Daughters, Get Your Answers, Now!

    in Moms and Family

    Please, join us each Saturday morning from 10 to 11 AM, for an exciting Word from God! Our topic today,  Mothers and Daughters, Get Your Answers, Now! Call in and join the conversation at 347-539-5078. We look forward to hearing from you!
    Visit us at: Matriarchnow.com,                                                                                               App[e App Store: Mother and Daughter Television Network                                                           Android App Store:  Mother and Daughter TV Network   

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    Exploring Intentional Communities

    in Family

    Exploring intentional communities with Valeraine Snow one of the co-founders of Snake Village in Mena, Arkansas. We will hear about Valeraine experiences with intentional communities and why he decided to build Snake Village. 

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    "If I Can't See My Own Faults, How Do I Know If/When I've Done Wrong?"

    in Family

    Please join us live this Thursday as we discuss issues relative to possibly doing something wrong without knowing it.  Please tune in at drjessewalker.com or listen live at (347) 857-1769.  Thank you.

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