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    Leaky Gut Webinar Audio With Julia Ann Lee of Adored Beast

    in Pets

    www.RawDogFoodandCo.com - Your Pet's Health is Our Business - Friends Don't Let Friends Feed Kibble
    We ship the raw! One Stop Shopping raw food, treats, 
    bones and supplements.
    Listen to the Audio of the highly anticipated Leaky Gut Seminar put on with Julie Ann Lee the founder of Adored Beast. 
    Watch the full video webinar on the Raw Dog Food and Company Bitchute Channel

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    What is it like to be a mom and how can we create a tribe?

    in Moms and Family

    On today's episode, we're talking about what it's like becoming a mom, what it's like to be a momma, and why creating a tribe of supportive friends is important.
    A support network is essential in any momma's life. Whether you are a married mom, single mom, divorced mom, working mom, stay-at-home mom, new mom, caregiver mom, step-mom, grandma, auntie, single dad who fills that momma role, or just thinking about becoming a mom, a network of supportive family and friends can make a huge difference in how big we can live. Having suport and being supportive allows all of us to create and manifest our dreams for ourselves and nourish our children's dreams. 
    But, not everyone has a built-in network of family who is available and able to show up for us. Sometimes we have to create our tribe. Choose those who show up for you, and show up for them in return. 
    So what is a momma? Is there a difference between being a mom and being a momma? How do you know how to create a tribe? How can we better parent our kids? We're talking abuot what it means to be a momma, raising teen boys, why starting that tribe early is important, dealing with kids and screen time, and navigating parenthood during the pandemic. 
    Tune in and connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter @harvestingU. We'd love to hear from you!
    Aubrey & Theresa

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    Do You Have a Narcissistic Parent? with Narcissistic Abuse Expert Randi Fine

    in Family

    Today, Narcissistic Abuse Expert Randi Fine will be discussing the difficulties experienced by children of narcissistic parents.
    Emotional and psychological child abuse perpetrated by parents with narcissistic personality disorder is painfully unjust, neglectful and heartless. Children suffer very difficult lives and become severly damaged as a result of it. It changes who the children are forever.
    Listen to the show live or any time after it airs, or call into the live show on November 12th at 11am ET to speak to the show host, narcissistic abuse expert Randi Fine with your comments or questions. The number to call the live show is 424-220-1801.

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    Retail Rescue Part 2: Nefarious Stories from California, Florida & to Alaska

    in Pets

    Join Inspector Bark, Darcy Butkus, to discuss ways to report alleged scams within the animal rescue community & beyond. We are seeing more & more animal abuse and/or neglect happening way too often throughout this Country. Something has to be done. We must come together as a whole to abolish those that are using the backs of animals merely as a means to profit off of. This is becoming a common occurrence where the animals suffer the price. Learn what you can do to help.  
      Inspector Bark and her co-host Robin Russell,  founder of DR Doghouse Bully Crew Rescue from Studio City, Ca. will be discussing our goals & objectives in how to help YOU be a key asset in reporting wrongdoing to the proper authorities in your given state, whether on a local, state or federal level. Perhaps all 3. We will help walk you through the process.
    In addition, animal advocates from the state of Alaska will be sharing with us what is occuring with an outbreak of distemper in their state & how it is spreading to British Columbia. 
    Florida animal advocate for Miami-Dade Florida dogs, Yolanda Berkowitz will be sharing with us how she goes about reporting unscrupulous rescues in her area. 
    The animals need us to be their voice, we are asking for you to come on board & help us fight the fight to seek justice for the animals. Power in numbers!
    Darcy Butkus/Inspector Bark Licensed Private Investigator Georgia #PDE051724
    Inspector Bark Detective Agency #PDC002887

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    Birth Mother Matters Podcast S2, Ep 198: 20 Reasons Why Women Choose Adoption

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    Birth Mother Matters in Adoption Podcast Season 2, Episode 198: 20 Reasons Why Women Choose Adoption
    There are a multitude of reasons that birth mothers choose adoption.  Here are twenty of the reasons...
     Too young- teen mom Not ready to be a parent In financial distress Desire for baby to have the best life possible Struggling with addiction Pregnancy is a result of rape or incest No support – single parent maybe, no family? Life is presently unstable: unemployed/homeless Wanting different things out of life:  College, Demanding Job etc… Family is not in agreement with you parenting a baby Broken up with the birth father CPS/DCS- state involvement with other children Don't believe in abortion- religious Significant/severe health issues Currently in a  Domestic Violent situation Don't have the  time/resources/patience for another child Desire for your child raised in a two parent family The baby will have special needs and you are unable to care for your baby Adoption is free for BMs and they may be able to receive assistance The belief in adoption, maybe experienced adoption before These 20 reason for women choosing to make an adoption plan are only some of the reasons women choose adoption.
    Listen.  Learn.  Love.

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    Unfolding Layers of My Life to Live My Dream with Deirdre Maloney

    in Moms and Family

    Do you have a dark secret that's holding you back from loving yourself? After multiple breakdowns, while managing a bipolar disorder, four kids, and trying to keep up the visage she had created, Deirdre Maloney finally felt the world crashing down on her.
    The skeletons in her closet were on the attack, and if she didn’t deal with her past, it was going to deal with her. Sexual abuse, rape, and underage prostitution are only the beginning of Deirdre Maloney’s story. She digs into her darkest secrets to release the relentless thoughts of not being good enough.
    Deirdre's memoir, Unfold Me is a lesson on self-acceptance in the most profound way. She believes we must face the darkest parts of ourselves to be wholehearted. The unfolding of herself, who felt so much shame for the life she led as a young adult, will help you connect with a side of yourself that will bring you home to your truth! Walking through the fire of complex emotions is the only way to move forward.
    Today, as layers of Deirdre's life unfolded, she is busy living her dream as the founder of High Gate Racing, Canada's largest all-female competitive cycling team. She raises money for their youth development program and advocates for women in sports. Deirdre is also the co-founder of a women's support group in her community. She believes in sharing our stories to cultivate more collective healing. She lives in Ontario, Canada, with her husband and children.
    Join Deirdre Maloney and me on Tuesday, October 25, 11 A.M. - 12 NOON CT US. We will be having a conversation about her remarkable life's journey and how we can all  successfully unfold layers of ourselves to experience harmony and joyful living.

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    The Council of Elders Call-In Talk Show.

    in Family

    Silverio grew up in California and as a youth, he got into trouble and spent 20 years in prison. Now he runs his own business and mentors inmates and does public speaking.

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    Sheri Gazitt founder of Teen Wise : Parenting and partnering with our Teen/Tween

    in Youth

    Youtube version https://youtu.be/YxUspXRG2Cw
    I’m a parent educator, author, and teen life coach.And mom of three teenagers. PARENTS find me approachable and relatable and hire me to support and guide their teens. TEENS enjoy having a mentor and coach they can talk to. ORGANIZATIONS appreciate my presentations that combine theory and concrete pointers. I’m a parent and teen educator who delves into difficult topics that parents and teens face every day such as friendship issues, perfectionism, peer pressure, anxiety, and stress. I’m always happy to be a guest on TV and radio shows like Q13, Chat with Women, Disney Radio and podcasts. My training with Rachel Simmons (author of Odd Girl Out and Enough as She Is) was fabulous. My professional and personal experiences gives me a unique perspective on the teen world. I have three daughters spanning high school and college. All of them act as consultants and give their stamp of approval on my content.

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    Close Up Radio Spotlights Monica Gomiz of The Integrated Family

    in Family

    Spring, TX – As parents, we truly want our kids to be happy, healthy, successful and confident.
    But only when we have developed a healthy relationship with ourselves can we consciously parent our children.
    Monica Gomiz is a bilingual life coach for parents and children and the founder of The Integrated Family, where she offers a holistic and conscious approach to help parents transform themselves and connect with their kids.
    “I don't know anyone who doesn't want to have a healthy relationship with their child and be the best parent they can be,” says Monica. “So it’s about starting with that connection: helping the child feel seen, validated, understood and accepted just the way they are.”
    Children make sense of the world through the lens of their parents, so parents must be aware and conscious of how children interpret their parents’ behavior and the way they interact with them.
    “Every parent’s journey begins in their own childhood,” says Monica. “Parents will use with the same strategies and tools that their parents used with them. To raise whole, happy and confident children, parents must break dysfunctional family patterns and heal from their past.”
    “As a Conscious (Parenting) Family coach, my work is about helping families break generational trauma,” says Monica. “Generation after generation, we're passing on our own trauma from our own childhood to our children without even realizing it. My job is to open parents’ eyes and help them see that there are other ways of raising their child.”
    For more information, visit www.theintegratedfamily.co

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