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RECOVERING OUR OPERATIONS/ RECOVERING OUR LIBERTY Collective Recovery Recovering the Language Scrolls Recovering the Teachings Recovering the Calendar Recovering Our History Recovering Our Knowledge... more

The GREAT AWAKENING Continues . . . As We Learn To Forgive The Past The Present Each Other Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming. Nothing. We're All In This Together. Love One Another. Also . . . Welcome Indigo Children!

Tonight we continue . . . CAPTURED OPERATIONS Christianity - A Captured Operation Loss Of Calendar Loss of Sabbath Loss of Knowledge The Protestant Reformation - A Captured Operation Basics & Foundations Fear of Man... more

CAPTURED OPERATIONS An Historical Review . . . from . . . "IN THE BEGINNING" Genesis To Calvary Calvary to Rome Rome to Protestant Reformation Protestant Reformation Flees; Rome Follows Christianity . . .... more

Empathy 101 - Empathic Speech Empathic Language

Taking a Look Back As We Move Forward This is Legacy Episode from NOVEMBER 4, 2013 The call-in number is no longer valid, nor the website. Much has changed and there has been Much Growth in the Ministry. The Ministry... more

**** Warning **** Delusion Shattering Content **** MIRY CLAY & THE DUST IN THE WIND Infiltration Rather Than Invasion Parasites Pollutions PuPs The Body and The Mind Disease Induction Reality Bending Real Time Algorithms for... more

The Great Awakening Continues . . . The Election was Stolen - Give it Back Infiltration Rather Than Invasion Who Is WHO? Tonight - Aliens Among Us? The ET Lands . . . Quantum Healing Medical https://amg-news (dot)... more

Tonight we'll continue . . . Empathy 101 Mirrors, Narratives and Expectations

Who Is Who? . . . Continues Genesis 6 Enoch 6 Annunaki, Nephilim and Watchers - OH MY! Hamming It Up to Nimrod . . . While We Were Slaves . . . Modern Day Decendants Red Shields - NOT of Judah Many More