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Using Words as Weapons & The Law as a Sword Israel's President Addressed Congress Semetic describes a LANGUAGE not a Race nor a Religion. Stop SLAUGHTERING Chickens. Beware the Offense of Dan Talmud is NOT Torah... more



This Physical & Metaphysical The Micro & Macro


GAME OVER? Politic-ally Education-ally Worship-ally Equal-ally Sovereign-ally Secure-ally Expresive-ally Patriots and Adonai and In Control. Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming. Nothing.

God Eternal Within the Body

THE STILL SMALL VOICE Do You Hear What I Hear? The HaShem in the Body יהוה -- YHVH The Seed of the Woman mtDNA -- Maternal Inheritance Pistis Sophia - Wisdom The Thought The Voice The Light Logos -The Word HaShem... more

A BRIEF HISTORY IN TIME . . . Narratively Speaking . . . Variations of a Theme Adam & Eve The Serpent & The Lilith Why Cain? What of The Lilith? The Spirit of Moloch Nimrod/Simeramus/Tamuz

RECOVERING OUR OPERATIONS/ RECOVERING OUR LIBERTY Collective Recovery Recovering the Language Scrolls Recovering the Teachings Recovering the Calendar Recovering Our History Recovering Our Knowledge... more