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The TRUTH [They] Don't Want You to Believe . . . Ephesians 6:12 All the Cats - Sans the Bags . . . "It's Going to Be Biblical!" Dishing the Dish and Ready to Serve; Prepare for the ψΦπ. What We're Really Fighting... more

More About the Game - So Far - Holding The Games People Play. A Slow Levy Brings Swift Destruction. Kiss Me Longer for a Touchdown! * Who is The Man on the Plane? Regarding the Mister Misters and the Many Mrs. Not Exactly... more

Now Is The Time For All Good Men To Come To The Aid of Their Country! AMERICA FIRST! It's All a Matter of Time . . . Boundaries . . . and Cognition. Testing? . . . Working . . . Organic vs. Synthetic & Signal vs. Noise Embedded... more

January 26, 2024 What Does Adonai Owe You? . . . Exactly! The Father has no need of sons; Sons have every need of the Father. James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father... more

GLOVES ARE OFF - FIERCE LOVE - INCQMING 1. Politcal Highlights - "See you on the trail." President Trump Keeps Working and Winning for We the People. Ron is Rescued from Campaigning. Rep. Scott & Vivek Show-up for Chuzma.... more

THEY'RE FULLY EXPOSED ERROR / WICKEDNESS / EVIL/ SIN *phone lines will be open after the break

He Stands At the Door and Knocks . . .

WHO ARE THE 4 LIVING CREATURES, THE WHEELS and THE 24 ELDERS? From Israel to The King; it Started with the Bier; as Shall We. Revelation 4:7 Four Living Creatures with Eyes Four and Twenty Elders Myriads of Myriads Ezekiel... more

A Great Disturbance Among the Dishes

TO WHOM WITH LOVE? . . . Exactly! What About That Epiphany? What was Given What The Maji Knew What Frances of Assissi Knew What We Should Consider Torah & Supporting Texts Leviticus 2 Kings 22 Matthew & Luke Book... more