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More About Them Blood Baths . . . Marketing Matters All that Glitters is NOT Gold It looks Good Everyone Else is Doing It Regulating Into a Corner Approved Options Directed Orchestra Predicted Outcome Apples & Oranges Protocols... more

Blood Bath - By the Numbers ​​​​​​Economic Blood Bath - by Any Means Necessary Locking Down Resources Opening the Border Giving Our Wealth to Other ( tax w/o Rep) Not Maintaining . . . Commerce Selling Lands to Foreign Adversaries... more

The Interlocutory Episode - These Means Are Necessary Triage Amid The Legal Blood Bath - by Any Means Necessary Ejean's Carroll Stormy Daniels NY Steal Estate RICO Willis Presidential Immunity/ Records

What Are We Looking At? What Does Subversion Look Like? What Does an "Invasion" Look Like? What Does Treason Look Like?

- BEHIND THE FRONTS - Is Putin Invading or is Putin Protecting "The Apple of his Eye?" Bio-Labs in Chyna Human Trafficking Dens SSR Ukraine Parading with Nazis Hidden in Plain Sight. When did NATO become ANYONE'S friend... more

The Art of Emotional De-Escalation Letting the Argument End Big Book Rules; Volume 3; Page 449; Leaving It On the Field Win/Lose/Draw Done is Done Accepting The Win Letting It Play Out Win/Win -it's about Perception Life on... more

The TRUTH [They] Don't Want You to Believe . . . Ephesians 6:12 All the Cats - Sans the Bags . . . "It's Going to Be Biblical!" Dishing the Dish and Ready to Serve; Prepare for the ψΦπ. What We're Really Fighting... more

More About the Game - So Far - Holding The Games People Play. A Slow Levy Brings Swift Destruction. Kiss Me Longer for a Touchdown! * Who is The Man on the Plane? Regarding the Mister Misters and the Many Mrs. Not Exactly... more

Now Is The Time For All Good Men To Come To The Aid of Their Country! AMERICA FIRST! It's All a Matter of Time . . . Boundaries . . . and Cognition. Testing? . . . Working . . . Organic vs. Synthetic & Signal vs. Noise Embedded... more

January 26, 2024 What Does Adonai Owe You? . . . Exactly! The Father has no need of sons; Sons have every need of the Father. James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father... more