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    Blooming Buds & Green Canopies in the Month of June...

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    A morning walk in the park reveals the blooms & buds of summer, along with the protective beautiful canopy of leaves & trees hanging overhead :-) . It's "Summertime" y'all !!! Full fledged summer season, as evidenced by the heat wave we are experiencing across the country (& ah, once again IF you don't believe in global warming, well :- / ?!) Nature has a way of helping you to breath better, walk taller & think clearer. Nature has a way of healing, mind, body & soul. Our minds, contrary to popular belief, are still agile and we should always be open to growth, even & esp. now. So bud & bloom Boomers in the month of June & Beyond...  The Possibiblities are BeauTful ....

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    Is it ok to go Dutch

    in Romance

    Johnnie and Barbara Discuss 

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    Yoruba  program

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    BE Lifestyle Radio Episode 31 JUNETEENTH/BLACK MUSIC MONTH Guest: Khalid Salaam

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    In this Episode 31st edition of BE Lifestyle Radio, the Host Letitia Dorsey affectionately called "The Dr"  brings, Special Guest: Khalid Salaam PKA @suitcoatjones,  to talk about June being Black Music Month, music & his artistry.Celebrate JUNETEENTH with us TONIGHT! . Phenomenal musician, producer, engineer & MORE!

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    Home Town Heroes with Mary Stanley Presents Santa Claus

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    Santa Papa John Wow the excitement and look on the children's faces of all ages when I walk into the room, or they see me for the first time. Everyone tells me I look so authentic. I am the Santa from their childhood. I am a father and a grandfather. I love children. listening to their stories and listening to them tell their stories. It makes your heart melt. I would love to help you create some amazing magical memories for your family or staff. willing to come to the Mpls metro area. We have expanded to do VIDEOS. Advertising, promotional and commercials to help your business. Newest idea..... Are you SANTA Approved, you need to be on this list. Let's talk

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    6/22/2024 Anointed & Appointed Word Ministries With Brother Norman Woodard

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    "The Understanding Of Change" {Job 14:14} Call 917.388.4161 Saturdays 10am EST / 9am CST to hear a Rhema Word, ask for prayer or give praise report.

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    2wkjh3dvs 23

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    Mental health. Self-care.

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    Our mental health is very important to ourselves  our personal professional relationships. Without self-care our mental health is affected. Let us explore ways of engaging in self-care, so as to monitor and to safeguard as well as maintain our relationships.
    youth social media and mental health

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    Which do you prefer, believing or knowing?  If the world describes me in a particular way, giving me characteristics without ever having met, does that change who and what I am? Perfection in my thinking is so far off in the distance, some days it is barely perceptable.  I am a small, imperceptible particle in a very big expanding universe. So far, one of those particles that experiences consciousness (as far as we know).  No longer do I feel a need to absorb all there is to see and know. There is so much uplifting energy coming from strangers I know but don't know sharing their preoccupations and obsessions, leaning into details, telling me without telling me who and what they believe. But what resonates isn't what they've accumulated but what they are.  Genuineness, sincerity, authenticity matters so much more. Perhaps I prefer their company because those are traits I think any person would strive to exhibit. If only I were a cog in a machine; then I could expect every other cog would share equally the properties I have. I know people are troubled AI could out-perform the human brain. We have barely scratched the surface of that organ and have no idea of the full capability, except it functions unlike anything a binary system has been able to accomplish.  No sooner do I mention this, that ideas flood in- what potential are we not yet seeing? Since I don't know the 'code' that operates brain and mind function the best I can do is equate language with mind. Understanding is what we can do without ever reaching a destination. But isn't that an interesting metaphor?  Until we do, let's agree it deserves to be studied with respect for the magnitude if covers. I can tolerate the outrageousness of genius that makes significant contributions. Genius is isolating. But so is indifference to the things that matter most.

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    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, employed the tactics of Non-Violent Resistance, used by Mohandas Gandhi in 1947 to liberate India from British rule. This form of protest has been mutated by intentional design, ignorance, and misunderstanding. Since 2012 up to present, too many of our young people have resulted to self-destructive violence and disorder as a means of expressing so-called protest to their discontent with American Society. Historically, healthy protest has proven to be most effective, however lawlessness and disorder only leads to loss for everybody.
    Join TALK-STRAIGHT host, Rev., Dr. Rueben Dockery tonight as he engages the listening audience in a dialogue about understanding the difference between “Protest” and “Disorder”.  
    Open Microphone Discussion

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