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    Michael Plumhoff joins us for "A cup of Joe"

    in Social Networking

    Michael is working on a documentary film focused on the message of "Deschedule vs Reschedule" join us for some deeper insight and direction to access the freedom at our fingertips! 

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    Community chatters and kiddo klatters

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    "What Did Your Mother Mean To You And Your Family?"

    in Social Networking

    Join the show at 1:00pm as we discuss what a mother means to her family. Call (516)531-9483 and let us know the story of your amazing mother.

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    How Toxic Positivity Is Killing Company Culture with Satyen Raja

    in Business

    In the modern workplace, the concept of "toxic positivity" has become a subject of increasing concern. This term, trendy yet often misunderstood, refers to an overemphasis on positive outcomes and attitudes, to the extent that it becomes detrimental.
    We all know someone like this whose overwhelming positivity slowly withers the soul from within. While seemingly harmless, such behavior can mask deeper insecurities and disconnect us from our authentic selves.
    Today's special guest, Satyen Raja, author and CEO of WarriorSage Trainings is an authority in organizational dynamics and workplace culture. His insights not only identify the destructive nature of toxic positivity but also offer practical solutions for rebuilding a workplace culture that fosters genuine connections and elevates employee morale.
    Satyen Raja, founder of Warrior Sage Trainings is a distinguished mentor and coach to the world's most prominent CEOs, business leaders, and global influencers. His expertise extends to building and scaling businesses for over 30 years, having established a multitude of successful companies.