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    As LGBTQ Kids are Under Siege, Who is There to Help Them? Not Who You Think

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    The fascist-leaning arm of the Republican Party is moving fast and hard against LGBTQ kids. As concerned advocates warn of "blood on your hands", the power brokers in many red states blatantly do not care.
    Who can at risk LGBTQ youth turn to? The logical answer, the advocacy group most funded by the LGBTQ concerned population, is the Trevor Project. However, due to issues we will review in our special report by Brody Levesque today, that organization is falling down on its ability to help kids when they are at a crisis point.
    We also will be talking to Lance Preston, Founder and Executive Director of the Rainbow Youth Project USA, a social welfare organization that promotes the health, safety, and wellness of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual young people throughout the United States. We will be talking about the real-life experiences of kids persecuted by the new oppression being put upon them. We will be talking about the help they need, the hlep they are not getting, and what can be done.

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    Voice Of Tears

    in Culture

    Speak your truth while breaking generational curses. Speak your truth depicts sexual abuse from a male perspective with a female predator. Join us for our discussion with Christian Branch. 

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    Launch of Season Four

    in Lifestyle

    Launch of Season Four with Dr. Zoe and her new co-host SoKo

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    A Catch Conversation with Terry Mattingly

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    Terry Mattingly has worked as a reporter and religion columnist at the Rocky Mountain News in Denver and the Charlotte Observer and the Charlotte News. In 1991, Mattingly began teaching at Denver Seminary. While teaching, he has continued to write the weekly “On Religion” column for Universal, which is sent to about 350 newspapers in North America. He is the founder and editor of the GetReligion website that critiques the mainstream media’s coverage of religion news.

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    Courtship and Marriage Learning Lab

    in Lifestyle

    What is true love?  We welcome newlyweds Lawrence Shamsid-Deen and Ruqayyah Hameed as our guest facilitators to talk about true love in finding a mate in the later years. Join us in examining the valued beautiful keys to Islamic courtship and marriage life. Being a learning lab, we learn together, sharing lessons that, insha-Allah, lead to a beautiful and memorable wedding day, and a fulfilling, harmonious married life, full of faith, trust, affection, peace, and joy.

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    Real Talk with Culture Freedom Radio Network

    in Culture

    We are about real truth talk radio. Here at Culture Freedom Radio Network we deal with subject matters such as history, politics, news and current events & more. GUEST CALL-IN (563) 999-3081

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    CELEBRATION TIME !!! Happy 2nd Anniversary Boomer Talk !!!

    in Culture

    2 Years of Relevancy" & counting...
    BIG thanks to the "Framily"  (its a port manteau, family + friends, meaning people who are more than friends to you usually because they've been around sooo long & because you have shared many experiences & consequently have a very, very close intimate relationship with them, LOVE Er' One of Y'all ) for all the support , L<3VE & participation you ALL have given in soooo many ways over these past 2 years! It has been a BLAST & I look forward to expanding & growing Boomer Talk in soooo many ways. 
    Thanks to a suggestion from a "Framily" member we will begin the "Boomer Journey' by land or sea, by car, plane or boat you'll be listening to the next generation of Boomer G.O.A.T.*-$  from wherever they may be  Boomers around the Country & from around the World will share "what they know 4 sure" and learn things they didnt know about at all while we laugh a whole lot,  using our Edutainment model. 
    *GOAT $= Greatest [Boomer$] Of  All Time, that's with an"S"  because there are many sooo many of us! 

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    Listen to YAHWEH's Truth from His Late Great Prophet Mowreh Elesha

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    Shabbath Shalom, All Praise, Glory, and Honor belong to The True and Living ELOHIM, The Mighty YAHWEH on His Holy SABBATH DAY by saying, HalleluYAH!!!!!!!

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    #IAMRIVIERABEACH Angela Williams, Founder of M.A.M.A., Ann McNeill Artie William Ep. 122

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    After reading the book ACRES OF DIAMONDS by Russell Conwell, I am convinced we are all leaving the diamond mines in our own backyards as we travel around the world looking for larger diamonds, when in fact the diamonds we seek are found within us and our hometown, from whence we came. Therefore, we are calling the podcast, #IAMRIVIERABEACH.   Today's Guest: Angela Williams
    Angela Latoya Williams, born and raised in Riviera Beach, Florida, grew up as the youngest of ten siblings. She has three children, four grandchildren and worked for the Palm Beach County school board for several years. As a young adult, Angela recognized a need in the community and organized an annual school supply drive, benefiting Riviera Beach children. In 2003, Angela’s life changed when her nephew, Torrey Manuel, was killed by a senseless act of violence. Having grieved with her family and watched her sister suffer the loss of a precious son; Angela decided to do something positive. She wanted not only to assist other families suffering from tragedy, but to help prevent these tragedies from occurring in the first place. Through strength, determination, and a desire to make change, MAMA was born. MAMA, short for Mothers  Against Murderers Association Inc. is a charitable organization founded by Angela, in memory of her nephew Torrey. MAMA’s mission is to positively impact the community by providing support for the families of victims, informing the community about the long-term effects of violence, and voicing the need for change to others. Connect with Ms. Williams: 561-324-3701
    Call into the podcast dial 661-554-9219. Join me Ann McNeill, and co-host Dan Callaway 561-531-9184 or 561-848-4991 as we discuss the history, the present, and the future of our great city. Any questions or comments you can reach Ann McNeill at 786-546-0184

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    Veteran's Spotlight

    in Lifestyle

    we talk to AG5 Tony Price about his Service in the US NAVY, and his current Involvement with Gold Star Rides.