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    What Is Post Traumatic Growth? with TikToc Trauma Doc Christine Gibson

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    Today's special guest, Dr. Christine Gibson's latest book, "The Modern Trauma Toolkit: Nurture Your Post-Traumatic Growth with Personalized Solutions," is a guide that couldn't come at a more crucial time. Dr. Christine is a respected physician, international speaker, and trauma clinician, combines cutting-edge brain biology theories, such as the polyvagal theory and epigenetics, with holistic approaches to offer personalized solutions. Her book empowers readers to understand how their bodies respond to stress and equips them with the tools to reshape their reflexes for post-traumatic growth. 
    This book is not just for those who have experienced trauma firsthand. It's for anyone seeking to cultivate resilience, mindfulness, and a greater understanding of their own mental well-being. From "Iffirmations" that plant seeds of possibility to the innovative "Solutions Studio" method for catalyzing change, this book provides a diverse range of actionable techniques suitable for various individuals and communities. 
    Dr. Christine Gibson is a family physician, trauma therapist, and author. She’s also on social media as TikTokTraumaDoc with >130k followers. She has a Masters in medical education and is halfway through a doctorate and has been involved in academics and education - creating Calgary’s fellowship in Health Equity. She runs an international non-profit Global Familymed Foundation, a cooperative, and a new company to train professionals how to manage workplace trauma - Safer Spaces Training.

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    A Message of Hope and Action with guest Kent Chase

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    Dare to be Authentic radio with guest Kent Chase a spokesperson and advocate for Dream Centers and the GPS program, focusing on integrating golf and personal development into schools nationwide. Through the GPS Golf Learning Centers and Kent Chase Golf, he aims to expand their reach to 51 properties in the US and over 300 globally. His work involves teaching and training others to teach, fostering a supportive environment that promotes positive change and opportunities for children and those recovering from human trafficking, addiction, and homelessness. His mission is to create lasting impacts through education, faith, and community support.
    Kent's website: kentchasegolf.org

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    Nicole Marie interviews Stuart Wilde and David Icke ...

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    Welcome to the BTR Edition of NEWS FOR THE SOUL: Life Changing Talk Radio from the Uplifting to the Unexplained. NFTS was launched in January 1997 as a positive news newspaper in the Vancouver, B.C. area in January 1997 by journalist Nicole Whitney. Over the years, NFTS evolved into the NFTS RADIO NETWORK

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 3428

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    Tonight's special guest is Penny Lane from Mill Valley, California. Although she looks like a strong, vibrant woman, a happy wife and mother with a successful career, underneath she is a damaged survivor of child abuse. Her young mother died of cancer when Penny was six months old. Her sister raised her until she was four when the father, whom she did not know, took her to live with his new wife who never wanted her. The stepmom was cold and told Penny that she was plain, unattractive, and ugly. She was required to help with the new baby, but nothing she did was ever good enough. She could only eat what she was given and slept on a worn cot in a hallway. She was always hungry. As the stepmom's arthritis worsened, Penny had to take on housework as well. The mom snuck up, slapped her hard across the face, hit her with a wooden spoon, or a pot, pushed her head into a wall, or used the belt buckle on her bare bottom, yelling how stupid, lazy, and good-for-nothing she was. Penny's father was never home to witness the beatings, and the step-mom tempered her malice when others were around. If Penny told anyone, the mom would beat Penny more and call her a liar. Unfortunately, the abuse continued for 15 years, because she could not see she was being abused. Everyone is invited to engage in tonight's show. Please visit the NAASCA.org website or call 646-595-2118 to join our live panel. Website: https://www.pennylanewriter.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pennylanewriter 

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    I AM Hope with Michele Kauffman featuring Dr. Daniel Avesar

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    Exciting news!  Dr. Daniel Avesar joins this episode of our radio show to discuss his brain injury work.
    Dan is doing exceptional work with his information outlets to promote better understanding of brain injury including the nature of the problems and what can help with support and recovery. His has created two projects, the Experiencing My Brain podcast, and the Building Brain Awareness (BBA) To Help Support Brain Injury Recovery.   Tonight, he will interview for his podcast and then he will open the microphone up to the audience. 

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    Your Creator Matrix: How to Use Optimal Wellness and Quantum

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    Your Creator Matrix: How to Use Optimal Wellness and Quantum Healing to Master Your Story and Create Your Reality with Cathleen Beerkens
    Your Creator Matrix is an interconnected framework that links your mind, body and spritional levels (physical,mental, emotional, and spiritual) with the Unified Field. When we master our stories--the deeply healed narratives and beliefs that influence all of our choices and creations--and learn how to digest our life experiences in new ways, we gain the power to choose new future timelines and manifest the wellness, abundance, and love we truly desire.
    Beerkens graduated from the University of Maryland with a BS in Health Education in 1983 and continued her education by receiving a BSN from Georgetown University Nursing School in 1985. Cathleen Beerkens began her nursing career at Georgetown University Medical Centre in Washington, DC. Where she worked for 11 years in various positions. She also spent many years teaching as a Teacher’s Assistant at the Georgetown University Nursing School, conducting childbirth education, and working with midwives. Beerkens is the founder of A Wellness Revolution, an institute for integrative nutrition based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
    To learn more about Linda's books visit: www.awellnessrevolution.com
    For more information about BITEradio products and services visit: http://www.biteradio.me/index.html
    To view the photography of Robert at: http://rpsharpe.com/

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    Monica Eastway - Eco-Gerontology

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    We're back with another live show and we'll be joined from Big Sur, California by Monica Eastway, Eco Gerontologist - Founder, The Eco Generation Model. Monica is an environmental gerontologist and she’ll talk about use of nature to enhance the quality of life for people of all ages. 
    (Lesson #7 of Lessons from Mom:  Get outside every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes bundled up on cold days, or get to a window where you can see the nature outdoors. I believe that this is what gave her the resilience to get through all of her ups and downs that come with growing older.)

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    Fearless Generations 12 Steps to Freedom: Step 7 Surrender: Integration

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    What have you learned about surrender this month? Have you been able to trust, accept, or let go of anything? Have you been able to see the possibilities that surrendering brings into your life? Have you gained clarity on where you need to be and where you are going? Have you been able to have compassion for yourself as you have learned to listen? This can all happen when you are willing to surrender.

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    Insight Into Healing: Investigative Insights: With Guest Host Vito Bruno

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    In this episode, I will be exploring with my guest host Vito Bruno, the latest developments in the Gilgo Beach murders and Alec Baldwin, Rust  shooting case. 
    Insight Into Healing/ Investigative Insights Special Edition: With Guest Host :Ret Detective Vito Bruno formerly with the Manhattan District Attorney’s
    Office under Robert Morgenthau :As we Explore the recent developments in the Gilgo Beach murders and the Alec Baldwin, Rust shooting cases:

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    Embrace Every Possibility & Expect Good - Sonny's Monday Motivation

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    It's the 11th Season ~ New Shows. New Guest. New Content 
    Sonny's Monday Motivation Season 11 Episode #21: Embrace Every Possibility & Expect Good in 2024
    Sonny's sharing 25 Motivational Tips to Supercharge you into. 2024! Today's segment is the 18th episode of this 25 week Series of personal development and empowerment to be the best you this year! 
    Sonny's Monday Motivation is dedicated to sharing inspirational transformative messages with the world at large.
    Listener Perks: Have Dinner at Diamond Valley Lodge 31220 Sage Rd in Hemet, Ca ~ the Southern California’s most exotic venue for sharing an intimate encounter with Tigers book here:  Dining with Tigers at Diamond Valley Lodge in Hemet   Interested in Owning Your Own Home Based Travel Business? Ask Sonny Here: Earn up to 7-8 Streams of Income with Travel    Advertise Your Business with Affordable Advertising on the #1 Small Business Network:  https://LouddMouth.com                   This audio has no negative impact on the original works, its use is for teaching and inspirational purposes. FAIR-USE COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER * Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976

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    Faceus Radio: Convicted murderer has more rights than a prisoner in guardianship

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    Join us *LIVE* Wednesday night May 8, 2024, F.A.C.E.U.S. RADIO with Co-Hosts Luanne Fleming, Robin Austin, Marci Friedman, and Hillary Hogue. Last week we had technical difficulties. We welcome Joyce Lacey from Minnesota, running for Senate -Independence Alliance Party. Her mom, June Lynne Lacey was an amazing woman, dedicating over 80 years to volunteer work and community service. She was taken prisoner by social services, made a ward of the state, human rights violated, and her U. S. Constitutional Rights stripped. She was euthanized against her will. Her website:  https://junelynnelaceyfoundation.com/
    Listen Here Live at 6:00 pm PST/ 7:00 pm MST/ 8:00 pm CST/ 9:00 pm EST. Join online https://www.blogtalkradio.com/hiddentruthrevealed/2024/05/09/faceus-radio-convicted-murderer-has-more-rights-than-a-prisoner-in-guardianship or call our GUEST LINE at 845-241-9962. Press 1 to ask questions or make a comment.
    She went from happy National Ms. Senior Congeniality USA to being captive and drugged to death within months! A convicted murderer has more rights than someone in guardianship. Her mom’s 95th heavenly birthday was May 2, 1929. Tune in to Blog Talk Radio/Hidden Truth Revealed–The Inside Scoop F.A.C.E.U.S. (Families Against Court Embezzlement Unethical Standards) All shows are recorded and archived.

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