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    Radio Show #417: Why Redefine The Golden Rule

    in Business

    Special Guest: Emily Golden: Author of The Golden Rule
    Emily Golden is a master certified coach who specializes in executive leadership and career coaching. She has seventeen years of corporate human resources experience in talent management and recruitment; practical experience from more than 2,500 hours of individual and group coaching; and a wealth of skills and knowledge pertaining to the human mind, spirit, and potential. Her clients range from seasoned executives to emerging leaders to career changers. Emily partners with highly-committed clients who utilize her support to close the gap between where they are currently, and where they truly want to be. Emily builds future leaders and teams who bring indispensable value, positive impact, and authentic connection to their professional and personal worlds.
    She is practiced in working with clients who come from a culture of performance and achievement, and assists them in reclaiming their time, energy, and relationships inside and outside of the workplace. Emily holds a strong container and ample space for her clients to arrive at moments that enable what was once impossible.
    As a businesswoman, coach, parent, and lifelong learner, Emily is uniquely qualified in supporting clients to get what they want and need. Her intuitive nature quickly identifies the roots of roadblocks, while her empathy shifts limiting viewpoints into transformative action, and spinning wheels into profound and lasting change. Emily’s clients value her honesty, her commitment to their visions, and her relentless drive to create a better future, resulting in increased authenticity, effectiveness, and satisfaction––today. Join us as we discuss the three-step process for total life improvement.
    Listen Live (Archive Available)
    Host:  Andy Goram

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    HR Happy Hour on Alexa - Episode 362

    in Business

    HR Happy Hour Show on Alexa - Episode 362
    Hosts: Steve Boese
    Welcome to the HR Happy Hour on Alexa. A short, quick version of the popular HR Happy Hour Podcast, where Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane, take on topics on Human Resources, HR technology, work, and the workplace. And more.
    In this episode Steve talks about the September JOLTS Report and current labor market news.
    To listen to this new version of the HR Happy Hour Show for Alexa - add the HR Happy Hour Skill to your Echo device's Flash Briefing or Daily News Update.
    Learn more at and

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    Cole Morgan Repairing Human Connection in Virtual and Hybrid Events

    in Business

    Cole Morgan - Repairing human connection in virtual and hybrid events. The move to virtual events was inevitable, but the speed at which the shift happened broke things. 
    Cole Morgan is Founder & CEO at StageConnect, a production-grade remote audience interaction software that lets presenters or performers on stage see, hear, and interact with their entire remote audience. 
    Covid broke the very paradigm of live events; people gathering in a place around a happening. Comfortable or not, event professionals had quite a learning curve when the pandemic hit. Virtual events and hybrid events already existed prior, but now they will continue as the standard. Cole and his company have created a meaningful way to bring remote participants to life, actually put them on stage, and allow them to interact with and truly connect with the presenters, speakers, and performers on the stage.
    Find Cole Morgan on the web: Website | Instagram | LinkedIn 

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    America's Largest Roofing Franchise - Honestly

    in Business

    America's Largest Roofing Franchise - Honestly
    Jason Revere, VP of Franchise Development, Honest Abe Roofing
    Broadcast Date: November 18th , 2021
    Broadcast Time : 5:00p EST / 4:00p CST / 3:00p MST /2:00p PST
    This week we talk to Jason Revere, VP of Franchise Development for Honest Abe Roofing. The largest roofing franchise in the country, we will learn how Jason and owner Kevin Newton refined the business model into a replicable system that was primed for franchising.
    This is also a big wee for Million Dollar Mentor, Jerry Akers as he opens his first location for The Joint and launches his book! Tune in to find out where you can find it.
    Join host Ray Pillar, Owner of Molly Maid Aurora-Naperville and co-host Kristin Selmeczy, Chief Business Warrior of Pillars of Franchising as they discuss how to be successful at finding a franchise, identifying funding solutions, the purchasing process, developing marketing strategies and expanding and selling your franchise.
    On the Million Dollar Mentor Segment this week Kristin Selmeczy will give another million dollar mentor tip that has driven success.
    Listen live to new episodes on Thursdays at 4p central. Call in on Thursdays at 323-580-5755.
    Interested in buying a franchise? Join the Million Dollar Franchisee Mentor program
    Listen to past episodes.

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    Managing Contact Centers Takes Credibility: Hear how to build it best

    in Business

    A place For Professionals Who Want to Be Seen as Credible
    The keys to success and happiness in the global village are credibility and relationships. Since technology has enabled us to connect with more people, how we live and do business can easily be seen. Thus, presenting ourselves as credibly as we can allows others to want to get to know, like, and trust us.
               Credibility Nation is The go-to community to learn/grow your credibility with the "right" people on a similar journey.
    Imagine coming to a place where you can immediately know, like, and trust those around you. Where you can be safe in an environment where others want to support you.
    This is Credibility Nation.
                All those in Credibility Nation live by the following pledge:
               "I pledge to live credibly every day without hate in my life. I strive to be a good human and make this a better planet for myself, my family, and for other people’s families             in this generation and the next."
    A big part of credibility is clarity. How do you answer the question when someone asks, “What do you do?” Does it take you five or ten minutes to answer? In a world where we're inundated with content, somebody who takes ten or twenty minutes to answer this simple question may not be considered someone who is likeable or trustworthy. If this is you, you need CredClarity. Video Link: Why You Matter as a ?C?ustomer ?S?ervice ?P?rofessional

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    When Times Get Tough, The Tough Thrive

    in Business

    Are you inspired by unique and successful business stories? Don't miss this one! Join us on Women Lead Radio as Michelle Bergquist, your host of Women Leading the Way, has a conversation with Diana Ramirez, Owner of Bustles On Wheels (, about what it takes to thrive after a business partnership breakup and what this owner did to come out of the pandemic with a thriving business.
    Sponsor Appreciation!
    Thank you to our partner and show sponsor, Microsoft (!
    Interested in Learning More About Connected Women of Influence?
    Click Here ( to Be Invited as Our Special VIP & Guest to a Future Event!
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    Why you're struggling to hire for your SEO?

    in Business

    Search engine optimization is essential to the success of your business. You can't attract customers if they can't find you. Is your website optimized for search engines?
    One of the most important aspects of search engine optimization is keywords. Before you start optimizing, analyze your competitors. What keywords are they targeting? Choose relevant words that are valuable to your customers.
    Your online presence is up to you! Do your research now to avoid being penalized by search engines in the future.
    Get started with SEO now so that customers can find you!
    But where do you find someone who can successfully do your SEO and provide results?
    Finding the right person for your company is not an easy task. Hiring a SEO specialist is complicated because there are too many unknowns and it’s hard to tell if they will fit into your company’s culture and work style.
    It is also difficult to know what you should be looking for in an SEO specialist because there are many conflicting opinions on the subject. And the problem only gets worse when you take into account how competitive it is to find someone with experience in this field.
    This podcast will help you solve these problems and overcome these challenges so that you can find the best SEO expert for your company.

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    All Things Franchising - Neighborly Home Services

    in Business

    Linda Ballesteros is host of All Things Franchising and also the owner of Mpower Franchise Consulting where she works with those who want to be in business for themselves but not by themselves with the franchise that best fits their skills, passion and what they want their lifestyle to look like.  She is also very aware of those industries which are more recession resistant.
    Contact Linda today:
    Today's Guest:
    Brad Stevenson is an accomplished executive business leader with 23 years experieence in a variety of sales, marketing, and management roles in the beverage industry.
    Currently Brad serves as the chief development officer for Neighborly.
    Neighborly is the world's larget parent company of 29 home services brands with more than 4,800 franchises in 9 countries.

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    Global Partnerships Series: CAF India - India Philanthropy

    in Business

    In today's world philanthropy often moves at the speed of the Internet even if the human condition has not yet learned to heal or grow or change or rebuild or a host of other things that philanthropy can and will address, at that same lighting speed. CAF America's Global Partnerships enable us to bridge those great divides by bringing to the American donor the very best of philanthropic expertise and services on the ground in countries around the world. Through this podcast series, we introduce our listeners, our donors to partners we collaborate with and partners who collaborate with us, in making it possible for that long arch of history, that long arch of philanthropic change to bend a little faster, with much more assurance, and with the full regulatory compliance, risk management and regulatory compliance you have come to rely on from CAF America.
    In this edition CAF America President & CEO, Ted Hart will introduce you to Nivedita Narain, Chief Executive of CAF India our partner in India who provides strategic and project management support to corporates, individuals, and NGOs throughout India with an aim to ensure greater impact of their philanthropic and CSR investments. CAF India has many years of experience in managing complex philanthropic and community development initiatives for corporations, institutions, and individuals. They are established pioneers in designing and delivering 'giving' programs tailored to the needs of corporate and institutional donors.

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    06 - Integrated Marketing 101 (Feat. Hamish Anderson)

    in Business

    Chris and April are taking a deep dive into integrated marketing — and why brands should get on board, or be left behind. With special guest Hamish Anderson, Trust Relations’ Executive Vice President/Marketing group director and founder of Three Piece marketing, they’re discussing the advantages of an omni-channel approach to digital, how clients can make the most of their marketing resources & how outsourcing to an agency can yield powerful results. They cover the latest industry news with a discussion on the PR plays behind this year’s major moments in media censorship, discuss whether Twitter’s new user regulations will have a positive impact and determine whether Sleepy Time Tea’s recent Instagram thirst trap was a cash move or a trash idea for the brand. They chat about recent trends in business this quarter, as clients seek to diversify their digital spend.
    “BREAKING NEWS”:  Anti-Vax Ban:  Whistleblower: Climate:
    “Cash or Trash?”:  “Point & Counterpoint”: 
    Check out Hamish’s work here: April is the president of Trust Relations: Christopher is the CEO at The Go! Agency:

  • 03:03

    The Halal Industry: Do For Self - Optimal Health

    in Business

    Join us every Wednesday from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm EST for an edition of "The Halal Industry: Do For Self" with your host Imam Wali Ayyub Bilal President, Founder and CEO of Bilal's Inc., and co-host James Bashir.  The interest ofJoin Bilal's Inc. is to establish economics for the African American people (descendant of slaves of America).  This program is to encourage peole to unite and to build economic strength to establish community life by doing for self.  To build the model community.
    Then join us for the next hour from 12 pm - 1 pm EST for an edition of "Optimal Health" with Host Abdul Shaheed.  The program is centered around "Optimal Health" and what health is!  There is an abundance of information available on health, but not much tells us about what health really is and how to achieve it.  The program's discussion will entail a baic scientific approach to health and will explain it.
    Connect at and 24-hour streaming at (701) 719-4197.  Call in live to speak to the host at (515) 605-9891 or (425) 292-4253 share comments at, Tweet @CWShuraa.  Email us at  Visit's parent corporation Community Wide Shuraa Conference at, or leave a listnener comment at (910) 317-0297 

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