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    Host: JoAnna Garfi McNally-Spiritual Intuitive, Remote Energy Healer. Tutorial classes, Workshops,  lecturer, Nationally/Internationally renowned, serving all communication media. Spanning over forty plus decades. Featured in Mary Ann Bohrer book; "The Gift" Within Us, Intuition, Spirituality and the Power of Our Own Inner Voice, Writes Articles for various publications  Facebook: Jo Anna Garfi McNally, Call:631-836-7666, 
    Co-Host: Kimba, Angel Readings-is a gifted Philadelphia based Medium who is routinely sought out for her ability to compassionately and lovingly connect people with their loved ones who have passed. Kimba’s talent was evident at an early age when her Mother died at the age of six, Kimba’s expertise specializes in Mediumship; Psychic abilities; Angel Readings with messages from beyond this earthly plane; Reading pets, both on this earthly plane and those that have become Angels; Reiki Healing and Tarot readings. Contact: Kimba Angel Readings, angelreadingsbykimba
    Adam Bernstein is a Professional Psychic, Medium, Teacher and Spiritual Life Coach with an international following. A professional psychic 20+ years. He is Known for accuracy, detail. Adam teaches workshops on Psychic Development & Mediumship at Lily Dale as well as various places along the East coast.  He leads seminars/development circles in the arts of Spirit Communication and the Universal Laws of Success and Attraction and Power Attunements life coaching methods. Adam is featured in the book Psychic New York which profiles 60 of New York’s best and most famous psychics.  He has appeared in articles in newspapers, magazines, and has been  highlighted in several television shows. Find him on Facebook, You Tube "The Medium Channel" and www.adambetweentheworlds.com - 

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    INNERSIGHT FREEDOM Any additional money should be used to keep people in their o...

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    Any additional money should be used
    to keep people in their own homes 
    Suzanne suzlady Frank Perino 

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    Close Up Radio to Feature Author and Life Coach Juliette Watt

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    Pagosa Springs, CO - If anyone were in an advantageous position to help people get un-stuck, take a step, recover from trauma and explore a new path, it would be Juliette Watt. She has reinvented herself many times, working as a cabaret singer, a scriptwriter for soap operas, a stunt rider, a casino dealer and a pilot for rescue animals. She was born in London and later lived in Turkey. These days she is a premier coach who helps people explore, heal, overcome stress or anxiety and move forward with greater happiness.
    Juliette notes that she herself suffered from the fallout of what is known as compassion fatigue—when you give too much of yourself to care for someone else, neglect yourself, and end up in a bad state.
    Juliette put much of her early life and struggles into a memoir called In Between the Magic: My Life from The Playboy Club to Beirut and Beyond.. The book is an in-depth look at her efforts to find a home, have enough food, and keep going. It is also a guidebook for anyone who is stuck parenting a parent and striving for their self-preservation. It will trigger a range of emotions in readers, and is available as both a print, eBook and audio book.
    In addition to being a gifted singer and writer, Juliette is a speaker, a coach and someone who helps others in every way, including discovering their next act once they reach a certain age. One of the first steps in coaching is letting people know how frightening change can be, but that it is so worth it to take that risk! Together, they plan a strategy for what your life should truly be.
    Juliette is on a mission, She wants to make a massive impact and help people create the life of their dreams through one-to-one coaching, speaking and workshops.For more information on Juliette, visit her website www.juliettewatt.com

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    Carlene Kupke takes us on a self exploration journey from the Inside Out

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    Youtube https://youtu.be/wXIpth2o3B4
    https://insideoutmindbody.com.au MY STORY I never really understood why I felt so unhappy, unsure, lost fearful, anxious and unfulfilled in life. On the outside I seemed to have it all, but really I was avoiding and not facing what was going on inside. I attracted a lot of bullying and narcissistic behaviour over much of my life and this caused immense stress, anxiety and wonder about “What’s wrong with me?” I withdrew myself from people and situations, because I feared being hurt again. This in itself created many unconscious habits to protect myself, and never get close to people ever again. On top of that the car accident that nearly took my life when I was a teenager, continued to surface as PTSD. With panic attacks, fainting, fear of driving in the country and more. Something I had hidden from everyone for 20 years, out of shame and embarrassment that I was not coping. Without fully understanding all of this and how to deal with the emotions, this affected my relationship with my husband as well. I always made sure though, I was smiling in public, as I didn’t want to bring attention to myself. My work was always professional and on point, by being positive all day everyday, but as the years went on the emotional impacts became harder to hide. Out of desperation for answers, and in need of some respite from life. I was given an opportunity to teach in Cambodia, something I always wanted to do.  I had hit rock bottom and finally I accepted I needed help. Not knowing where to turn next, I starting asking questions, seeking solutions through different avenues. Other unexpected events led me to finding – Hypnotherapy, Resource Therapy, Energy Healing, NLP and Time Line Therapy and they were my saviours. I received instant relief from the very first session I had with these therapies. 

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    Elevate with Monat By Bella Mason

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    God- Beauty-Self Care
    Testimony of why I love monat and what it stands for me. 

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    January Jones sharing You Tuber -Road to 1M Subscribers - Jennifer Lebedev at 50

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    When most of us think of YouTube stars, images of cool young people come to mind. But author and educator Jennifer Lebedev is living proof that you don’t have to be a Gen-Zer or millennial to be a huge success on that trendy channel. Jennifer is an English language teacher and author of “Being a YouTuber: One Creator’s Bumpy Road to 1M Subscribers.” She can share how mid-lifers can successfully set and reach personal and professional goals, despite their hectic lives.

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    Let's Keep Port Richey Safe From Over Development

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    6 PM Wednesday May 22nd @ Rum River in Port Richey there will be a town meeting to discuss this.  Stand and be counted, your opinion means a lot.  

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    The goal of our liberty is not only to be free from what has held us captive, but that in the midst of changing, transformation into Christ's image is the outcome. When we yield to the Holy spirit of God, the father, He will help us with a maintenance plan to stay free. 

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    Debbie Payne: Empower Women, Inspire Positivity, and Encourage Women Leaders

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    Debbie Payne is an Inspirational Motivational Speaker, Realtor, Emotional Intelligence Executive Coach and Author of “No Thanks I’m Full”. While building her multimillion-dollar business as a Re/max realtor, Debbie learned the value of connection and compassion in dealing with clients. Born into generational trauma and dysfunction, she chose to embrace these challenges and adversities, embracing the gifts of resilience and perspectives that they gave her.
    After becoming a single parent at 36, Debbie recognized the strength and determination that lies within all of us once we understand the why and purpose in our lives. She believes and advances that how we communicate and our emotions affect the quality of our relationships.  
    She helps others develop their EQ Emotional Intelligence Skills for more fulfilling connections in sales and in life.

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    Darlene J. Clark's life was tumultuous. She is sharing her journey with us.  She begins tonight by talking about the early memories before delving into the hidden memories. She attributes her survival to the good Lord above.

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    Manage Your Stress: Routines to Ignite Your Wellness

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    Summer of Loving Me: Episode 3 Element: Health
    Grab your free guide
    When does a podcast become more than just a podcast?  Part self-help, part classroom for women
    Ignite Your Life Wellness Model©  created by Christie Bemis will guide you through the 11 KEY ELEMENTS that are important for women to assess and find balance. 
    This model provides a guideline for women to see where they are at in each of the elements and make plans to create balance.
    The Summer of Loving ME with the third of 11 weeks of episodes.  
    We will unlock the keys to living with clarity and intention.  Each episode will highlight an element, provide an overview and then guide you through a tool or resources to get you on your path to greater wellness.  Follow along the 11 week journey and join hundreds of women like you in seeking a life filled with more joy and more passion!
    Christie Bemis is a psychotherapist, a sex educator and relationship coach, an ignite your life mentor, and author.  She co-founded and now owns and operates Hot Pink YOUniversity, solo.  She is a Sex Educator and Relationship Coach, trained in the Somatica® Method of relationships and intimacy building, as well as certified in Level 1 of John Gottmans work.  Her work ignites women and couples to reconnect with passions, purpose and play.  You can find her coaching, her book, her wisdom cards and her offerings at www.hotpinkyou.com
    And all of her links: https://linktr.ee/christiebemis

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