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Roland Trujillo

Shedding Shackles


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Roland Trujillo, author, educator, and advice giver extraordinaire, answers life and relationship questions. Roland is the author of 20 books and has been helping people with life, relationship and stress issues for over 30 years. He loves helping people get along better and cope with stress. Roland has a special meditation to help with stress.

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Roland discusses speaking up and living a stress-free existence. If you always did what is right, you would avoid stress. Others give you approval for not rocking the boat, but sometimes that means conflict with yourself.

Learn to sit quietly and get in touch with your intuition. There are lots of distractions both inside and outside that interfere with sensing delicate promptings from within. Outside there are distractions in the form of all manner of... more

What is stressing you right now are your thoughts. Learn the secret to getting out of thoughts, so that you can take a mental step back and watch them instead of falling into them.

Now is the time to start coping with stress and move forward to a life of joy and purpose.

Why do things go wrong? How do we fix our lives? All your life you have been taught to look to external books or experts for the solutions to your issues. No one has taught you how to look inside. People like Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein... more

The Garden of Eden story is repeated in every home. Dr. Roland looks at deceit, ambition, the spoken word, and food. He describes how each of these is a part of the ancient tragedy re-enacted in each new generation. But for those who... more

In another classic lecture, relationships coach Dr. Roland Trujillo uncovers the all too typical relationship where the woman is looking for something from her man that he seems unable to give. However, before you give up on your man, or... more

What's Missing From Our Lives Today? Never before have people had it so good, had so much help, and so many labor-saving devices. Yet people feel unhappy, unfulfilled and unloved. Meditation is indeed benefitial and a certain... more

Roland takes up this question by addressing what most people's biggest problem is--they get upset too easily. What a person needs is not symptom removal (false meditations offer that) but the secret to not getting upset in the first place.... more