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    Tina Young-Holman is a serial entrepreneur that loves life and helping others. Tina is CEO of several ventures. First started in 2008 with a gift shop on her entrepreneur journey. Tina since as done Travel ,License Life Insurance Agent, Franchise Tax One Stop Taxes biz,more. Tina started a magazine to support Black owned entrepreneurs/ business women including men. Goal is to bring awareness for business and networking opportunities. Black 2 Black Magazine connected to Black 2 Black Consulting which support and advise small business on their journey give them opportunity showcase their expertise or experiences. Faith-Based in everything she does. Tina's a mom and wife and God fearing women build her life on faith.

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    SPARK's of Living Your Big Dream with Monica Munro

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    “Haven’t you waited long enough?”
    Many people have a Big Dream that’s really important to them… Something they really want, for them or their family. An impact they want to make in their community or the world. However, no matter what steps they’ve taken, or the progress they have made, they still haven’t achieved it yet.
    Why not? What has stopped them from realizing their dream?
    With my guest, Dream Coach Monica Munro, we will dive into some common reasons why people haven’t achieved their Big Dream, along with some simple solutions that, when implemented, will move someone quickly and easily from where they currently are to where they want to be, all while having fun on this incredible dream journey.
    If you’re ready to finally achieve your Big Dream, join us for a great discussion that will inspire you to move powerfully forward in achieving your dream.
    To find out more about achieving your Big Dream: https://bit.ly/bigdream2023
    To book a free call with Monica Munro:  https://bit.ly/bigdreamcall
    You can also reach Monica by email monica@monicamunro.com or text at 403-836-4289.
    We invite you to take one action on something you re/learned that could be the spark to ignite a positive change in your life!

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    Help Needed: Ask Senator Niemeyer to Support Climate Legislation!

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    For this bill to move forward, the Chairman of the Senate Environmental Affairs Committee, Rick Niemeyer (from Lowell), needs to hold a committee hearing for the bill. So, we desperately need residents of Senator Niemeyer’s district to call or email his office and ask him to hold a hearing for this climate bill! (His district includes southern Lake County, Newton County, western Jasper County, and Benton County.) If you want to send an email, send it to s6@iga.in.gov and Steven.Bergsma@iga.in.gov (his assistant). The email does not have to be long—it can just be one paragraph! You can also call his legislative assistant (Steven Bergsma) at 317-232-9489. Here are some things to include:
    First, introduce yourself as a constituent living in his district. Mention where you go to school/what you are involved in. Senate Bill 335, authored by Shelli Yoder, Ron Alting, and Jon Ford, is Indiana’s first step to taking action against climate change. It would create a task force of legislators and experts to develop climate solutions for Indiana. In the Indiana Climate Change Impacts Assessment, Purdue University has documented the effects of climate change that Hoosiers are experiencing. These include increases in flooding, increases in extreme heat, and decreases in crop production. The cost of doing nothing is far too high for Hoosiers! Mention why you personally care about climate action. Maybe you are passionate about Indiana's agriculture, public health, air quality, or natural areas, or maybe you are a young person who just wants a healthy future. Ask Senator Niemeyer to hold a committee hearing for SB 335 in the Environmental Affairs Committee! Make sure the email is in your own words so that it sounds unique! Questions? Text Rahul Durai (W. Lafayette H.S. student and Confront the Climate Crisis leader) at 765-701-8472.

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    knowing kindness to day we are talking to Keisha Sharpe

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    Every Wednesday we will discuss the kindness that can be found in each person's life. We will reflect on the many different areas in our lives that can causes us to struggle and how to best approach those issues with kindness. We will also be discussing the importance of understanding and respecting others, even if we do not always agree with them. Through this, we can learn how to be kind to ourselves and those around us.
    Today, we are honored to be joined by Keisha Sharpe, who is here to share her inspiring story. Keisha has faced and overcome a number of personal and professional challenges, and has dedicated her life to helping others facing similar issues. She has worked diligently to advocate for change and to support those in need with her own example of strength and perseverance. We are excited to hear about her experiences and the impact she has had in her community.

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    Keepin' It Complex-Comparison

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    A podcast where Complex Angel gets real and raw complex style. From music, to stimulating and self love advocating...you never know what to expect LIVING IN A COMPLEX WORLD!!!!

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    The Mystical Rebel Experience Show Intro w/ host Self Mastery Coach Imara Light

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    Welcome ... 
    The Mystical Rebel Experience is a podcast like no other. It is a safe space where black women and women of color can come together to share enlightening wisdom, inspire, motivate, embrace our uniqueness, and have conscious conversations that support our healing journey, passions, desires and how to live our best lives. Come be a part of the conversation with Host and Master Self-Mastery Coach Imara Light and her soul-centered guests as we discuss self-care and self-love, healing, spiritual awakening, breaking the intergenerational trauma cycles, and much more.

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    Ovasi Views:The Spirit of Christmas, Christians,and Love

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    The holiday cheer and the newness of the holiday new year is over. In December people were friendly and thoughtful and not so much living in fear of Corona Virus. There were more hugs given without flinching and doors beening held open for seniors and drivers giving pedestrians their own right of way in this holiday season.
    In this episode of Ovasi Views,  we're going to talk about the spirit of Christmas, Christians and Love. Plus there will be final comments on 'Waiting on God', make sure to catch up on Part 1 and 2.
    Hotwordz Hot Topics is now a streaming on Google Podcast. 2 Minute Topics 1. Buying Christmas gifts 2. Rev Ike 3. Sin 4. Before Corona Virus 5.  Depression 6. Thoughts, Negative Thinking and overthinking 7 When you speak to the same person and they don't  speak back
    8 Emotional Eating

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    What is Indexing and How Do You Get Indexed

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    Well, pull your boot straps up, cause we are about to walk you through the process and let you know 
    why it is important to move now!
    Join me live witth the awesome philianthopist Shelley Bolling with SCPR!
    Sovereign Civil Peoples Rights, We are not a sovereign citizens
    group nor are we connected to any of them in any way.  
    We are 7 billion plus people strong in 198 nations.
    Restoration and redemption is provided to you through the indexing process.  Your sovereignty is restored through this process as well.  Please check out the indexing tab at the top and look for the instructions to be indexed. For questions about indexing, please contact Shelley Bolling at shelleybolling@gmail.com

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    Hold the Vision Radio

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    We have welcomed in a New Year!  What a Great Time to Clear Out & Simplify Our Lives.  Join us for another exciting episode of Hold the Vision Radio.
    Turning Our Visions into Reality... One Step at a Time!

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    Sexual abuse in the school system My guest Peter Hamer

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    Pleaae welcome my guest Peter Hamer 
    Today we will speaking about childhood seual abuse in the shool system in Canada , Peter started co-founded      Stop Educator Child Exploitation - SECE #stopchildabuse #thegatehousetoronto #podcast #healing #recovery #survivors 
    you can find us on @streamyardapp @Spotify @Twitterlive 
    Thank you listening today were ever you may be in the world.
    Stewart program assistant at the Gatehouse 

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