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  • Self-Love Continued: The Tough Conversations

    in Motivation

    Join host Staci PurPose Kirk as she discusses the importance of having tough conversations for the benefit of your own healing.  

  • January Jones sharing How to Live Longer & Healthier – Jane Goldberg

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    Dr. Jane Goldberg is a psychoanalyst and holistic health practitioner. She owns La Casa Spa and Wellness Center as well as La Casa Resort Spa and Wellness Center in Puerto Rico (which will re-open after extensive renovation in the Fall of 2016). 
    She is the author of 8 books, including the latest, entitled My Mother, My Daughter, My Self to be published in Oct 2016. She blogs for Huffington Post, Natural News, Health Nut News, The Truth About Cancer, and as, as well, her own blog, called Musings from 20th Street. She is also the Founder and Director of Dogs Sense Scents, a not for profit organization that is training dogs to detect cancer by scent.

  • #72 Mr Ondre Pearson Relationship Advisor Woodbridge VA#79

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    The McGirt Show Global Media Celebration of Black History is 24/7/365 With Host Bobby McGirt Empowerment Enrichment Enlightenment for all People Worldwide Feb 03,2024 Mr Johns Peters ,ABC 10, California News Anchor Tk#62  Feb.10,2024 Mr Tony Thompson McGirt Show Global Media Fan/Follower of London,UK& Kids Book Author Tk#79 Feb17,Mr Ondre Pearson Relationship Advisor, Woodbridge,VA Tk#72 BlogtalkRadio/The McGirt @4:30pm EST studio call line (619)-924-0898 Email address themcgirtshow@gmail.com (guest confirmed) Themcgirtshow@outlook. com (advertisement and sponsors only)

  • January Jones Sharing"Don't Bury with My Pearls On" by Jane Jenkins Herlong

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    Jane Jenkins Herlong is a Sirius XM Humorist, international best-selling-award winning author, professional singer, recording artist and award-winning professional speaker. She is the author of five best selling/award-winning books including "Rhinestones of My Flip-Flops, Bury Me with My Pearls, Bare Feet to High Heels, What Ta-Tas Teach Us and Sweet Tea Secrets from the Deep Fried South." 

  • True self-esteem is the recognition of our exact equality with everyone

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    Karlyle Tomms is a writer who grew up in rural Ozarks poverty. He completed his master’s degree in 1981. He has written for different regional magazines and newspapers over the years. He often is selected to speak at professional and non-professional events and radio talk shows. However, he had never published fiction until completing his first novel in 2014. His general method for fiction has been to define a character and allow that character to tell their own story from a first-person perspective as though the character is writing an autobiography. Through his characters, he explores the psychology of the human condition and the various elements and entanglements of personalities. His novels incorporate the social and historical influences surrounding the lifetimes of his characters and are stories of overcoming social, emotional, and spiritual challenges.
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  • Dr. Wasserman -Talks Better Elder Healthcare; Rosie Davis -Yellow Heart Memorial

    in Self Help

    Geriatrician, Dr. Michael Wasserman,  Chair of the Public Policy Committee of the California Association of Long Term Care Medicine, returns to the program!  He is an author and editor of numerous books, a speaker, and a tireless advocate for improving healthcare for older adults, as well as improving care received in nursing homes.  He will join us to continue our discussion of some of the pressing current issues of geriatric healthcare and nursing home care.  
    Also, Rosie Davis, founder of the international organization, Yellow Heart Memorial, advocate for COVID victims, and co-author of the book, Who We Lost: A Portable Covid Memorial, will return to join us once again from Austin, TX.  Rosie will tell us about More Than A Number,  a traveling memorial, honoring those lost due to Covid.


    in Self Help

    Hosted by Jojopah Maria Nsoroma 

  • Part 1: Close Up Radio Spotlights Dr. Don Gilbert of New Life

    in Motivation

    Ankeny, IA – Dr. Don Gilbert is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, a licensed clinical counselor, a consultant, and a Certified Coach with John Maxwell and Dr. Daniel Amen, an author, and the CEO and founder of New Life Counseling and Coaching. Dr. Don has a Master's degree in mental health counseling and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology.
    Since he opened his practice in 2002, he has grown to three locations and employs a caring staff and professional counselors, a dietician, and a Nurse practitioner. They work with their clients holistically through sound psychological theory, faith-based services, and interventions.
    Dr. Gilbert clarifies that coaching, counseling, and consulting have major significant differences and while they certainly overlap the framework for one is distinct.
    He explains that his counseling is focused on helping people overcome a variety of mental health issues.
    A Coach is a collaborator who asks the right questions and provides structure, and a process to maximize the potential for a future experience in the client’s career, business, or any area of life. The focus is on the future with an emphasis on vision and growth.
    Dr. Gilbert continues to guide us towards the right path to keep us grounded so we can learn to live life to the fullest. He is changing the world one person at a time.
    For more information, visit https://newlife-counseling.com/ and https://drdoncoaching.com/

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    Is Frequency our New Medicine or an Ancient Mystery Revealed with Sharry Edwards

    in Self Help

    Could your voice hold the key to wellness and health?
    Imagine a magical machine that records your voice, analyzes it, and then provides the exact frequencies needed to rebalance your energies and possibly even regenerate body parts.
    Well, guess what?
    This incredible technology exists, and it's neither expensive nor fancy. You can start benefiting from it right now!
    Don't miss this episode of Light Warrior Radio show, where I dive into an enlightening conversation with Sharry Edwards, the clairaudient genius behind BioAcoustic biology.
    Tune in to discover:
    How your voice is the key to your well-being Sharry's journey in computerizing and mapping frequencies for balancing biology Why there's no need to fear "remote-controlled" humans How you can get a free analysis of your voice print Insights on future "energy stressors" headed our way Stick around until the end to hear what Sharry reveals about me based on my voice!
    And don't forget to grab your free voice print analysis!

  • Working with Relational Trauma in Coaching

    in Self Help

    Trauma is all around us, and more and more coaches are aware of the impact on their clients. At BEabove Leadership, we focus on the damaging impact of relational trauma, whether from families of origin, intimate partners, or workplace leaders/colleagues. In this episode, Ann and Ursula dig into the who, what and when of working with this sort of trauma in coaching.
    We'll look at questions including what is appropriate and what isn't? How do we stay in the coaching lane when trauma comes into the conversation? How do you recognize that trauma has played or is playing a part in what's going on with your client? When do you refer to therapy and when do you carry on? We'll even look at what the International Coach Federation has to say.   

  • Thunder and lightning out of the community. # 2291

    in Motivation

    The 1st book of Shemuel.

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