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    The Gentle Barn: Kindness, Compassion, and Finding Your Place

    in Business

    531 - The Gentle Barn: Kindness, Compassion, and Finding Your Place 
    Hosts: Steve Boese, Trish McFarlane
    Guests: Ellie Laks, Founder of The Gentle Barn
    This episode of At Work in America is sponsored by Paychex, one of the leading providers of HR, payroll, retirement, and insurance solutions for businesses of all sizes. Nearly one-third of U.S. employees say their work schedule still remains unpredictable as a result of the pandemic, a factor they report as having a significant effect on their overall well-being – from causing financial stress, to feeling disconnected from family friends. And, this appears to be affecting younger generations the most.To learn more about these findings, and how you can optimize work scheduling to help better support your employees, visit today.
    This week, we met with Ellie Laks, to learn about the importance of teaching kindness and compassion to animals, each other, and our planet.
    - What is The Gentle Barn and how was it established?
    - Cow Hug Therapy and how it is used to heal people
    - How does The Gentle Barn help mental health
    - How can you help?
    Learn more here
    Thank you, Ellie, for joining the show today!  Remember to subscribe to the HR Happy Hour wherever you get your podcasts. 

  • Stepping outside your comfort zone with Dr. Karen Wilson

    in Business

    Dr. Karen Wilson talks with me and you about what it takes for women to find the courage to step outside of their comfort zones, and become successful entrepreneurs by choosing to become bold, get uncomfortable, and attain extraordinary success as a female entrepreneur,
    We discuss:
    - How to leverage experiences to move into a new space
    - How our guest knew it was time to leave her comfort zone and start her own business
    - Lessons learned our guest learned along the way that you can leverage for yourself
    - How your personal and professional experiences can help get ready to step out of your career comfort zones and become entrepreneurs
    Dr. Karen Wilson is a Clinical Neuropsychologist, Director of West LA Neuropsychology, PC, and the founder of, a digital platform that connects parents whose children struggle with learning or social-emotional issues with professionals who provide psychological and educational support services.
    Dr. Wilson is also the host of the Diverse Thinking · Different Learning podcast. She is a sought-after expert speaker and has been invited to share her expertise in a broad range of media outlets and to a multitude of audiences, including parenting groups, educators, and professionals attending national conferences.

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    Journey From Frustration To Freedom

    in Marketing

    Much like a child, who "grows-up" from an infant, to adolescent, and to a mature adult. Your business needs to mature & evolve through 3 stages.
    However, unlike a child, it has little to do with how old your business is and everything to do with the capabilities of the owner and the systems built into the business.
    Pete Piriano calls this the EmpirePath Process. He helps his clients reach the 3 stages of business maturation and growth.
    GET CONTROL - put in place the building block systems & build a strong foundation to get you, the owner, control of the business, so you can stop being the "firefighter", and start seeing a brighter future!
    TRANSFORMATIONAL GROWTH - implement key systems to grow rapidly.
    FREEDOM TO PICK YOUR PATH - choose how involved in the businesses you want to be or pick new paths to grow by adding locations, licensing, franchising or adding new verticals.
    Pete joins Adam to discuss these stages and more. Discover:
    How to systematically remove yourself from daily operations The biggest mental blocks that are keeping so many business owners stuck in the trenches Common myths around systematizing your business and building a self-managed business The biggest mistakes business owners make when trying to build a self-managed business And much more! Regardless of what stage your business is in today, tune in and take away new tips and lessons for even bigger, better growth.

  • May: Lawyer Norm Blumenthal

    in Entrepreneur

    Norm Blumenthal - an attorney for workers and consumers. Selected as one of the Top Attorneys in Southern California. In 2017, Norm was inducted and recognized as one of America's Most Trusted Lawyers in Employment Law. Norm Blumenthal is a Regular contributor on Money For Lunch.
    ?? Connect with Bert:  YouTube |  Twitter  |  Instagram
    ?? Get a Free Copy of Dominating Your Mind: While supplies last, limited time.
    ??Want Free Publicity? Visit now!

  • Surviving the Storm - The Seven Signs of a Changing Economy

    in Finance

    Read Jim Lunney's Weekly Update at Jim Lunney is the author of Surviving the Storm.  The monthly conference call is focused on identifying current sings of economic change.  Jim Lunney is an Investment Advisor Representative of LPL Financial.


    in Business News


  • Having Confidence as an Entrepreneur with Life Coach Clarissa Law

    in Entrepreneur

    The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show | | Every Tuesday
    Clarissa Law, BS, is an Author, Life Coach, Certified Workshop Facilitator, and Public Speaker. Clarissa is the CEO of Purposed by Design Coaching and Consulting, LLC, providing 1:1 coaching, group coaching, public speaking, and various workshops. She is also the Founder of Lifelines to Success, a 501 (c)3, Non-Profit Organization, where she provides enrichment programs and services to the community.  Learn more at
    Our host:
    ?Sharvette Mitchell  helps high achieving service based women entrepreneurs position their expertise with a polished visual brand, increase visibility with speaking opportunities, build authority with a published book and convert more customers with elevated content marketing.  She does this with her signature Platform Builder group coaching program. 
    ?Learn more at her website,
    ?Subscribe to her  YouTube channel:
    ?? Take Sharvette's quiz to see where you are on your personal brand journey AND get some free resources -  

  • Martial Arts Masters & Pioneers Radio Network with Professor Gary Lee

    in Business

    Award-Winning Talk Radio AMAA Network presents “Parts Unknown" 
    With Pioneer and Creator of the Sport Karate Museum Professor Gary Lee and Co-Host Dean “The Wolverine" Pyles and Tang Soo Do Animal AJ Perry--Together they interview some of the top pioneers in the Martial Arts and Sport Karate. 
    Tune in live at:
    9:30 PM Eastern Standard Time
    8:30 Texas Time 
    7:30 Mountain Time 
    6:30 PM Pacific 
    SETVR.APP “The Hologram Experience “  The History Generals Portals of the Sport Karate Museum
    Click the link below to purchase the NEW Sport Karate History General Biography Book Today!
    Sponsored by the American Martial Arts Alliance ( & Elite Publication

  • Best Coast Business Live with Max Zappas, Z Villages Management and Development

    in Business

    Live Broadcast on May 17th, 2022 at 4:30 PST!
    Our Best Coast Business Live Guest is Max Zappas, Z Villages Management and Development
    Introducing our newest Best COast Business Live co-host: Rachelle Krelle. Rachelle is a central coast native and an Arroyo Grande High School graduate. She’s also a local Realtor, massage therapist, South County Chambers of Commerce ambassador, community volunteer and a mother; with a strong passion for learning and truly believing that everyone can learn something new each and everyday.
    The BEST Coast Business Live (BCBL) series is in 30-50 minute episodes featuring one-of-a-kind interviews with business owners and other influencers of Central California. Guests on BCBL are
    A. Killing it in this crazy Pandemic-Economy;
    B. Doing great things in the community, lifting up businesses and people in need in these difficult times;
    C. Struggling and in need of some helping hands to get through a difficult time; or
    D. Some combination of A, B and/or C! Each show will also feature the Community Corner which a Chamber of Commerce/Community Leader who will answer questions about current events on the Central Coast, present issues faced by the local business community, and the strategic ways in which the Chamber and its various committees are addressing these hot-button topics.
    Call in at 323-580-5755 to ask questions

  • The Hair Radio Morning Show LIVE #715 Wednesday, May 18th, 2022

    in Entrepreneur

    It's an all-new LIVE broacast of "The Hair Radio Morning Show".. Great Hair Talk, Great Guests PLUS.

  • The Halal Industry: Do For Self - Optimal Health

    in Business

    Join us every Wednesday from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm EST for an edition of "The Halal Industry: Do For Self" with your host Imam Wali Ayyub Bilal President, Founder and CEO of Bilal's Inc., and co-host James Bashir.  The interest ofJoin Bilal's Inc. is to establish economics for the African American people (descendant of slaves of America).  This program is to encourage peole to unite and to build economic strength to establish community life by doing for self.  To build the model community.
    Then join us for the next hour from 12 pm - 1 pm EST for an edition of "Optimal Health" with Host Abdul Shaheed.  The program is centered around "Optimal Health" and what health is!  There is an abundance of information available on health, but not much tells us about what health really is and how to achieve it.  The program's discussion will entail a baic scientific approach to health and will explain it.
    Connect at and 24-hour streaming at (701) 719-4197.  Call in live to speak to the host at (515) 605-9891 or (425) 292-4253 share comments at, Tweet @CWShuraa.  Email us at  Visit's parent corporation Community Wide Shuraa Conference at, or leave a listener comment at (910) 317-0297. You are listening to AM360,  the number one islamic radio station in the nation where your intellect is respected and your voice is protected.

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