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  • How Technology Can Improve Educational Process through Edutainment

    in Business

    How Education and Games Can Combine 
    Education games can create a more personalized experience for students. For example – learning science fields like biology, chemistry, computer science, and more can be complicated and overwhelming.
    Here are 11 Ways that Technology will Improve Education in the Future
    1. There’s a big chance that classrooms will have virtual reality devices that provide students access to lessons from all over the world in the future.
    2. Using augmented reality, students will be able to see the solar system or even the molecules in the atmosphere – and how they affect our day-to-day lives.
    3. Artificial intelligence in the classroom can also enhance the learning process
    4. Robots will all be used to teach children languages and practice with them. As we all know, to improve your language skill you need to practice a lot.
    5. Edutainment techniques will eventually become so advanced that children will learn faster by playing games on their tablets or mobile phones versus spending hours reading books.
    6. Some people believe that future education systems will run largely on data which means that we won’t have textbooks anymore, and children will be encouraged to ask more questions instead of memorizing answers.
    7. Edutainment could also help students understand the real world and learn how to cope with challenges by playing different games involving their daily lives.
    8. Virtual reality is also becoming increasingly popular. By projecting 3D computer graphics into real space around the viewer, a virtual reality (VR) headset allows users to feel like they are in a completely different environment.
    People who should listen to this show are instructors, coaches, digital marketers

  • February: Lawyer Francis Jackson

    in Entrepreneur

    Francis Jackson is an attorney who specializes in disability law for those seeking veterans disability benefits and social security disability benefits. A founding partner of Jackson & MacNichol, he has been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX network affiliates around the country. He most recently appeared as a guest of Ben Glass on the “Consumer Advocate” show discussing benefits for veterans and social security disability benefits and how his practice allows him to make a difference in the lives of people facing disabilities. He has also been quoted in USA Today and is listed in Cambridge Who’s Who. Mr. Jackson was honored by the National Academy of Best Selling Authors with a "Quilly" award in September 2012, for his contribution as a joint author to the Amazon best-selling book, "Protect and Defend" where he wrote about protecting one's rights to veterans disability compensation. In 2017 Mr. Jackson was inducted into America's Most Trusted Lawyers for his outstanding work in disability law. For more information visit 
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    Costly Mistakes When Hiring Website Vendors

    in Marketing

    Your website is like a “necessary evil.” In this day and age, if you don’t have a website, you aren’t considered a legit business.
    Your website should be a 24/7 sales machine. But what if it’s not?
    Are you dealing with…
    An underperforming website that’s more of a liability than an asset?
    Diminished credibility in the marketplace?
    Missing out on lead-generating opportunities?
    Being handcuffed to a website vendor you don’t even like? Many of us have those nightmare stories of poor websites, bad website vendors, and loss of money and business. Sean Rosensteel is no exception. As a website vendor, Sean knows what it takes to build a website that converts. A website that works for you rather than you working for it.
    He joins Adam to discuss what happens when you hire the wrong person/company to build your website and how much it can cost you.
    How bad websites are costing entrepreneurs a fortune every year; How digital marketers rip you off; Why so many digital marketing campaigns fail; Why most websites don’t work; The one key ingredient every website must have in order to convert more visitors into leads; And so much more! Is it time to turn your website into a money making machine? Then tune in!

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    The Power In Staying On Point with Your Purpose

    in Business

    Out & About with Antionette Blake
    Episode 52: The Power In Staying On Point with Your Purpose 
    Host: Antionette Blake: Author | Educator | Speaker
    Special Guest: Antoinette Capri - Author | Certified Life Coach | Life Resilience Expert
    Produced by: Elite Conversations Podcast Media
    Host Bio
    Antionette Blake, (a.k.a. The Delaware Blogger) – Founder & CEO, A. Blake Enterprises
    Antionette Blake, who is more commonly known and widely recognized as a multi-award winning blogger is also a Branding and Social Media Communications Manager, Educator and Professional Speaker. Antionette hosts two a weekly Podcasts, “Delaware Blogger Podcast” and “What’s Up Next?”
    As the owner of ABlake Enterprises, Social Media Management & Consulting since 2015, she works with business owners and organizations on strategies to help them broaden their brand and expand their exposure online.

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    Capital Arguments Again for the 10th of February 2022

    in Business

    In this episode we look at the column of 10 Feb 2021--"Fighting Rising Prices"

  • The January Jobs Report (Let's Talk About These Gosh Darn Numbers)

    in Jobs

    Don't Get Anxious - Get Prepared!  Let's talk about the JANUARY 2022 Jobs Report (click and the impact on your career, life, and business. Never FEAR, Your Career Engineer will SHARE some Jobs Search Tips and Tricks you can use during COVID19 and beyond

  • Dare To Win

    in Business

    A sober discussion of the economic and political plight of Black people and the global cooperative economic model that provides an exact method of gaining economic and political self-determination.  We are building the global machinery for our economic freedom and sovereignty and the methodology to pass it forward to future generations.

  • The Diary of a Manic OCD Bookseller -James Bailey

    in Marketing

    Jim Bailey is a Gulliver walking the nooks and crannies of a beach community simply trying to sell his books, do his research, and find a port where he can write the Next Great American Novel and Worldwide TV Series – only to meet the weird, the wacky, and the odd - person or situation which may or may not get him back in time to switch his car to the other side of the street before the cops tow away his sleeping quarters. And the Power of O.C.D. Cannot Be Denied: Jim Bailey’s diary reveals A Don Quixote of a Writer-Against-All-Odds:

  • How Important Is Content to SEO (According to Google)?

    in Business

    Google handles more than 5.4 billion searches per day. Every day. To keep their huge market share of 90%, they absolutely need the results of those searches to be relevant. And they are.
    Content and SEO marketers will tell you the same thing, myself included: if you change one thing to your website to make it rank better, make sure that thing is content. I’m not saying that the user experience doesn’t matter or that a mobile responsive website is just nice to have. Not at all.
    What Type of Content Does Google Want You to Write?
    The Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines speak at length about how your content is supposed to be written to win Google’s favor. There are two acronyms that you should never ignore:
    EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness): your content should be well-researched, thorough, in-depth, and written by experts in the field. Pay extra attention to the bios of the authors on your website!
    YMYL (Your Money or Your Life): this acronym refers to pages that can impact a reader’s wellbeing, health, freedom, or finances. If you cover topics about: medicine, finance, happiness, mental health, or physical health you should be extra careful with the links you use and with how you choose to cover each topic. Again, it’s very important to have experts covering sensitive topics – so don’t forget to create relevant bios for everything you publish.

  • February: Lawyer Norm Blumenthal

    in Entrepreneur

    Norm Blumenthal - an attorney for workers and consumers. Selected as one of the Top Attorneys in Southern California. In 2017, Norm was inducted and recognized as one of America's Most Trusted Lawyers in Employment Law. Norm Blumenthal is a Regular contributor on Money For Lunch.
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  • My Pilot: A Story of War, Love, and ALS Sarajane Giere

    in Marketing

    Sarajane Giere offers a uniquely intimate glimpse into the life of a military wife as she tells the story of her fighter pilot husband, Bernie, a Vietnam Veteran who flew 214 combat missions in the Vietnam War and served twenty-five years in the Air National Guard's world-class 106th Rescue Wing.With searing love and explicit honesty, she recounts the terror of the Vietnam years and the lifelong sacrifices that affected her pilot's life and death. In the telling she honors her husband, their family, and their extended military family, the community holds dear.
    For many, the 1960s and 1970s were turbulent times in the United States. For Sarajane Giere, it was a time when she fell in love with her college sweetheart who became a pilot. She lived life from 30,000 feet in the air even when they were 10,000 miles apart. Her book, My Pilot: A Story of War, Love, ALS is a stirring memoir that touches hearts and allows us into the lives of a couple who leaned on each other during tough times in war and health – and who treasured their time together, raising a family, and seeing the world.

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