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    How can a Black men heal from their Mistakes

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    This episode we talking about how can black men heal from their mistakes tune in ..call in with your views 

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    Activate your Mind and Harness your Power

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    How do you activate your mind and harness your power to achieve your goals and desires? In this episode, I will share a few helpful tips on how to activate your inner power to reach your goals and fulfill your desires.
    If we truly desire to accomplish something of significant value, we must undergo mental growth until we embody that very essence we wish to bring into existence. This transformation may require time, but we should willingly invest all the necessary time into our personal development. However, some individuals possess a scarcity of mental likeness, limiting their capacity. This likeness must be cultivated through expansive thought, encompassing the entirety of our aspirations. Our emotional state serves as an indicator of our progress towards achieving our goals and desires. Therefore, I recommend daily practice in training our thoughts to focus solely on the experiences we wish to manifest. Regarding affirmations, while I previously emphasized their potency, it's crucial to genuinely understand and believe in the words we affirm. We can only speak what we know, and thus, our affirmations should reflect truths we understand.
    Yours truly, 
    Rea Wilke aka, Coach Rea
    For more information, Contact us at:Your Life Now show
    Disclaimer: This show is intended to be informative and thought-provoking. By applying any of the information shared, you agree to take full responsibility for your actions.

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    “Don't Stop Praying”

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    Facing Your Fears Radio Talk Show with Host Evangelist Dr. Norma Chapman along with her Special Guest Dr. DeAndre S. Grandberry, Sr. Pastor of Miracle Baptist Cathedral will be discussing the power of prayer. Topic: "Don't Stop Praying". Jesus gives us a "parable" about a widow woman to help us and encourage us not to give up when we pray. Every one of us needs all the encouragement we can get. Especially when it comes to our prayer life. The Lord wants us to be persistent in our praying. We should persevere in our prayer life. Scripture , coming from 1Thessalonians 5:17 & Luke 18: 1-8. Join us on this amazing episode so you can be encouraged and receive a special blessing.  Number to call 515- 605-9836. Showtime:4:30pm to 5:30pm CST/  5:30pm to 6:30pm EST.  Remember listeners you can join us on this awesome topic by pressing the number one on your phone, if you have any questions,comments, or want to share your thoughts and experience. 

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    Alcohol Awareness

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    The Month Of April is Alcohol Awareness Month. This is a time to raise awareness and understanding of alcohol use and misuse. Many individuals will justify their alcohol consumption. There is also often a sense of denial that is common among individuals that struggle with alcoholism. Such can result in the lies that one will tell themself. Codependency issues and abuse can also occur. The use of alcohol can have an impact on one's relationship with others, their employment, overall health as well can result in legal or financial issues.
    The use or abuse of alcohol can impact an indidual's life in many ways.However, help is available.  Let's talk about it as I want to hear your thoughts. I will also be providing information regarding the different treatment options. If you want to share your story please do so as such may help another.
    To join in in the conversation call 516 387-1914. Hosted by Jeanette Abney LMFT.

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    January Jones sharing Affiliate Marketing for Dummies with Ted Sudol

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    Ted Sudol has been active in making money on the internet for the past 20 years. In the last ten years, he has focused on using affiliate marketing to generate a passive income in a variety of niches. Ted found affiliate marketing to be one of the easiest and most successful methods of making money on the Internet. For Ted the Why of his affiliate marketing business was freedom. The freedom to come and go and work as you wanted to. January Jones Sharing Senior Success is broadcast live Thursdays at 3PM ET.
    Affiliate Marketing for Dummies BY TED SUDOL AND PAUL MLADJENOVIC

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    “Breaking Chains” The Men Of Valor Podcast:REALLY BRUH?

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    The Love,Peace and Blessings Of God Everyone, Join Us Every Thursday 7pm CST, Because it's Men Night "Breaking Chains" The Men Of Valor Podcast. Get Involved In the Conversation About The Issues That Are Effecting Our Men, Families, Tearing Up Our Communities, and Destroying The Fiber Of Our Society. Can We Talk About It? Let Your Voice Be Heard as we Break The Chains Of Silence, Speaking Up and Speaking Out!!! The Men Come Together, STATING WHAT MATTERS SAYING ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!
    www.blogtalkradio.com/breakingchains  Call In: 858-357-9137  Email: webreakingchains@gmail.com
    WE DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE MUSIC....................
    Mail=Young Adults Talk Foundation 
    PO Box 70033, Mobile Alabama 36670

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    The ABC Podcast on Blog Talk Radio EP 67: Roger Fortson Was An Idiot

    in Relationships

    In this episode, Jessie explains why the deputy was fully justified in shooting the crap out of Roger Fortson in Florida. In the second hour, Jessie will explain to men how not to settle for less than the best. But first, Jessie will tell you exactly why Marijuana will be federally legalized by October.

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    TheKeys107: How to Create a Culture of Safety at Work and Home

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    The Keys 107 and host Dr. Rafika Soaries welcomes Toni Alea Watts who is the CEO and Founder of Precision Safety Consulting LLC (2020) with extensive experience as a safety program manager, trainer, and entrepreneur. Toni Alea Watts, a New York native, formed PSC out of a heartfelt pride in her ability to identify the individual challenges people face when entering and living in the workplace or at home. She has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in areas such as public health inspections, air quality testing, environmental auditing, regulation compliance, and emergency management. Find out more Precision Safety Consulting, Inc. 
    The Keys 107 focuses on the 7 keys that open doors to endless possibilities in the pursuit of love, peace, and happiness. Each episode explores the spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, financial, art science & entertainment, and the social keys with emphasis on acts of kindness. It's our intention to invite guests who present solutions and strategies as we believe the 7 keys are essential building blocks to help you get to the next level in your life. 
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