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    Challenges Make Us Stronger With Sherry Capet

    in Motivation

    Welcome to Life Transformation Radio. 
    In this episode, Sherry Capet and I discuss how even when you have hit rock bottom, the only place to go is up.
    So if you want to understand there is no rule book for life, learn how the challenges we encounter make us stronger and to never give up. Tune in now!
    In this episode, you'll discover:
    There is no rule book for life 
     Challenges make us stronger
     Never give up. Even when you have hit rock bottom, the only place to go is up.
    About Sherry
    Sherry Angelique Capet continues to captivate people with her inspirational story. As a single mom and homeless, Sherry was feeling defeated but decided nothing would break her. Looking within, she found pure determination, persevered, and just the beginning.
    In starting a business, she needed something to be at home to take care of her son and be financially stable. She didn't want to miss a moment of her son growing up, those moments we all say we wish we could have seen. She didn't want to have regrets. In doing so, she mastered her time management skills and work-life balance techniques. She started growing a successful virtual business, and today...she is living her best life.
    More Information
    Learn more about Sherry by visiting
    Instagram - @sherry_angelique_capet
    LinkedIn - Sherry Angelique Capet
    Facebook - Sherry Angelique Capet
    Clubhouse - @sherryangelique  
    Thanks for Tuning In!

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    The Science of YES

    in Motivation

    Welcome to The Science of YES! I’m your hostess, Pam Heath, The YES Coach™. 
    We will be examining the energy of YES and how you can leverage your knowledge and belief in the power of YES to create an extraordinary, prosperous life by design. I'm a Life Coach and Business Coach and I specialize in breaking down the emotional barriers that block you from what you are committed to achieving in life. My background is in personal development, communications, team management and, organization coupled with years of empowering individuals to achieve their best results. I spent a lifetime as a Legal Administrator and Operations Manager and I also spent many years focusing on leading impactful transformational programs and I will work with you to enhance your ability to create an extraordinary life that you absolutely LOVE! I call myself a YES Coach and the process I designed is the Science of YES. Join me on my show happening here on Thursdays at 8pm PDT.  I’ll guide you in having it all. You don’t have to let your fears keep you frozen in place. Take on life and everything it has to offer. Say YES to Life! Please, visit my website at and sign up for a download of my ebook – The YES Blueprint - Scale Your Business to Win! Come on my program and get answers to your questions regarding starting a business or creating your business plan or anything around get your business going. I can support you. I focus on conscious professionals, as well as creative artists. I'm not a psychic and I don't do readings, but you might be amazed at how I can support and guide you if you want life, career, and even romance guidance.  Coming from the energy of YES - anything is possible! 
    Call in at (760) 888-5700. 
    Let's talk!

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 2747

    in Self Help

    Q & A call-in discussion with a survivor-professional, using an OPEN MIKE forum. We'll feature a survivor-professional co-host who'll field topics brought to the episode by you, the listener. ~~ Tonight's special guest will be Lori Golden from San Diego, California, a survivor and a private psychotherapist working with other trauma and abuse survivors. Lori shares, “I am a survivor of incest. My father sexually abused me from the age of 5 to 16. When the sun went down, I was filled with terror, hypervigilance, and waiting. Everything in my room came alive." Lori started using drugs in college at 18 and covered her worthlessness, aloneness and increasing desperation with bulimic exercising, food addiction and drugs, culminating in a suicide attempt at 27. "I am an incest survivor, an addict in Narcotics Anonymous for 33 years as well as Food Addicts Anonymous for 30", she tells us. Her book, 'My House Of Lies; Awakening from a Childhood of Sexual Abuse'. ~~ On these episodes we welcome various co-hosts, survivor-professionals who'll assist in fielding questions and lead a variety of topics suggested by our call-in participants. Their trauma-informed perspectives as survivor-professionals will help them guide discussions on the issues of child abuse, trauma and healthy human sexuality that spring from questions and topics brought to us by our listeners. ~~ Everyone's invited to engage on tonight's show. ~~ Please visit the web site.

  • 01:50

    Faceus Radio Frank Rodrick discuss unwanted & unnecessary Colorado Guardianship

    in Self Help

    Join us *LIVE* Wednesday night, September 22, 2021, on F.A.C.E.U.S. Radio with Co-Hosts Luanne Fleming, Robin Austin, Marci Friedman, Hillary Hogue. Our guests will be Frank Rodrick, 32 years owned and operated a glass Recycling business service. A Colorado native and 46-year friend of Mary Jonadel Vanvalkenburg and her family. Frank’s friend Ann will be joining us. Mary (87 years old) was forced into unwanted and unnecessary guardianship and conservatorship, removed under duress on November 8, 2020, by the Guardian and the Westminster, Colorado Police Department, with no warning. Listen here Live 6:00pm PST/ 7:00 pm MST/ 8:00 pm CST/ 9:00 pm EST. Join us online at or feel free to join the conversation or ask a question on our Guest line at 845-241-9962. The Conservator estimated the assets for Mary at $1,011,386.00. The property was seized, her children Donny & Leslie were evicted and their personal belongings, furniture, and heirlooms were scattered into the front yard. Frank has had a restraining order placed against him. Mary is being held in seclusion. How do you protect yourself so this doesn't happen to you? Tune in to Blog Talk Radio Channel Hidden Truth Revealed–The Inside Scoop. F.A.C.E.U.S. (Families Against Court Embezzlement Unethical Standards) All shows recorded and archived.

  • 02:05

    253: Politics, Math Tutor, Business Tips, Mindset, Nature, Take Action Resources

    in Motivation

    12:06p - John Whitmer: A Political Perspective From The Heartland - Host of The John Whitmer Show
    12:17p - Don Sevcik: - The Fastest FREE Math Tutor On The Planet - Saves Parents Time & Helps Students
    12:27p - Dr. Travis Fox: The Ultimate Business Quest - Retake Your Castle - Entrepreneur to Empire
    12:38p - Preston Weekes: Personal Transformational Power Mixed With Scientific Information To Create A Success Mindset
    12:48p - JoAnne Sullam: Artist, Author & Wildlife Advocate - Connecting With Nature
    *Michele’s Patriotic Soapbox: Facts, Truth, Take Action Items & Resources*
    1:00p - Michele discusses current events, reviews all of the incredible quality content on the website and how important it is now, more than ever, to be prepared - physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.  The Arizona Audit is public, Many Non-Vaccine Deaths & Adverse Events stories are coming forward, Censorship is reaching new levels & the enemy will be fighting hard to change the narrative. It's time to Stand Up, Speak Out & Show Up...Pray-Plan-Take Action!
    VISIT: For our Partners' Info, Episodes, Subscribe, Like-Follow-Join Our Community & Newsletter, Become A Purpose-Driven Business & Much More!
    Patriotic Purpose Driven Resource Platform - Hosted by Michele Swinick "The Queen of Quality Content"
    ONE Location With All The Information!
    We're LIVE Mon, Wed & Fri @ 12p PT w/ experts, entrepreneurs & purpose-driven people to provide real-life tangible takeaways to Grow your business, Enhance the quality of your lives & Make a Difference - Especially in your communities
    LISTEN LIVE: http//

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    Simply Singing from your Soul

    in Motivation

    A couple of months ago, I treated myself to the most wonderful experience...a class to open up my singing voice! It was so much fun!
    Singing Simply From The Soul – Free Your Natural Voice
    Benefits of Freeing Your Voice
    stimulate the Vagus Nerve increase creativity calm, soothe & relax improve posture, breathing & blood-flow activate Parasympathetic Nervous System balance the Chakras create new neural pathways in your brain raise your physical vibration connect people encourage self-expression, speaking your truth boost your immune system promote community bonding generate healing energy increase your self-confidence Offer #1
    One 2 Hour Live Singing & Toning Group Session, Saturday, Sept. 25th, 11 am Mountain Time (US)            $57
    Offer #2
    One 2 Hour Live Singing & Toning Group Session, Saturday, Sept. 25th, 11 am Mountain Time (US)
    Plus + One 30-minute Private Session with Linda              $87
    You can register  here:
    Linda Lewellyn has taught voice & Chakra Toning for 28 years in Boulder, Colorado & Online. She holds 2 BAs in Music & in The Psychology of Health & Healing from Naropa University. Linda is a Certified Member of the Sound Healers Association, Certified Level II Reiki, and has been singing professionally for over 40 years.

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    in Self Help

    Hosted by Jojopah Maria Nsoroma

  • 01:06

    How to Attract and Retain the Right Talent

    in Motivation

    Episode 199: How to Attract and Retain the Right Talent with guest Brandy McCarley
    According to employee alignment executive advisor Brandy McCarley, “The right team, in the right roles, managed in the right way, can lead to increased employee retention and profits.”  Many leaders know this, but they still struggle with attracting and retaining the right talent. Are there things they need to do differently? What should they take into consideration during the hiring and onboarding process? In this episode, Brandy joins us to discuss how, by making a few changes, you can begin to get the right people on your team.
    Brandy works with CEOs and business owners on clarifying the cultural dynamics within their companies and finding the right employees for each role. Brandy knows how stressful it can be working in a culture in which you don’t quite fit. She is passionate about employee alignment because it allows her to empower others to reach their highest aim while helping employers improve their teams.  Tune in and learn how you can attract and retain the right talent for your organization. 
    Connect with Brandy:
    Connect with your host: 

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    She Said What?! Radio Show - "What does a real man look like?"

    in Relationships

    A lot of women praise and demand a "real man," but when it comes to describing them, they tend to make the man either sound superficial or something that could be ordered through Amazon. What you ask for when it comes to being "real," are you able to deliver on your end as well? Do we hold ourselves to the same standards as though we request?
    Do women really know what they want when they begin dating or is it just all about the looks? At what point during the dating phase, does she realize the qualities she desired in a man, she lacks within herself? Does it matter to women where they are in life, and determine whether or not dating is for them at that point? Join your host Alan Newman Jr. as he gets down and into the minds of women from all across the world to find out what they really think. Engage with the host and guest  Simplee Bree by dialing 515-602-9647 and press #1
    If you've missed the episode, don't worry - we have you covered. Visit to catch up on any missed episodes and check out to see what other shows we have lined up on every major media platform for your listening pleasure.

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    "A Beautiful Conspiracy" feat. CHH Artist L3XDIVINE

    in Motivation

    Join us this week as we talk with CHH Artist L3XIDVINE, She's a gifted and talented Woman of God that can sing as well as rap, and ladies and gents she's got BARZZZ!!!! L3Xidivine is L3XDIVINE was recognized for a video series titled #EMCEEMONDAY where she would spit a "Hot 16" each week, with the iPhone she was instructed (by Holy Spirit) to buy with her last paycheck. She landed gigs in Vegas through church events, Guerilla Cross, and other various sources. She became even more familiar to the CHH community through the project EL V. Envy by JGivens and through competing at “The Rap Showcase” held at Legacy Conference in Chicago, IL.  Her music began to receive attention from platforms such as Trackstarz, Rapzilla, Forth District, and more. In 2017 she created a stage for women through Legacy Fest titled She's Next, as a way to shed light on the under-representation of women in the Christian Hip Hop Community, and more recently won the Jackson Pollock challenge held by Andy Mineo! The beginning has arrived for L3XDIVINE and we are excited as she impacts the world, reconciling generations back to Christ. And, we are very excited to be sharing her music as well as her ministry with you! 
    PLUS, we will be sharing a powerful Thought of the Week entitled, "A Beautiful Conspiracy" inspired by our recent interview with CHH Artist L3XIDVINE. And, we have will be sharing a new sponsor of Thinking Out Loud Radio Show Podcast in this week's episode as well. Lot to talk about and discuss in this week's show and we hope you will take some time and check it out! 

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    It's My Time - Embracing Your Truth

    in Motivation

    Join us today as I share my heart abotu embracing my purpose and allowing my light to shine.  My daughter wrote this as a foreword in my first book, and today it blessed me all over again. 
    "Growing up, I often felt like an outsider.  I wasn't around my mom as much as my sisters. I looked different, I felt different, I didn't understand my place; and that was no fault of my mom, but because of my insecurities.  I now know, through watching my mom's journey, that sometimes God just creates people to stand out.  My mom is one of those people, and I can say that every since she started embracing this (purpose), her light has shined so much brighter.  Thank you mom, for doing your best, always, even when it seemed as if you had nothing left to give and especially when we didn't appreciate it.  I'm proud of you.  I love you.  It's your time! - Tiffany Webb, Esq.
    It's My Time!  
    To learn more about Empowerment Place Ministries, visit our website at or 

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