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    The Andy & Amanda Show. . Freaky Free Flowin' Friday

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    Live from Hollywood and The UK and heard around the world
    It's the Andy & Amanda  Coast to Coast!


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    But it is a melancholy of my own, compounded by many simples,extracted from many objects and indeed the sundry contemplation of my travels, which, by often rumination, wraps me in the most humourless sadness.   As You Like It Wm Shakespeare
    Even though you are may not have opportunity in lodge, you may have needed to talk about expansive ideas. You have wondered what it would be like to explore ideas at your own pace. Let's try that here. If you will accept MasonicFX as a pastiche not to replace but enhance lodge experience between gatherings, then I will ask you a few questions.  First, if your attitude changes, will you admit it (to yourself)? By surrounding yourself with beauty and wisdom, you breathe an atmosphere that will change you as surely as light conquers darkness. Now,at your age, is the preservation and enhancement of your life too frivolous to take seriously? After life metres out peity you realize spirituality is occurring by your own measure. This brotherhood cannot complete you but can strive to be an incentive to cover the chamber with inspiration as graffiti and open the door of your mind as you enter. Nothing else. The clamour at the door? that's not an indictment of our speculations. It is a reflection of the human condition. We are the continuance of an ancient Brotherhood. Our lessons require understanding  and aquiring a vocabulary to communicate using a language of symbols and ritual, a blend of inspiration, experience and contemplation.  I know except for in the rashness of youth,applying ideas like enlightenment and wisdom can be daunting. To overcome that natural reaction requires prerequisite humility, self-discipline and self-respect. Even as you progress, ask your questions again and again. And together we will listen for changes as time  and discovery deepens understanding.

  • WMP to discuss: The Muslim American Responsibility in the Healing of America

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    As-Salaam Alaikum
    Join your host Imam Michael "Mikal" Saahir on WORDS-MAKE-PEOPLE this Sunday December 06, 2020 at 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. EST. for a discussion with special guest as we discuss: "The Muslim American Responsibility in the Healing of America".
    Guest includes Imam Talib Shareef of Masjid Muhammad in Washington D.C., Khadijah Siddeeq-Mohammed, the founder of EsUniCom, (a connection for Muslims with the Language of Imam W. D. Mohammed) and noted author Karim Shabazz of Atlanta, GA
    Allah instructs us in Al-Qur'an, "Do no mischief on the earth, on the earth, after it hath been set in order, but call on Him with fear and longing (in your hearts): for the Mercy of Allah is (always) near to those who do good." Surah (chapter) 7; Ayat (verse) 56
    As Muslim Americans we are obligated as citizens and more importantly as Americans to do all we can in helping our country mend. The last four years have been very divisive; may the most divisive since the U.S. Civil War. As a nation we survived the "turbulent 60's", as it is called and now today we have to apply the lessons learned from our pass to help secure a better future for America.
    NOTE: We’ll also discuss Karim Shabazz’s new book, From Arafat to America: Critical Insights from the Last Sermon of Muhammad the Prophet, that, “offers compelling insights discussing the lofty ideals and moral precepts shared by Muhammad the Prophet, and how these lofty ideals and moral precepts require Muslims, especially in the Middle East and here in the U.S., to measure up to the exemplary model set by Muhammad the Prophet.”
    Call 714 816-4673 or listen online at:

  • The Falcon Forum on / Sundays

    in Culture

    Be sure to tune in today to our weekly think tank The Falcon Forum  on / Sundays  from 9 AM PDT / Noon EDT / 5 PM GMT / 8 PM EAT
    Our Sunday think tank features analysis of news, research and educational programming and incorporates cutting-edge research with deep background to current news stories as well as practical insights on how to make progress a regular part of our lives.  We cover culture, history, education, economics, business development, health and disease prevention, along with a broad spectrum of other human endeavors.  Our aim is to create a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable society wherein all of our children can live toward their greatest potential.
    To call into the live show dial our BlogTalk cue at (646) 716-9835 and press #1 to speak; or call (323) 328-1863 for the studio access line (for brief calls only).  Learn more at / Archive recordings at 

  • The Greater Saint Stephen Missionary Baptist Church

    in Lifestyle

    Worship Experience

  • #IAMRIVIERABEACH Interview with Ann, Dan Calloway, Steve White & Cedrick Thomas

    in Lifestyle

    Join #IAMRIVIERABEACH Cohosts as we interview Cedrick Thomas a Bonsdman from Riviera Beach, FL (561-253-5775 CELL)
    Earl Nightingale said, "Everything begins with an idea."
    That idea is founded on the principle found in Acres of Diamonds by Russell Conwell.  Your diamond mine is in your own hometown, within.
    I had an idea to create a podcast to interview many individuals who are born and raised in Riviera Beach, Florida, my hometown.  After reading the book ACRES OF DIAMONDS by Russell Conwell, I am convinced we are all leaving the diamond mines in our own back yards as we travel around the world looking for larger diamonds, when in fact the diamonds we seek are found within us and our hometown, from whence we came.  Therefore, we are calling the podcast, #IAMRIVIERABEACH.  
    Our vision is to shed a bright light on the wonderful, smart, talented individuals from our great city,
    Join us every week as we interview, individuals born and raised in Riviera Beach.  FL
    To call into the podcast dial 661-554-9219.
    Join me, Ann McNeill, my cohosts, Steve White, and Dan Callaway 561-531-9184 or 561-848-4991 and  Cedrick Thomas a Bonsdman from Riviera Beach, FL  as we interview and discuss the history, the present, and the future of our great city.  Any questions or comments you can reach us at 786-546-0184.

  • Identity Theft: The Fraud and Misuse of the African American Identity

    in Culture

    Join us Sunday at 3:00 P.M. Dr. Clyde Winters, author, educator, anthropologist, and linguist will be our special guest. Dr.Clyde Winters taught Education and  Linguistics at Saint Xavier University-Chicago. Dr. Winters wrote multiple articles on anthropology, archaeogenetics, and linguistics. His articles appeared in the Journal of Black Studies, Proceeding of the National Academy of Science, Bio Essays, Current  Science, and the International Journal of Human Genetics. Dr. Winter's books include African Empires in Ancient America, We Are Not Just Africans: The Black Native Americans; Atlantis in Mexico: The Mande Discovery of America, and Ancient Scripts in South America. We have been lied to and Dr. Winters is going to set the record straight Sunday 12/06/2020 at 3:00 p.m. Dial 914-205-5681.

  • "Black Money Matters." "For Us By Us!" The Black Brand Revolution

    in Culture

    Black Money Matters
    Sunday Dec 2, 2020
    2:00 pm - 2:30 pm (MST)
    Host Dr. Kimberly Shedrick
    As an Entrepreneur i'm sometimes asked why do i think so few Black consumers buy from Black businesses? Join us in the studio as we breakdown "for us by us!" The “for us by us” trend of Black-owned brands is profoundly impacting the African American path to purchase and consumer marketplace. Black consumers support brands that align with their lifestyles and values. Is it true that "the White mans ice is colder!" Why many Black consumers are reluctant to buy Black. Do Black business owners provide lower standard services or products? Why do some Black Americans still refuse to "Buy Black?" This is Black Folks Radio where we speak truth to inform Black audiences of the issues in order to bring real change to the Black community. To view the broadcast go to facebook live,, skype or

  • Tiwantiwa

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  • Interview with Dennis Spurling About Opportunities Abroad

    in Romance

    The USA has a history.  Throughout that history, many have come to this country and found enormous opportunities for the pursuit of wealth and happiness.  For others, they have found a road paved with obstacles.  Whether those obstacles were the result of driving down the highway or seeking job opportunities, they have had doors shut in their faces or their faces slammed on the concrete for a shake down.  The people most often facing the unfortunate circumstances have been black men from the US.   
    To avoid the shake downs or closed doors, many of those black men have opened their eyes to life in other countries.  There they are finding a culture that embraces them.  They are opening businesses, networking and finding women who shower them with affection and traditional values.  For those not seeking love, they are finding women who have preserved a feminine mindset and have a much healthier attitude towards men.  Aside from having doors closed in their faces, many black men have noted the lack of femininity from women in the US. 
    To explore the realities of the good times and business ventures, we will have a guest who has seen it first hand for years.  His name is Dennis Spurling, Esq.   
    Dennis is an entrepreneur and practicing attorney.  His area of expertise in law is personal injury.  He has also used his entrepreneurial skills to exploit opportunities in other countries.  Over the years, he has built an enormous global network and learned the ins and outs of doing business abroad.  He has also learned the value of embracing the culture of the women who live there.
    Join us for an educational and thought provoking discussion about seeking opportunities abroad.   

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    The Andy & Amanda Show Weekend Reload

    in Lifestyle

    You know what to expect by now yes?
    We're bringing the USA and the UK together for 2 hours of conversation, enlightenment, great music, news, and some laughs, well, a lot of laughs...
    Join Andy & Amanda on the Coast to Coast show!