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    435: Hershey’s award-winning approach to innovation

    in Business

    Global Product Management Talk is pleased to bring you the next episode of...
    Product Mastery Now with host Chad McAllister, PhD.
    The podcast is all about helping people involved in innovation and managing products become more successful, grow their careers, and STANDOUT from their peers.
    About the Episode: 
    For each of the last 36 years, the Outstanding Corporate Innovator award has been provided by PDMA to an organization that excels in innovation. At the time of this recording, the last winner was Hershey, and I was at their award ceremony. There were boxes of Hershey chocolate treats for everyone. It was a good ceremony :) 
    We are going to learn what has made Hershey an outstanding innovator, gaining insights that might help you and your organization. With us is Charlie Chappell, the VP of Innovation and R&D at Hershey, and Greg Coticchia, the CEO of Sopheon.

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    Myths About Slavery We Need To Stop Believing, The North Profited from Slavery

    in History

    Myths About Slavery We Need To Stop Believing, How the North profited from Slavery (Class Preview) Next Class is Sat. 5-13-23, 2pm EST REGISTER NOW & WATCH CONTENT! FREE CLASS SESSION! REGISTER NOW - Next Class Sat. 5-20-23, 2pm EST, ‘Ancient Kemet (Egypt), The Moors & The Maafa: Understanding The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade? REGISTER NOW & WATCH!!! (LIVE 12 Week Online Course) with Michael Imhotep host of The African History Network Show. Discounted Registration $60; ALL LIVE SESSIONS WILL BE RECORDED SO YOU CAN WATCH AT ANY TIME! WATCH CONTENT ON DEMAND! This FULL COURSE IS ON SALE for $60 (54% OFF). ALL SESSIONS WILL BE RECORDED SO YOU CAN WATCH AT ANY TIME!
    REGISTER NOW: WATCH ON DEMAND - Did you miss Class Sat. 5-20-23, 2pm EST, ‘Ancient Kemet, Moors, Understanding The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade’ 12 Wk Online Course? https://theafricanhistorynetwork.com
    REGISTER For Full Course HERE $40: https://theahn.learnworlds.com/course/civil-war-to-civil-rights-black-power  or

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    The Foundations of an HR Tech Stack | Episode 1 - "Intro to HR Tech"

    in Business

    DrivethruHR is pleased to announce the airing of a special 4-episode series - “Introduction to HR Tech for HR Professionals.”
    In episode 1 - Building Blocks: The Foundations of an HR Tech Stack – Robin talks with Caleb Fullhart, SVP, Technology Consulting with Cielo about the basic components and infrastructure necessary to build a successful HR tech stack including considerations for items such as hardware, software, networking, and security.
    Whether you’re building your tech stack, implementing a new solution, or updating your HR technology systems, Caleb provides some items for your consideration.
    this series is sponsored by Humareso

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    From Lavandar's Vault: Anniversary Show Finale

    in Spirituality

    We are continuing with the celebration of our 14th anniversary of Starseed Hotline coming online in April of 2009, and the 13th anniversary of this radio show, Starseed Radio Academy, which first aired on March 20, 2010! It was in our first two years of this show that Lavandar released a lot of information from her Vault, as she had been directed to wait until after Giant Rock in California cracked before she could publish or talk about it publicly. Now, with over 500 episodes in our archives, many people have yet to hear the first chapters. "The Seedling" and "The Seedling Part 2",  which we aired on our two most recent show, goes back to before the beginning of Lavandar's life on planet Earth. This formed the foundation of her life, the beginnings of her awakening, the wild things that happened around her, and how she coped. Remember, this took place in the 1960's and 1970's, when no one was talking about starseeds, walk-ins, or metaphysics, plus, it took place in Oklahoma in the Bible Belt.
    In this episode we are continuing with the third chapter, "Natalie Wood Catalina, which is included in her upcoming book entitled "Crack Between the Worlds", which is essentially Lavandar's autobiography. We want to thank all the starseeds from every corner of the globe, who have found their way to our site and Lavandar's work over the past 14 years and counting! https://www.starseedhotline.com At the top of the show, it's Anastasia's Starseed News, bringing topics of interest and hope to starseeds that you won't hear elsewhere!

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    in Current Events

    ?? DON’T MISS THIS! ?? CENS??RED ON YOUTUBE ?? Join Internationally Recognized Prophecy Expert, Minister, Speaker and Author, Paul McGuire as he analyzes current events through the lens of Bible Prophecy. Every Monday through Friday 4 - 6 PM Eastern Time.
    The Paul McGuire Report radio and television ministry is a ministry of faith and we are believing God each month to lay on the hearts of the listeners to support us if they are being blessed. We have asked, and are believing God, to touch the people of God, businesses and organizations to sow into this ministry that they also may be blessed!
    Your support enables us to stream Paul’s messages from God’s prophetic Word on Blog Talk Radio, PodBean, RUMBLE, Brighteon, Odysee, YouTube, BitChute, SoundCloud, iTunes and various other podcast applications. With your help we are now broadcasting “The Paul McGuire Report” from our own TV and Production Studio on our Roku Channel as well as other channels as they become available.
    As we continue to trust in the Lord to build this ministry, HIS ministry, we believe He will lead us in the direction He would have us go. May the Lord bless you abundantly for responding to this call to action! Your gift makes it possible to continue our ministry work as together we share the Great Commission and point people to Jesus Christ.
    God works through your generous gifts to take the good news of Jesus Christ to millions of people worldwide! You can donate immediately by clicking HERE!
    Thank you for partnering with Paul McGuire Ministries sponsored by Paradise Mountain Church International!
    Your Brother in Christ Jesus, Paul McGuire
    Music by Joseph Charles

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    Stages of Awakening & The Consciousness of Perception with Psychic Paolo D'Oro

    in Spirituality

    Saturday May, 20th join Grace Oh and Me in a transformational experience- Grace Oh - Sound Healer and Frequency Transmitter will be facilitating the alignment and attunement of the Key Code Frequencies through Sound Transmission.
    More info here
    Paolo D'oro has been a psychic since his first breath. He believes it is time to meld all cultures and join in the dance of life, and as Ama states "We're all in service". He has known many spiritual leaders and galactic travelers that continue to break through the old patterns and assist in de-mystifying ancient dogmas to use in our daily lives. http://www.ancientbling.com
    Awakenings with Michele Meiche is your place for information and insight to understand the Global Shift of Awareness and Awakening to live a more Soul fulfilling life and experiencing Soul fulfilling relationships. Awakenings broadcasts ‘Live every Wednesday 12pm -1:30 pm PT    Call in for Intuitive and Numerology Readings  # 347-539-5122  Michele answers questions about Awakening, Spirituality, Metaphysics, Dreams, Self Development and the Soul Path.  You can also connect with Michele on the app @MentorCam where she can answer your questions psychically, as well as help you via her Soul Insights and life advice. Email awakeningspodcast@gmail.com for guest and topic suggestions, as well as to have your questions answered ‘On Air’.

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    CRAACO Director's Note Podcast on What to Expect in Under 6 Minutes

    in Science

    Director, Valerie Bowling, reviews what to expect at the upcoming Clinical Research as a Care Option (CRAACO) conference taking place on May 22-23 at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel in Raleigh-Durham, NC.

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    Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour: Using Bodily Fluids with Nikki Jean on 5/14/23

    in Spirituality

    The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour is a real, live call-in show where the general public gets a chance to ask about actual problems with love, career, and spiritual protection, and we recommend and fully describe hoodoo rootwork spells to address, ameliorate, and remediate their issues. We begin this show with a Tutorial on Using Bodily Fluids. You will learn a lot just by listening -- but if you sign up at the Lucky Mojo Forum and call in and your call is selected, you will get a free consultation from three of the finest workers in the field, cat yronwode, ConjureMan, and a special guest from AIRR, Nikki Jean.
    Sign up before the show to appear as a client! Post at the Lucky Mojo Forum at:
    Then call in at 818-394-8535 and dial '1' to flag our Studio Board Operator that you want to be on the air! We select new client sign-ups first and then call-back sign-ups. Call in just before the show begins and listen via your phone. Message the Announcer or the Studio Board Operator ("Lucky Mojo Curio Company") in chat to let them know you're available.

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    The Counter Racist Code with Neely Fuller Jr. - May 23rd 2023

    in Radio

    The United-Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept  is a term that means, when expressed in practice, the sum total of everything that is thought, said, or done by one individual Non-White person, who is a Victim of Racism [Victim of White Supremacy] that is effective in helping to eliminate Racism (White Supremacy), and/or in helping to “make up” for the lack of justice and correctness, in any one or more areas of activity, including Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, War, Counter-War, Racism, white supremacy, Neely Fuller, and more.

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    6-4-2023 "Zorra Call" Guests Nuxtrax Founder Jim B and Sponsor Donna A

    in Spirituality

    Dear beloved Gods and Goddesses, We welcome everyone to our Sunday Morning Zorra and Zaraya call. It is always a pleasure to have both Zorra and Zaraya share their teachings and understandings of our current stage of existence and near future. We are also pleased to introduce our speakers for today. They are from Nuxtrax, Founder Jim Barnett and our sponsor. Donna Anderson. They will explain how each of the products work and their benefits. These products have helped many, many people and their pets too. See everyone soon!.
    NuXtrax - iHeRQles and Liquid Gold (Plus the NEW Products) - Come and see! Our website: https://Nuxtrax.com/zarayajane ID: 289958 What a Wondrous, Glorious and Loving Now it IS!
    BIG "Q" Announcement; Q and the Project Reviews will begin Saturday June 10, 6:00 pm USA / EST. See information below! Don't miss it!  https://forthepeople.space/?p=28562   
    Love to All, Zorra, Zaraya and Jane  For Questions and Session text Jane at 719-428-9746 or Zaraya/Billie At 775-233-3946

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    Accelerating Research in Parkinson's Gut-Brain-Immune Research

    in Health

    Martha will bring us up to date on the latest Parkinson's Microbiome findings and research and help connect the dots to our environment and increasingly processed and toxic food systems with idea on how to build a healthy microbiome to improve the symptoms of Parkinson's.  She will discuss environmental toxins, diet/nutrition, stress management and exercise as ways to impact the course of your disease and how to build your own health timeline to understand what may be impacting the course of your illness and how to change the trajectory.  
    Probiotics website:
    Martha Carlin's My Parkinson's blog https://www.marthasquest.com
    Website for the Australian distributor:
    Robert Rodgers PhD Founder 2004 Parkinsons Recovery